Beckum way ahead of Ballard in recovery from torn ACLs


Not that it’s a race to get back on the field, but of the Giants’ two tight ends who suffered torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, Travis Beckum is way ahead of Jake Ballard. Beckum is hopeful that he can fully recover in seven months and play in Week One. Ballard, who needed microfracture surgery, may not play at all in 2012.

Beckum calls Ballard his “ACL buddy” but says they’re really recovering from different injuries and are on different timelines because Ballard required a surgical procedure with a longer recovery time.

It sucks but it’s a part of the game,” Beckum told Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. “Obviously, I’m mentally here for Jake and we kind of push each other.”

Ballard says he wants to play this year, but if the Super Bowl injury costs him the entire 2012 season, he’ll just be that much more motivated to play in 2013.

“A lot of people have ACLs and miss a year,” Ballard said. “Why should I be lucky enough that I don’t miss the whole entire year? I can’t do anything [about it] now. I’m past that. I’m hurt. I’m trying to get better.”

And he’ll have to keep trying when the regular-season starts, likely still rehabbing while watching Beckum play.

7 responses to “Beckum way ahead of Ballard in recovery from torn ACLs

  1. Would much rather have Ballard back first. “Beckum is Beckem”, as Coach Coughlin once said…

  2. just speculating but, i wouldn’t be suprised to see the giants trade up on draft night to leap frog the 9ERS for fleener, the giants could definitely use him & harbaugh obviously knows him & loves multiple tight end sets, & fleener could also flank out if needed at WR

  3. cali49er707 says: Apr 21, 2012 9:20 AM

    just speculating but, i wouldn’t be suprised to see the giants trade up on draft night to leap frog the 9ERS for fleener

    Never happen. TE is a position that is not that crucial in the Giants’ offense. Also, Reese will not move up, or down, in the 1st round. So far, and 2 rings later, it has worked out rather well, so I’ll never complain about what he does, or doesn’t do, on draft day.

  4. Ballard was really hurting going into the playoffs with a knee injury. Most guys would have sat back and not played. Jake is a real warrior. I only hope the Giants don’t just move on without them in 2013.

    these are 2 good kids, I wish them speedy recoveries and the best of luck.

  5. cali49er – Everything bluefan said, plus they signed Bennett from Dallas so they wouldn’t have to reach to grab a TE in the draft. So, if you guys are that high on Fleener, and he’s still there when SF picks, he’ll be a 9er this year. The only player JR guaranteed he would draft if he’s still there at 32 is Luck. And, obviously, he said it as a joke.

  6. I really hope the Giants bet on Ballard. He proved to be a solid TE down the stretch when the team needed him. He played lights out in that first Pats game, making some amazing grabs. I hope he stays with the team into 2013.

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