Eagles willing to take whatever they can get for Asante Samuel


The Eagles weren’t able to complete a trade of cornerback Asante Samuel to the Broncos, but they’re not done trying.

The Samuel-to-Denver trade apparently broke down not because the Eagles wanted more than the Broncos were offering, but because Samuel and the Broncos couldn’t come to terms. Samuel is due $10 million this season and $11.5 million next season, and no team will agree to acquire him in a trade unless he agrees to take less money. Samuel has expressed a willingness to do that, but he and the Broncos weren’t able to reach an agreement. Ultimately, Samuel can nix any trade: If the Eagles try to trade him to a place he doesn’t want to go, he’ll just tell that team he isn’t willing to take a pay cut.

But the Eagles are still attempting to get a deal done, hopefully within the next few days. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Eagles appear willing to take whatever they can get in an effort to trade Samuel before the draft starts on Thursday.

At one point the Eagles reportedly thought they could get a third-round draft pick for Samuel, but they have now reached the point where they want to get Samuel’s salary off their books badly enough that they’d take a lot less than that. For the Eagles, there’s a risk associated with having Samuel on the roster now: If he were to suffer some kind of injury during the team’s offseason workout program, they’d be stuck with that $10 million salary this season.

The best bet for the Eagles may be to wait until after Thursday night’s first round and see if they can trade Samuel to a team that had missed out on a first-round cornerback it hoped to acquire. But one way or another, the Eagles are itching to get a Samuel deal done, at whatever price they can get.

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  1. Come on Bears… Lock this guy up so we can move Peanut to Safety this season & solidify our DB woes.. Come on Phil Emery we believe in you now let’s make it happen!!! Bear Down!!!!

  2. I just don’t agree with them trading him, especially when they’re going to get almost nothing in return. What do they need another late round pick for? An all-time cornerback for a player who might not make the team doesn’t make sense. I know he supposedly doesn’t fit their new scheme- and I don’t buy it. He can cover both ways. Don’t give him up for nothing.

  3. The pack could def use some corner help, but Ted would never pull the trigger for that price. Woodson could play more safety with the uncertainty of Nick Collins. Oh well, I’m over it.

  4. on behalf of the 49ER faithful, we would like to offer a free boat ride around the bay, with pit stops at alcatraz & scenic views of the golden gate, and we will throw in free medical mary jane licences to all eagles brass and players that are interested!!

  5. Did anyone besides me watch the Eagles games last year??…..Samuel was CLEARLY their best DB…….Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie were both terrible…..Samuel said he would take a pay cut……they will regret trading him……Manning and Romo are gonna pick apart that weak secondary

  6. The guy can still play, but not a 10+ million a year.

    A lot of teams could use him.

    Steelers, Packers and Patriots to name a few.

  7. #BillsMafia would welcome him with open arms! With the upgrades to the D-Line corners should be beggin for a chance to play in Buffalo this year!
    Bills/Eagles have made deals in the past too… maybe this happens but not at 10mil/yr

  8. Whatever team he goes to..be prepared for alot of gambling on coverages, his forte…and absolutely zero run support.

    Samuel has Deion disease,,,take care of yourself,,not matter what the outcome to your team may be.

  9. This is why Andy Reid will be back again next year, regardless of how this season plays out. If he really was on a (considerably large) hot seat, you would not trade away a player of Samuel’s caliber for a late round pick. If winning was truly paramount, you keep a guy like him, even if he will see limited time. It isn’t as though there are any high priced free agents out there at this point who could fill a significant need for this team to need that cap money free’d up for. This is not about scheme or a player’s ability. This is a straight salary dump, not a move to improve the team. This move is about the future and not the present, which is why anyone who believes Andy is under any extra pressure to win this season, is wrong.

