Von Miller has his doubts about Robert Griffin III


The No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft has some doubts about the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who twice played against Robert Griffin III when Miller was at Texas A&M and Griffin was at Baylor, doesn’t view Griffin as an elite prospect, and he says from first-hand experience (having sacked Griffin and forced a fumble in a 2010 Texas A&M victory) that Griffin doesn’t always stand up to pressure.

“He can throw the ball pretty well, and he’s fast. But if you hit him enough times, he’s going to wear down,” Miller told Pro Football Weekly. “He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”

Miller talked up the third quarterback on most draft lists, his old Texas A&M teammate Ryan Tannehill, and he also acknowledged that he might be a bit biased in his assessment of Griffin.

“You know I can’t say anything nice about somebody from Baylor,” Miller said.

Biased or not, it’s the second day in a row we’ve heard a critical comment about Griffin, after Griffin had been almost universally praised for several months. At least this time, instead of coming from an unnamed scout, the criticism comes from a player who has met Griffin on the field — and isn’t afraid to put his name behind his comments.

80 responses to “Von Miller has his doubts about Robert Griffin III

  1. About freakin time people are starting to be honest about this guy. Can’t believe the media has been on his jock this long without figuring it out.

  2. In before Warren Moon claims there’s a “racist undertone” to Von Miller’s comments.

  3. WOW! Mr. Miller you are really showing your intelligence. How about this? If you hit ANY QB enough times he will wear down!! Last I checked no QB is Superman.

  4. “He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”


  5. The Redskins better hope they’re not putting 3 1st rounders up for Josh Freeman.

  6. Man, Josh Freeman, that guy is gonna be out of a job by the end of the year when everyone realizes what a fluke his one decent year was. So overrated.

  7. He throws the ball a lot better then Ryan Tannehill.

    Robert Griffin III 2011:
    4,293 Passing Yards
    72.4% Completion Percentage
    37 TD’s
    6 INT’s

    Ryan Tannehill 2011:
    3,744 Passing Yards
    61% Completion Percentage
    29 TD’s
    15 INT’s

    Robert Griffin has never thrown more then 8 INT’s in a season. His completion percentage rose by leaps and bounds for every year that he was in college. It’s really no comparison. He’s got world class, track speed. Then you’ve got Tannehill. That’s a very sub-par completion percentage. Luck and Griffin both are over 70%. 15 INT’s in college? You combine Luck and Griffin together and they’ve thrown one more then that with 16. The elite college quarterbacks don’t do that. Next thing you know Von Miller will be calling for Brady Quinn to start over Peyton Manning.

  8. “He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”

    What does Freeman have to do with Vick and Cam? He isn’t nearly as mobile.

  9. He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”

    As Deion Sanders would say…Hold on Playa (HOP). If you hit Mike Vick enough times, he will missed 7 games in the past 2 years and played a few where he has cleared agonizing in pain. The plan is to build an offense line that will protect and also use the play action roll out to make plays up the field. Shanahan is not going to ask RGIII to drop back 40 times and make plays.

    Tannehill has been thrown under the bus in a nice way by many of the scouts, ESPN, FOX Sports and NFL Analyst.

    And when does 1 sack and 1 FF concluded a QB does not always stand up to pressure?

  10. “He can throw the ball pretty well, and he’s fast. But if you hit him enough times, he’s going to wear down”

    I’m no Griffin fan, and as a fan of a NFC East team other than the Redskins, I hope he’s a bust, but that statement by Miller is as obvious as the get. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers. They’re the best of the best, but get enough pressure and hit ’em enough, and they’re beatable too.

  11. What’s your point? If you get to Tom Brady, he will fumble, throw INTs. He will melt like snow. But, he is the 2nd best QB in the league, behind Peyton.

  12. Von Miller sucks, ask any AFC West team except for the Broncos.

    Chiefs fan

    Stupid article, any rival will say something negative about said rival. Just go ask any democrat to praise a republican.

  13. I actually think RGIII would agree with Miller’s assessment of his 2010 self. But then he played in 2011 and was significantly better. And all signs point to continued improvement. So Miller might be reassessing his opinion by the time RGIII steps on a pro field.

