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During the 2012 season, the Steelers will be wearing jerseys from the 1934 season.  That’s appropriate, given that they have more than their fair share of players who are or soon will be 34.  Several of the team’s older players have already retired.  More will within the next few years.  The time is now to find young players who will provide the foundation for the Steelers in the not-too-distant future.

Guard:  The Steelers have had incredible success on offense, in light of their struggles along the offensive line.  Of course, it helps to have a quarterback who can extend plays with uncanny agility, in light of his Sasquatch size.  Now that the Steelers want Roethlisberger to spent less time maneuvering and more time getting rid of the ball, they need to find a way to beef up the line.  Though upgrades are necessary at both tackle and guard, the more pressing need arises to the immediate left and immediate right of center Maurkice Pouncey, especially if the Steelers plan to push the pile and run the football.

Nose tackle:  Chris Hoke is gone and Casey Hampton could soon follow him.  Despite talk that Ziggy Hood could move from defensive end back to the position he was drafted to play, the ideal solution would be to get a true nose tackle.

Running back:  Even if Rashard Mendenhall can return for 2012, his long-term future with the team looks bleak.  With plenty of quality tailbacks available in latter rounds of the draft, or after the draft ends, this would be a perfect year for the Steelers to find another Willie Parker.

Safety:  On Thursday, Troy Polamalu celebrated his 31st birthday.  Though Polamalu never has mused about retirement, he’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning.  And he seems like the kind of guy who won’t hint about walking away.  He’ll be done when he’s done, without warning or angst or comebacks.  The Steelers can prepare by trying to find in the middle of the draft a guy who possibly can develop into Polamalu’s successor.  Given the dramatic impact that Polamalu’s absence has on the defense, the Steelers need to start thinking about the day when he’ll be gone for good.

Receiver:  The Steelers gambled during free agency, using the restricted free agency tender and not the franchise tag on receiver Mike Wallace.  Next year, they’ll face the same dilemma with receiver Antonio Brown, the team’s MVP in 2011 — and Wallace will be an unrestricted free agent.  The time is now to find another steal, like Wallace was in round three and Brown was in round six.

The Steelers are dealing with as much turmoil and transition as they’ve seen in recent years.  Players who played key roles in a pair of Super Bowl wins are gone, and more will be going in the coming years.  The team needs to find a way to ensure that the batons will pass smoothly, and to always be ready and able to move on from a player one year too early, instead of doing it one day too late.

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    So when is everyone going to drop dead of old age out there?

  2. The photo depicts a usual group of boistrous Pittsburgh fans. Along with the people they had to bring in from out of state to hold the letters up in the correct order.

  3. Pittsburgh a.k.a Tinywienerville(smallest wiener size per capita) should sign Visanthe Shiancoe, they need all the outliers they can get…

  4. this band of brothers showed some wear and tear last season. but the coaching is so good, they will still win 9-10 games.

    they have quality players where it really counts.

  5. wheres that steelers guys thats always talking bout the steelers are so superior and they are wordly?? it must be lock down at the looney ward??

  6. One issue, Ziggy Hood was never drafted to play DT, the Steelers drafted him as a DE. Now, he did play DT in college, but he is not a 3-4-style NT. At 6’3″ and barely tipping the scales at 300 lbs, Ziggy is more of a 4-3 pass-rushing DT.

    Steve McLendon can likely fill Hampton’s spot in a few years, but never Hood. He doesn’t have the patience to play the position. He wants the QB too much and would leave the middle of the line gaping wide. It’s not a fault of his, he is just a 4-3-style DT that was trained that way….

  7. Ziggy Hood was never intended to play NT. He is a one gap player, not a NT.
    You are correct about Polamalu though. He has stated many times that he will not play so long that he sacrifices so much of his health that it affects him into his old age. He wants to be able to enjoy his children growing up. IMO, he has a couple years left.

  8. As a 36 Year Season Ticket Holder & “staunch” supporter of The Pittsburgh Steelers, I think that this years’ Draft Class will be The Steelers BEST in this DECADE!! As “reported” in many columns & Mock Drafts, The Steelers WILL NOT select Alabama Inside Linebacker Dont’a Hightower… They are “holding out Hope” that Georgia Offensive Guard/Tackle Cordy Glenn will “fall to them” in Round One!
    The Steelers are poised to select California Inside Linebacker Mychal Kendricks in Round Two…

    Followed by Miami (of Oxford, Ohio) Offensive Guard Brandon Brooks in Round Three…

    The Fourth Round selection will be the “Best Available” Running Back.

    Followed by A Safety in Round Six.