  10. Philly needs to clear that 10 million dollar cap hit cause Asante doesn’t fit their defense and they desperately need that money for McCoy & Maclin extensions . Also the Eagles like their other 5 CB’s (Asomugha,DRC,Hanson,Marsh,Lindley) and their sure to draft another one in this draft . I think a part of Philly wanting to deal Asante Samuel is because they’re looking to move up in the draft and even mid to late round picks are good firepower to have . Samuel is & was a great playmaker but $10M would be better spent elsewhere.

  11. I know some may speculate a return to the Patriots, but the thing about Samuel is that he’s not content to play a zone coverage.

    He’d rather forget the playbook and attempt an INT to pad his stats – especially when he is in a contract year.

    He will get his INTs that way but he will also get burned and give up big plays.

    That’s not something that Belichick or too many other coaches are interested in just now.

  12. Bring him to the Skins for a 6th next year and a 7th this year. He would love the chance to play against those bums twice a year!

  13. Some of you people amaze me. The eagles kind of have to move him. But only because he can’t play man. He is the odd man out. NA and DRC will play man press well. Asante is still a stud cb. If he fit our scheme, we wouldn’t be moving him.

  14. Sounds to me like the Eagles need money to lock up LeSean McCoy. Way more important than keeping a gambler that can’t tackle worth a lick. Birds might be drafting a CB high, but Andy thinks he’s outsmarting everyone again, like a battle of wits with a Sicilian.

  15. Something for you all to consider…

    Asante Samuel never played for the Eagles until a few years into his career when he finally played for the Eagles.

    Keeping this in mind, I’d say Asante Samuel will not be traded to another team unless he is traded to another team.

  16. This would fill the Panthers need at CB nicely but I wonder how much of a paycut Asante would be willing to take..

  17. Keep him on the roster until draft day and see what happens. I agree with Michael David Smith on this one. Though trading to Detroit makes a lot of sense also.

  18. @Nesby2

    I agree that he would be a good pick up for the Bears. I doubt it happens though with our cap space and still having to sign rookies.

    I’m completely against moving Tillman to safety though.

  19. He has talent, but, it’s all about the Benjamins. I think he’s going to be a Free Agent…Eagles will release him.

  20. The Bengals have plenty of cap room but I’m sure Mikey Brown has a death-grip on his wallet.
    Plus, if he isn’t a tackler like all the Iggles fans keep saying, he doesn’t fit our D scheme.

  21. Can’t the Eagles work on restructuring Samuel’s deal now so they actually CAN trade him? Otherwise, no one is going to want to pick up that kind of contract, even for a 7th rounder.

  22. I just don’t agree with them trading him, especially when they’re going to get almost nothing in return. What do they need another late round pick for? An all-time cornerback for a player who might not make the team doesn’t make sense. I know he supposedly doesn’t fit their new scheme- and I don’t buy it. He can cover both ways. Don’t give him up for nothing.
    You’re not paying attention. It’s about paying $21.5 million over the next 2 years for a aging, past his prime CB. No “smart” team will ever consider this guy simply because of the terms.

  23. Do you see how much $$$ he’s due. You will have to try and renegotiate his contract. A 5th or 6th round pick might still be alot based on $$$ due. IMO.

  24. No doubt he can still play, but no team will make a deal before the Draft. After, maybe; but like “supergruby” and others say, it is about acquiring his contract. Not going to happen. My Dolphins had to do the same thing with SS Yeremiah Bell. A leading tackler, but age and performance catches up and outpaces the rear-end $ of these Contracts. At the very least, the Eagles keep him around until some Team gets a Starter down during Camp or early on and then overpays for him.

  25. While he has a nose for the ball, he’s never been a shut down corner and, from what little I’ve seen of him since he left NE, he still can’t tackle. And BB HATES corners that can’t tackle…I’ve seen Darth Hoodie give Assante the look of death after a sloppy tackling effort. He’s not coming back to NE except on the cheap…and someone will overpay for him

  26. This would be a great pick up for the Buccaneers. It would free them up to take LB Kuechly with the first round pick instead of Claiborne.

