Draft prospect Alfonzo Dennard arrested for assaulting a police officer

There aren’t many hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the period before a player gets drafted by the NFL.

“Don’t punch a cop in the face” is at or near the top of the list.

Unfortunately, former Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard didn’t get the memo, allegedly.  According to the Omaha World-Herald, Dennard was arrested early Saturday on multiple charges, including suspicion of assaulting a Lincoln, Nebraska police officer.

Dennard allegedly was fighting with another man outside a bar.  When the authorities tried to intervene, Dennard allegedly punched one of them in the face.

The second-round (before this incident) prospect faces charges of suspicion of third-degree assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and third-degree assault for the underlying fight.

Dennard, who is expected to remain in jail through the weekend, was ejected from the 2012 Capital One Bowl for fighting with South Carolina receiver Alshon Jeffrey.

In hindsight, it’s a good thing that none of the officials got close enough to get cold-cocked.

95 responses to “Draft prospect Alfonzo Dennard arrested for assaulting a police officer

  1. Thrown out of his last game, punching a cop “early Saturday morning” (which means he probably wasn’t at the ribbon-cutting at a children’s hospital), nice timing.

  2. All these men with the world on their platters, more money than they could ever ask for, and they are constantly pulling sh!t like this… I will never, EVER understand…

  3. In the heat of the moment, he may not have known it WAS a cop…still, young man seems to have anger issues. Punch probably costs him $500K.

  4. Clearly he has anger management issues, and
    clearly he has no respect for authority.

    I suggest women stay as far away as possible from this likely future domestic batterer.

    And in the future when this loser has to be disciplined for yet another anger issue, I would suggest Gestapo Goodell impose his suspension from a different location out of harms way.

  5. Hey Dennard: This is Ndamakong… just tell the media you “lost your balance”…they fall for that one everytime. Don’t change the way you party. Click.

  6. Mr. Goodell we have a big surprise for you !!!!
    Just put on this police officer costume and close your eyes……….

  7. These charges will be dropped. He looks untouched! Normally you get a mud hole stomping for punching a cop. While this mug shot is ugly, I don’t see any facial bruises or black eyes.

  8. this guy will prob go undrafted now…what a gumb jacka$$! just cost himself money… no nfl team is gonna want to touch him he is a lawrence phillips and david boston clone!!! makes lagarette blounte issue look pretty harmful….

  9. The nfl is a circus… so many of these losers get into trouble in the offseason. How about you grow up, be a normal person, and not get arrested?

  10. Natural Selection at its finest.

    These people that get arrested before the NFL draft, the single most important day of their professional careers starting, are the dumbest of the dumb and don’t deserve the money and prestige that come with being an NFL player.

  11. The upside of this story is that maybe the Vikings won’t draft him. We need good cornerbacks not little children that fight in a game when they get torched by a receiver again and again and again.

  12. I can never understand this idiocy. Less than a week before you’re going to be drafted for the big bucks. All you have to do is work out, speculate with your buds around the tv, and chill. Instead you go to bars, fight outside, and punch a cop. Maybe a guy who never made more than $8-10/hour at parttime summmer jobs can’t really fathom what forfeiting a million skins by dropping to the third or fourth round means.

  13. Hopefully he will go undrafted so we don’t have to hear about all of the future trouble he will get into. Obviously he has no self control… reminds me of Pacman…

  14. lks311 says:Apr 21, 2012 11:19 AM

    In the heat of the moment, he may not have known it WAS a cop…

    Yeah, the hat, badge and uniform weren’t enough.

  15. TeamBalco says:Apr 21, 2012 11:24 AM

    … He looks untouched! Normally you get a mud hole stomping for punching a cop. While this mug shot is ugly, I don’t see any facial bruises or black eyes.

    Who said this was even a mug shot yet THE mug shot? IF it’s a mug shot, it’s probably a previous one from the time he beat up some girl scouts.

  16. TeamBalco says:
    Apr 21, 2012 11:24 AM
    These charges will be dropped. He looks untouched! Normally you get a mud hole stomping for punching a cop. While this mug shot is ugly, I don’t see any facial bruises or black eyes.

    Of course not, the assaulted cop is likely getting his civil suit ready , once that contract is signed.

  17. Should become ineligible for draft or 2012 NFL season…pending investigation. If the cop was in civi-clothes he’ll get it easy.

  18. If he was a prospective first round pick, the NFL and media would be busily at work as we speak covering this up. Just business, nothing personal.

  19. I guarante the MN Vikings draft him in 2nd round to pair him up with Chris Cook in the Secondary. What a tandem of corners they’ll hve for years to come. Correction…..thesoon to be LA Vikings will draft him.