    Or maybe not. Maybe it’ll take a year or two or three. Point being, in 2010, RGIII had played in 23 1/2 games as a college QB by the time he faced A&M in November 2010. In a season after he had missed significant time from a torn ACL. What college QB wouldn’t suffer under significant pressure and repeated pounding at that point in their college career? In that game he still went 28 for 38 and rushed for 92 yards. Sure, Baylor lost, but A&M was a much better team than Baylor at the time. (Baylor also lost to A&M in 2011, but Griffin threw for 430 yards and 3 TDs).

    Good QBs get better over time, as they learn how to use their skills within a particular offense. And protected good QBs tend to do even better. So, you know, context is important folks.

  14. Why does the press give people like unnamed sources and Von Miller any pub? And why does PFT dramatize this all by saying that this is the second day — ooooohhhh — criticism has arisen about Griffin? To be sure, Miller had a great rookie campaign. But he’s not a scout and hardly any expert on assessing the merits of draft picks like Griffin. He’s also basing his assessment of Griffin on all but one game. And give Miller the daily Captain Obvious award. Yes, if you hit RG3 enough, he will fumble the ball, just like every other QB out there. To top it all off, he’s talking up Ryan Tannehill? Newsflash to Von: your guy isn’t ready to play yet and blew leads in five or six games. But, uh, yeah, keep talking Von.

  15. griffin’s posse tried to uplift him in comparison to Luck. Fooled the Redskins. It will all become evident over the next year or two.

  16. Wow, an LB whos an alumnus from the QB ranked directly behind RGIII and 1 anonymous scout have doubts. Obviously they are right and everyone else is wrong…RGIII clearly sucks. No agendas here…thats clearly apparent.

  17. Luck threw and would throw for everyone. griffin would not throw for anyone. griffin is a coward. He’s fooled the Redskins so far.

  18. His final quote is exactly why his opinion lacks credibility and shouldn’t be posted anywhere.

    If you make a comment based on ethnicity anytime a QB, who happens to be black is the topic of conversation, you are the bigot in the room. Enjoy that!

  19. @nikkodawg

    Really bro? What they have in common is they’re all black. See, Von Miller can compare them because of their skin color, but a white person can’t. Is it racist that Von Miller assumes Freeman is mobile because he’s black?

  20. I’m no NFL scout, but if you hit ANY quarterback enough, they will get rattled.

    If RG3 is selfish, GOOD! That means he will take pride in his work and work tirelessly to get better, and make his receivers better.

    I think he is trying to prop up his boy Tannehill.

  21. By the time the draft starts people are going to be comparing Griffin to Heath Shuler, it’s inevitable at some point. The pendulum is swinging in that direction.

  22. gamblindan says:
    Apr 20, 2012 1:56 PM
    Man, Josh Freeman, that guy is gonna be out of a job by the end of the year when everyone realizes what a fluke his one decent year was. So overrated.
    I have no doubt that Freeman will prove you wrong. The Bucs were just awful last year, even Brady or Rodgers would have looked bad with the ineptitude that was on display week-in and week-out from the coaching on down. No one could win with the worst defense in Bucs history – one or two 3-and-outs to start the game and the team was down 21 points before you could even blink.

    Who exactly is overrating him anyways? All the genius commenters on here that don’t watch the Bucs rip him to no end.

  23. @avallstar – Um, have you ever watched the Bucs? Freeman is very mobile for a big man, two years ago he was the 2nd leading QB in rushing yards behind Michael Vick and IIRC he had more rushing first downs than any QB in the league.

  24. “He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”

    What does Freeman have to do with Vick and Cam? He isn’t nearly as mobile.

    On that note, what does Mike Vick have to do with Cam Newton? Vick can’t throw for dookie.

  25. “If you hit him enough, he’s going to wear down.” Isn’t this true of ANY quarterback?! I have no idea if this young man will work for the ‘Skins, however, this quote by Miller does not convince me in the least. I believe this was the plan that was drawn up and worked for the Giants in the Super Bowls when they faced Tom Brady. Wouldn’t we all say that Mr. B. is a pretty fair player? Miller’s TRUE insight came bubbling up when he mentioned that he couldn’t say good things about Baylor players. Now, THAT, I buy!!!

  26. theslex says: Apr 20, 2012 1:47 PM

    In before Warren Moon claims there’s a “racist undertone” to Von Miller’s comments.
    Isn’t funny how racists always bring up race when they want to deny racism exists? Yet, everyone knows it does. All Moon did was put a mirror in front of you and you proved him right. By the way, so did Cam. All the trumped up criticism about his “fake smile and bad character” was racist. How you like him now.