  27. Heckert is the GM for the Browns and used to be for the eagles. I’m sure he can work something out with Andy. Maybe he could throw in a 5th round and a bag of new footballs. Otherwise, wait till they cut him and offer him something realistic.

  28. I wonder if Samuel would be willing to take less to stay? Perhaps a lot less. If he goes on the open market he’s gonna take a hugh hit anyway.

  29. Don’t get rid of him. He was your best DB. You guys don’t need another iffy rookie too.and even if you get more money what are you going to do? Replace him for someone worse? I don’t buy it. Don’t do it.

  30. As a Giants fan, I cannot wait to hear that the Eagles have rid themselves of Eli’s nemesis Samuel. I’ll take our chances vs. Asomougha and Rodgers-Cromartie, but Samuel absolutely kills us. Hate the laundry, respect the player; Samuel always seemed like a pretty decent guy to me, and a hell of a player.

  31. I’d trade Samuel for a late round pick. Cut his price down a bit. Then move his to free safety. Granted it’s a risk. His desire to make plays hinders my ability to be confident in him as my last line of defense. But, with all of the play in front of him, he could be a threat. Unless I run a zone heavy defensive scheme. Samuel is an intelligent player and with his ability to read the QBs eyes, he could be dangerous in a zone.

  32. I’d like to see the broncos draft Dont’a Hightower and then trade DJ williams or Joe Mays for Asante. DJ is suspended for the first 6 games, but he has been a tackling machine over that past few years.

  33. Andy is open for trade if the following terms are agreed to: has to have cheese, super sized and fried ice cream.

  34. Im glad the broncos didn’t get the deal done, don’t need him, DT, DT, DT, is what they need. Trade up to grab one in the first

  35. Would be a good pickup for the bears, and He might take a paycut to play on a good team, broncos arent a good team untill manning proves his self and still other players will have to stepup! Broncos d would be rediculous!

  36. Hope this guy doesn’t get injured in OTA’s.

    Eagles will need to cut his ass. Why would he negotiate with the Broncos when – as a Free Agent he can choose his team.

    All they did was give his agent the ‘intel’ on what the Broncos (and the market) is willing to pay him.

  37. He can come to Buffalo, how’s 6 million a year?
    Thats about the best he would do, especially at his age.

  38. Tampa Bay…. why on earth would you not go for this proven talent. You need CB help desparately, see if T. Richardson is there at 5 when you pick, if not…. Trade out of that spot and pick up more draft picks instead of Claiborne.

    Samuel > Claiborne

  39. All the Eagles fans who hate Asante are brainwashed by Andy and Co. As an Eagles fan myself I actually like Asante and wanted to keep him but at this point I realize they are moving on. IMO he is worth the 10 million and 6th-7th rounder or whatever he is going to cost.

    Fans of other teams on this site often joke about where are Eagles getting the cap room to sign X player… well this is the first casualty we are taking. Like everyone else I think this is a move to extend LeSean and have a little extra money to sign someone like Yeremiah Bell for 1-2 year contract. I see a situation where the Eagles draft someone like Dre Kirkpatrick now instead of all the DT’s we are mocked at. (DRC is on his last year).

  40. If Philly was concerned about not paying an aging corner 10 mil a yr , then why did they sign an older Nhamdi more money for more years??????? Doesn’t make much sense if that’s their logic with trading him for nothing

  41. If Branden Carr (who by the way was only the 2nd best corner on the Chiefs) can get 10 million a year why can’t this guy???????

  42. I hope Asante keeps nixing every trade and gets his money this year, hits free agency over the summer and plays his heart out this year. I will hate to see him leave Philly, he’s had some frustrating moments but he is very valuable to this team and think they will need him this year, more than they want to admit.