    & DEPTH @ ALL DEFENSIVE LINE POSITIONS & a “Quality Back-Up Quarterback & Wide Receiver with their FOUR Seventh Round Selections!

    My Cousin Mark is an Associate in The Steelers Scouting Department, & has been “with” The Organization for the last 22 Years in some Capacity!!

    I am “attending” The N.F.L> Draft as his Guest next Week in New York City…

    MY FIRST “Draft” in person, & FIRST time in The “Big STINKING Apple” since 1995…

    “Rest assured” STEELER-NATION, this Draft Class will leave a “LASTING IMPRESSION” on The Steelers Franchise for the next Decade!! Though it will NOT eventually produce FOUR Hall of Fame Players, as did the 1974 Draft Class, it will “Solidify” The Steelers position of “Contender NOT Pretender”, & assure The Steelers of attaining “Seventh Heaven” in the next Two Seasons!

    I “believe” in the Working Relationship that has begun to emerge between NEW Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley & “Big Ben” Roethlisberger!! TOGETHER they can take The Steelers to THE TOP ONCE A=G=A=I=N!!!!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    ** M.S.Marshall
    Dayton, Ohio
    **= A 36 Year SEason Ticket Holder & Attendee of SIX Steelers Super Bowl appearances…

  9. peytonsneck18 I’ve yet to see that steelers idiot post one thing that actually had something to do with football other than how superior the steelers are. I’d venture to say my 3 year old daughter knows more about the game of football than that idiot does. If there so superior how is it they got ko’d by can’t throw Tebow?

  10. The Steelers had the youngest starting offense in the AFC in 2011.

    (not counting Ward, who was a 3rd or 4th WR)

    There is only one Steeler who is currently 34- Casey Hampton. Harrison and Keisel are 33 and will be 34 next season.

    No one is over 34 years old.

    Is that really more than there fair share?

  11. “The Steelers are dealing with as much turmoil and transition as they’ve seen in recent years. ”


    That’s what they do – when they win playoff games, they re-sign their own guys. When they don’t win, they dump some salary, cut some guys and fire some assistant coaches.

    Crazy idea huh? If you want job security as a Steeler, then help them win some playoff games. And don’t tweet about smoking pot.

  12. Apparently people who keep writing these stories don’t remember what happened when Sapp foolishly declared the Steelers “old and done” last year.

    They were the #1 ranked defense a couple weeks after his claim and finished with a 4,000 yard passer, two 1,100 yard receivers, and a 950 yard part-time back.

  13. Nice assessment, Mike, although I disagree on a few minor points. Replacing Hampton isn’t as big a concern for me as the offensive line. Like cup1981, I think McLendon is being groomed to take that role. And as usual, I think you take the corner position too lightly. No, it’s not the urgent need that o-line is, but it becomes more important as Polamalu ages.

    Agree with you that Troy won’t dramatize his retirement. He’ll know when he’s ready and that will be that. The best we can hope is to get another talented player at the position. His playing style is too unique to replace.

    We’ve had uncommon success with our revolving door of receivers and running backs, so that doesn’t worry me. What I really want in the early rounds is some big tough linemen.

  14. 2005: STEELERS ARE OLD

    So when is everyone going to drop dead of old age out there?


    Two Super Bowl wins and three Super Bowl Appearances in those “old” years.


    Stop talking.

  15. Steelers are not old. Why do people keep saying that? They were old on the DL so they after zingy hood and cam Hayward in the first round over the last few years. Hampton still has a year or two left and Steve McClendon was an undrafted find. Keistel still has good years left too.

    They have drafted several CBs over the last few years as well.

    They can use a replacement for farrier at ILB but if they don’t get one they are still OK because they have some young guys to fill the void. That’s a 2 down position anyway. Woodley and Timmons are young and harrison has years left

    Polamalu is only 31. If that’s old the half the league is old.

    The ravens are the team that is old. Ed reed already threatened retirement. And ray is old as dirt and is no longer an impact player.

  16. Not a bad assessment.

    Grooming a replacement for Troy isn’t a bad idea either. It’s sad because he’s one of those irreplaceable players.

    No one played like him before he came to the league, and I doubt anyone will play like that after he leaves.

  17. I think its funny how everyone says the Steelers are old but really u guys are thinking about the defense. The other side of the ball-offense is young. Big Ben is still in his prime with his prime time recievers. Just need to get o-line in the draft. Anyways, Steelers are not old so have fun watching them win another super bowl football fans.

  18. INJURIES henson58!! INJURIES!!

    A “hobbled” Ben Roethlisberger, THE Entire Offensive line “ON ONE LEG” & the loss OF THE “ENTIRE” Starting Defensive-Line during The Broncos Game!!