  27. I was sort of thinking, “hey, Miller might know something about what he is talking about,” but lets not forget he is talking about RGIII from over a year ago. If Griffin is smart, he has probably learned to adapt/grow at that position, and Von would have no clue what griffen is capable now.

  28. @mjkelly77

    Um, RGIII did throw for everyone. It was called the 2011 college football season.

    But, because he’s such a nice guy, he threw for everyone AGAIN. It was even televised on the NFL Network and ESPN. It was open to any team that wanted to attend.

    Andrew Luck threw for exactly one team other than his pro day – Indy. And that’s the team drafting him.
    Redskins are drafting RGIII and didn’t ask him to throw for them. So, not sure how that makes RGIII a coward.

  29. Oh yeah, I bet the comments of an anonymous “scout” and a college rival player are going to make Shanahan fold up his tent and trade down from #2. Get over it, folks, RGIII is as solid a prospect as there has ever been.

    Might he still fail in the NFL? YES. Is that likely? Not based on what I’ve seen so far. HTTR!

  30. Von Miller says: ” But if you hit him enough times, he’s going to wear down,”
    von in todays’ nfl… lingo like that is edgy borderline automatic monetary fine talk. more talk like that will not be tolerated. RG once he get back from his diplomatic meeting in minny, expect a call.

  31. The scouting report doesn’t make any sense. RG3 is not a RB. Plus he hasn’t played against the 2012 RG3. Sometimes a player would stumble on a technique or a training regimen that takes their game to another level.

    Von Miller’s opinion on RG3 is worthless.

  32. It’s funny how everyone thinks freemans a bum now when last year most people had him as best young qb in the game. Apparently nobody watches him play. He was put in an impossible situation last year. Bunch of dummies!

  33. So far, I’ve only heard that a biased source and an “unnammed” source can come up with something negative about the III.

  34. I’ll give Miller credit, at least he’s saying this stuff himself instead of being quoted as an “unnamed source”. If you’re going to trash a public figure like RG3, have the stones to say who you are.

  35. Oh yeah?

    My unnamed sources say Robert Griffin III has his doubts about Von Miller.

    So how do ya like them apples, Mr. Miller?

  36. Good thing for the lolskins that Indy is taking Tannehill. Before you know it, Mayock will declare RG3 as another “non-draftable kid”.

  37. While I do thing RG III will turn out to be an excellent NFL QB, I will no longer criticize anon sources.

    With the last article it seemed that everyone blasted that ‘unnamed’ scout for no having the balls to put his name on his critique. Now Von Miller steps up and does so and what happens to him?

    I know I wouldn’t want to deal with the grief some of you folks dish out. It is kinda funny that he put his name to his opinion but I don’t see see any of his critics here doing the same . . .

  38. Von Who ? Who gives a crap what this guy thinks. What did he ever win? It like the Washington media banging on RG III. Those are the same idiots that tell us everything is fine and Government and The Markets are fine while we all know it’s all a hot mess. Yea… Baylor was everyones doormat until this guy got there… saying he can’t say something nice about someone from Baylor tells me all about how mature Von is.
    What a strap on.

  39. Von Miller is the best rookie defensive player to come into the league in a very long time. The guys was a top 10 defensive player last year, and he would be my favorite to win Defensive Player of the Year this season. It’s too bad the Tebow sideshow stole the spotlight from Von and a very good defense which really won those games for the Broncos.

  40. allsportsnyfan says: Apr 20, 2012 2:08 PM

    What’s your point? If you get to Tom Brady, he will fumble, throw INTs. He will melt like snow. But, he is the 2nd best QB in the league, behind Peyton.


    3-2 in 5 out of last 10 SB’s -played outside with mainly journeymen receivers and TE’s.


    1-1 in 2 SB appearances-played indoors (Mostly)
    with future HOF receivers and TE’s…

    Yeah, Peyton;s better.. right.
    from NY much?

  41. Is this the same Von Miller that got benched last year for missing assignments and not playing the run to expectations???

    As to why he makes such statements one can only conclude that he is only drawing attention to himself.

    Since both will be judged together as #2 picks Miller better hope he is right.

    Don’t think so.