  20. Why don’t the agents keep these brain-trusts locked up in an unescapable cellar after their Pro-day or Combine until after the draft? As said before, that punch is going to cost him a cellar-full of dollars. I dont blame the parents, I blame the agents!

  21. I can’t understand why ANY NFL player or prospect goes into ANY BAR, especially at night. Too many out of control drunks there trying to prove they are better than an NFL player. If you want to stay in the NFL avoid bars! They are NO benefit VERY HIGH risk establishments. JUST ASK PLEXICO!

  22. Lawrence Phillips part deaux. You know you’ve failed in epic proportions if you make the “Turd Watch” ticker a week PRIOR to getting your ticket to the golden kingdom.

    Maybe Chuck Norris could straighten him out?

  23. Ok, ok, I get the message.
    If this guy can’t get drafted by the Bengals, perhaps the Steelers would like to give him a shot-they’ve been quite forgiving of their QB’s transgressions.

  24. The NFL should make him sit in the draft room in New York for all 7 rounds. And whenever a team picks that WOULD have drafted him if not for this, they should make a note of it on the card so that this idiot could hear whoever is reading the picks say over and over and over:

    “With the X pick in the X round, The (insert team name here) WOULD have taken Alfonso Dennard if he hadn’t punched a cop but will instead take……….”.

  25. Legerette Blount punched a guy on the field and he was a first round talent who ended up going undrafted. Dennard may have just punched himself out of the NFL. I say he’s an undrafted free agent at best and his agent should fire him.

  26. Looks like we found the one human being who scored lower than Morris Claiborne on the Wunderlic test

  27. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this wasn’t his first case of impaired judgment that evening.

    If he had been thinking clearly, he probably wouldn’t have taken a swing at a cop. However, if he had been thinking clearly, he probably wouldn’t have done whatever he did to put him in that situation, with impaired judgment, less than a week before the draft.

    The real “fine” is going to be the reduced value of his contract as a result of his lower draft position.

  28. @magnusantonius

    The biggest difference with that is that punch cost Blunt most of the season. He didn’t have the game tape out there for a team to substantiate taking flier on him.

  29. He would be a steal in the 3-4th round. He just needs to go to a team where there is a player that controls the locker-room like no other… like Baltimore with Ray Lewis or Buffalo with Nick Barnett, two leaders that you don’t wanna make waves around.

  30. Heat of the moment things happen wish the kid best of luck. Campus police are usually jokes, he probably slapped his hand and cops claiming he got punched

  31. So was branding pettigrew, he has been fine in the league, same thing happened before the draft. Usually something like this means they put a hand on the officers shoulder to restrain an over-zealous wanna be tough guy cop.

  32. Less than a week to go before I may be given a million dollar contract, so I should be walking the line for a few more days… naw, screw it – I’m goin’ out clubbing!
    Anyway, he can now say he has a million $ punch – as in, “It cost me…”

  33. Brandon Pettigrew beat up 3 cops and kicked a drug sniffing dog 3 weeks before the draft and the Lions still made him a 1st rounder. And he’s totally awesome.

  34. The only thing that surprises me is that there is no charge for public intoxication – and since there isn’t, he can expect a harsher penalty and likely even jail time. No copping to a reduced charge of drunk and disorderly now.

  35. Way to cost yourself one heck of a lot of money by your draft stock dropping. Some of these bozos just don’t get it.

  36. kwgator says:Apr 21, 2012 11:22 AM

    This Dude just shot UP the Bengals draft

    boardjetfanfolife says:Apr 21, 2012 12:09 PM

    The Bengals now have their #1 draft pick.

    Wow the internet makes you funny….not


  37. j0esixpack says: Apr 21, 2012 11:17 AM
    Was that wrong?


    That’s Comedy Gold right there!

  38. jemefree says:
    Apr 21, 2012 1:54 PM
    You trash talkers seem to forget he is still a teenager. Immaturity will be present at whatever training camp he ends up in.


    He’s 22. You must be so proud for surviving your mother’s back-alley clothes hanger abortion attempt.

  39. giantssb42champs says: Apr 21, 2012 2:05 PM

    He just moved up on the Bengals draft board.

    Idiot. They’ll wait until he’s undrafted then give him a look.

  40. His comment to a reporter on the Ashlon Jeffery fight and subsequent ejection:

    “I just got frustrated,” Dennard told The [Omaha]World-Herald in February. “We, as a team, lost our focus. The game just got out of hand. … I take that blame. I’m not that type of person. I think (the NFL teams) know that.”

    Nope, you’re not that type of person. Turns out, you’re even more stupid than you once believed.

    Enjoy your bail hearing! When the judge is reviewing the charges, just pretend they are actually announcing your selection in the draft…

  41. Mike Brown is salivating, the kid has Bungals stamped all over him.

    Convicts play for less. Right, Mike?

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