    Also, NOT that I am a “WHINER” searching for reasons “OR creating them”, as to WHY The Steelers LOST…

    But if you EXAMINE the GAME FILM of that Winning Play, You WILL “CLEARLY” see that THE BRONCOS were aligned in an Illegal Formation, with ONLY SIX men on the Line Of Scrimmage!

    The Side Judge “BLEW” the call, & THUS the play – FOREVER engrained in My Memory – As I WAS THERE!! Goes down in NFL History as The Fastest END to AN overtime GAME!!

  19. Troy is a “Class Act”, I have met him & his Wife on SEVERAL occasions! We will be having Dinner @ Training Camp in July @ Saint Vincent’s College!

    My Cousin Mark is an Associate in the Scouting Department, & I have been a Season Ticket Holder for 36 Years!

    I am “attending” The NFL Draft for the FIRST time next Week, as his Guest!!

    We are looking @ “Seventh Heaven” within Two Years under Todd Haley’s Offensive System…

    🙂 🙂


    N=E=V=E=R even “sniffed” The Super Bowl, Went to & LOST , or WON EVEN ONE of Them…

    Yet you “still” believe they are a BETTER Team than The “6-TIME Super Bowl CHAMPION” Pittsburgh Steelers!!

    YOU Sir are A FOOL!!! 🙂

  21. vincentbojackson says: Apr 20, 2012 11:07 PM

    Apparently people who keep writing these stories don’t remember what happened when Sapp foolishly declared the Steelers “old and done” last year.

    Yeah, they got beat by Tim Tebow in the wildcard round. If that isn’t “old and done” I don’t know what is.

  22. mmlotus2012 says:
    My Cousin Mark is an Associate in The Steelers Scouting Department…
    By the time you read this: Your cousin Mark *was* an associate in the Steelers scouting department.

  23. bigzant82 says:Apr 20, 2012 11:03 PM


    Now there is a TRUE FAN. Anyone who can still watch that lame excuse for a professional sports franchise from its management to their players gets my respect!

  24. @mmlotus2012

    I genuinely appreciate reading your posts, but I think that you have no idea how “quotes” are used.

    You are using them like you want to emphasize the word or phrase, but most people read quotes as sarcastic.


    Fairly certain that you both are making the same point. It’s tough to pick up tone in writing. Maybe he should have used some quotes.

  25. The funny thing with the Steelers:

    The defense is getting somewhat older with Kiesel, Hampton, Polamalu, Ike, Foote.

    However they started the youngest offense in either the NFL or at minimum, AFC.

    True story.

    *They need to find a real athletic safety to tutor under Troy

    *They need to find their next BUCK linebacker

    *They need another nose (please not Poe in round1)

    **Finally, is Woriolds really able to replace Harrison, yes or no? If not, gotta get that guy.

  26. “Team needs: Pittsburgh Steelers”


    1) A starting QB who isn’t doing things
    that embarrass the organization.

    2) Players who don’t play “dirty” and a new
    DC who doesn’t teach dirty play.

    3) Cheerleaders instead of a mascot.

    4) If the team and its fan base are so dead set
    against cheerleaders then at least get a mascot
    that’s not a laughingstock that has everyone
    outside Squealer Nation making fun of it.

    5) Get rid of those ridiculous piss yellow towels and find
    some other way to donate to charity. Waving those rags
    makes the fans look like the silly homers they are…

  27. O-Line is vital, definitely need some help.

    After that, Safety is getting critical. Troy’s health is catching up to him.

    WR is not a critical need. Can wait another year before addressing. Only going to lose 1 next year and have 4 capable now.

    Glad RB was mentioned. Not urgent, but a need.

    LOL @ mulekick who didn’t grasp the original OLD post.

  28. What a bunch of whinners, the Steelers, I hate the Steelers, the Steelers are old! Ravens fans your owner & coach lobbied the league the prior three seasons, I do not want ot play the Steelers @ night in Pittsburgh!

    Well after your choke job in New England, guess what your playing the Steelers this year in Pittsburgh @ night. Now all of you Ravens fans go get your shine boxes!

  29. I agree they need a smarter fan base there is a comment on here being sarcastic about the steelers being old and a Pittsburgh fan tells the other to shut up and calls him a moron. wow genius just genius is all I can say. unless it say go steelers you fools think its a put down lol

  30. Hard to believe this article does not mention cornerback. For years, they have relied on substandard guys and whiffed on a number of draft picks meant to shore up the secondary. One tall, physical player at this position to play man against their opponents’ top receiver would be a huge addition.