  42. What is this…I don’t even….

    Seriously, all the sudden the Third is a Turd? Me thinks not…

  43. Why would anyone want to look forward to seeing another person fail. I wish RG3 the best in any & everything he do as long as it’s positive. I could care less if RG3 or any other player in this draft is a bust. I just want to see some football.

  44. VonMiller doesn’t suck. That’s a stupid thing to say.
    Send him to the Dolphin’s we will take him.

  45. nikkodawg says:
    Apr 20, 2012 1:56 PM
    “He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”

    What does Freeman have to do with Vick and Cam? He isn’t nearly as mobile.

    It seems to be a rule black QB prospect can only be compared to other black QBs. People are idiots

  46. Just so we’re clear. If you’re a Caucasian and you’re comparing the greatest QB’s and only mention names like Montana, Marino, Brady, P.Manning are you racist or are you comparing apples to apples?

  47. Griffin will not step on the field like Cam Newton did, but he will do well over time. As long as he keeps his confidence up throughout the year he’ll be ok. RGIII reminds me of a very mobile Donovan McNabb with a little more arm strength and a little less of a field general.
    A lot of Griffin’s success will depend on what the coaches in D.C. decide is best for him with the playbook. McNabb IMO would of been a heck of a lot more successful if he had learned a little more of a complex playbook. Teams figured out DM’s plays too quick, he had one style. Griffin needs to stay on top of whatever Shanahan throws at him and not get lazy like McNabb.

  48. @rezburna – If stats in college mattered then Keenum and Moore would be picked 1 and 2. Since they don’t quoting stats doesn’t get you to far.

  49. packerswambulance says:
    Apr 20, 2012 1:55 PM

    Dan Snyder better put on his thinking cap.
    His wife is still using the thimble to fix a few things.

  50. He hasn’t played a down yet and people are criticizing him. All I know is he was a track star and has cannon arm. Whats not to like?

    I think his only big issue he will face is the play speed in the NFL. He won’t have all day to look around for receivers and the linebackers are not exactly slow of foot. He played against those in college but this ain’t college.

    If he can be smart, elusive and accurate with his passes, the skys the limit with this guy.

  51. Any Quarterback who takes hits from a down to down basis is going to play/throw/ and control the offense differently that goes for any quarterback . And for RGIII consistency is one of the most common and accurate measuring tools for evaluating a QB and griffin shows in his college career that he is a consistent quarterback. Excited to see if he can transfer that to the next level but definitely a top prospect.

  52. Shut up !!!!! RG3 is OUR QB and what ever is said he is still OUR QB. We had a QB that was hit once and fumbled, threw double digit interceptions and ran for zero first downs. “Selfish”, “Frail”, Not Cam”, Vick”, or “Josh” we don’t give a sh/t, he is OUR QB. Shut up !!!!

  53. White people like RG3 because he speaks so well. Black people like him because he’s black. If Luck were a sprinter you wouldn’t see one black person commenting about him and sticking up for him. At least there are some white people who are objective and aren’t blinded by race only.

  54. I agree with him that Griffin is a shaky prospect, especially going that high and having to deal with expectations that he’s never dealt with, but I do hope he succeeds. The more good young QBs, the better the league will be.

  55. I really wish all these Broncos would just show up with their lunch box, go to work, and keep their mouths shut. Sounds like Von Miller and DT have done something lately; I must have missed it!

  56. I actually think Vick is the one who doesn’t make sense in the three if Miller is talking about wearing down. RGIII is like Vick in that they are both smaller guys who can take a beating. Freeman and Newton are absolute tanks who dish out beatings as much as they take them.

  57. As a third party who has seen plenty of both QB’s (Texas Longhorns fan) let me just say RGIII>>>>>Ryan Tannehill. It’s not even close. And while Von Miller is a hellacious pass rusher, he’s not a talent evaluator. So take his opinion with a grain of salt.

  58. Well it clear that Robert Griffin III is going to be a Redskin. Once it was confirmed that Andrew Luck would be a Colt the Robert Griffin bashing has officially began. Welcome to being a Redskin Mr. Griffin III, now play lights out and shut all these haters up.

  59. “…if you hit him enough times, he’s going to wear down.” I’m pretty sure Von Miller instinctively thinks that about every quarterback. Except probably with more colorful language inside his own head.

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