  31. They need a larger credit limit! Steelers maxed out their credit card and soon they’ll have to cut players they’d rather keep. Sucks when your cap guru really has no clue about leveraging the future. Silly Steeler fans, now they have those horrendous jerseys to go along with their piss yellow towel

  32. Any Steeler fan discrediting the need for a NT of the future is a fool. Hampton will not be himself this year (he reallly hasn’t been for the last couple) and Hoke was a very underrated role player for them. Besides two OLBs to bring the pass rush, NT is arguably the most important spot in a 3-4 defense. They’d better hope they can find a real clogger somewhere in the draft or the whole defense will suffer, mark my words.

  33. mmlotus2012
    I’m pretty much talking about the one idiot steelers fan that babbles on how the steelers are so great and so superior that they are gonna start there own league when I was talking about Tebow. If there so superior and as great as that guy says they are apparently they should never lose a game let alone one to the Broncos.

  34. quitsburghstoolers…………Steely McBeam looks like a queer Bill Cowher. The Steelers wanted him to be the team mascot but the fans were so against it, he really is only a fan-friendly figure outside the gates on gameday. He is not on the field during games, thank god for that. DC does not “teach” dirty play. The only players that play so-called “dirty” are James Harrison and Ryan Clark and it is mostly legal anyway. You call it dirty, I call it intimidation. Ben may have embarassed the organization with his past behavior, but the guy is not a rapist. I could care less anyway. I am not having brunch with the guy, I just watch him play football.

  35. Steelers need to draft NT, OG, S, RB, ILB and QB this year but in order for this draft to be worthwhile they have to be guys that actually make the team and contribute. Ryan Clark, James Harrison and Casey Hampton will be cap casualties next year, so this year’s draft is very important.

  36. As far as the throwbacks………..the NFL is not Project Runway. Although hideous, the uniforms are celebrating the 1934 uniforms. one year after the organization started. We only have to see them twice, although I hope that “if” the Steelers make it to the Super Bowl, they wear these to piss everybody off even more.

  37. Ravenator…….the towels are piss gold, not piss yellow. Besides, sales of the Terrible Towels go to charity. Another Steelers tradition…….you know about tradition, right? Oh wait, you are a Ravens fan, so you do not. Sorry about that, hon.

  38. 3yardsndust The reason why they don’t mention CB is because they feel confident about the 2 we picked up in last years draft. We could use some depth at this position but a top three need.

  39. Casey Hampton’s contribution to the success the Steelers have had can’t be overstated. His replacement could only be overshadowed by some fantastic offensive lineman falling through the cracks.

  40. patsaintsbroncoscheat says:Apr 21, 2012 7:44 PM

    How do you get eliminated by Tim Teblow! Steelers are done.

    Well, let’s see……….starting QB playing with a broken thumb and sprained ankle, starting RB and C out, starting LT out for the year and back-up LT playing hurt, starting S out, and starting DE, OLB and NT left in the first quarter. Add that to the worst career game by the starting CB and blown coverage by the back-up S in OT……..there you go idiot.

  41. mmlotus2012 says:Apr 22, 2012 1:39 AM


    STEELERS: **S=I=X!!!** CLOWNS: Z=E=R=O!!!

    LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

    That is wrong, and I am a Steeler fan. The Browns won 4 NFL Championships before the Super Bowl years. As far as Super Bowls, you are correct.

  42. I “should have” SAID Super Bowls!!

    I am “well aware” of The NFL Championships WON by The Cleveland Browns in The 1960’s!!!

    Thanx for the “reminder”!!

    STEELERS R=U=L=E!!!!

    I will be @ The Draft starting Thursday, & will “post” a POST-DRAFT article thereafter!!

    Thanx for being a Fellow Member of “Steeler-Nation!”

    Dayton, Ohio




  44. anyone ever see the episode of Friends where Joey is using “air quotes” but never in the right context? At one point he gets it right and Ross congratulates him, and Joey says / air quotes: “Thank you”.


  45. ravenator says:
    Apr 21, 2012 9:39 AM
    They need a larger credit limit! Steelers maxed out their credit card and soon they’ll have to cut players they’d rather keep. Sucks when your cap guru really has no clue about leveraging the future. Silly Steeler fans, now they have those horrendous jerseys to go along with their piss yellow towel


    Check your facts Ravenhater. Ravens have lost 2 starters this off-season to FA (Grubbs and Johnson), Steelers have lost 1 (Gay).

    Successful teams that draft well have cap issues…hello!!!

    Poorly managed teams have big money to spend on other Teams FA’s.

    Is this news to you?

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