  43. Why to people keep hating on Asante? Check the stats he won’t beat as Much as you thinking. He actually was one of the tops in that category. To say he played better than Nhamdi, and Cromartie was true. Considering Juan had them trying to play zone like s dumb a… They can use but don’t really need the money to handle what they got left to handle. Their egos is what has gotten in the way. They didn’t appreciate the fantasy football remark or how he’s handled the trade speculations. He is still a top notch corner but for anyone to say Eli and Romo will have their way with our defense is crazy. We are still deep at the corner position . Curtis Marsh is up and coming and it helps a lot to have had Asante,Nhamdi, and Cromartie to mentor him . Remember he is fairly new to the position. I just think it would be personal to get rid of him for next to nothing.

  44. Come to the Chiefs!
    Together with Flowers, Berry, & Routt, you’ll be part of one of the best defensive backfields in the league-playing behind an above average front 7 featuring 2 pro bowl LBs.
    Then you’ll get 2 chances every year to relive your glory days of pick-6ing Peyton Manning!

  45. Ps. I thought Juan said he was still going to play zone. At the end of the season he was still playing zone . Just not as much as he did the first half of the season. Everytime Nhamdi was beat he was playing zone . Him and Cromartie looked bad because they were playing zone . When they played man defense they excelled. Juan was the reason that defense didn’t click. Man corners play man not zone . If he wanted or wants to play zone get the corners to play zone. People draft man corners to play man, not to play man in the beginning of the game and zone at the end of the game . Even with the linebackers we had we lost because in the forth we had man corners playing out of position and the Qbs were picking us apart. They would score and win the game not because of the corner play but because of the dumb a.. defensive calls made by Juan . Any other coordinator would have played to his team strengths not Juan he wanted guys to fit his system that were not made for that type of system. Here’s an idea draft or get free agents that fit the system you are trying to run . If a person is good at one thing and not good at another, and the other is what you want don’t take him. If they play zone most of the game this year than what is the purpose of getting rid of Asante. This guy better not play zone most of the game this year. I want to see man coverage most of every game period.

  46. “This is a straight salary dump, not a move to improve the team. ”

    If you believe this you don’t understand the salary cap.
    If you allocate excessive resources to the CB position you must short change other positions

    Teams like the Steelers and Pats that have had consistent success this century are also teams that are very disciplined when it comes to understanding value and being willing to let good veterans go rather than overpay them.

    A “salary dump” is an investment in other players and a move to improve the team.

  47. This is not solely about the money. It’s more about “Whatever team he goes to..be prepared for alot of gambling on coverages, his forte…and absolutely zero run support”

    Well said.

    A top 5 talent who refuses to play within scheme is not as valuable as his stats suggest he is. Samuel is the posterboy for Parcell’s quote “stats are for losers”.

  48. To the people saying he will (or should) be back in NE, there’s no less likely scenario in NFL history to happen than that one. He shot his way out of town and there’s no love lost on either side from what I’ve gathered.

    Trying to trade a guy for the same round of pick (4th)he was drafted at in 03…9 years later and with that salary is a pipe dream anyway.

  49. Samual is no stud!!! He takes a lot of chances and makes interceptions. But when he misses…he misses big time and the other team scores.

    I can still see the 2007/08 Superbowl where Samual was out of position on the Giants final drive and could have ended the game.

    The guy is a head case. If he was so good he would have been traded by now. NFL personnel know he’s not that good.

  50. But honestly, I think this would help the aging Woodson problem the packers have. We are still in an incredible success window where we could win multiple superbowls. If we can get Samuel to cut his pay and only trade a 5th or 6th I would consider this worth it for two years.

    This would allow the packers to focus solely on pass rushers in the early rounds. (something they’ll do anyway)

  51. canetic says: Apr 21, 2012 8:33 AM



    I doubt the Raiders want a guy that’s 33 or 34 and is on the decline of his career there is a reason the Eagles are trying to dump him for hardly nothing and the fact his cap number is so high.

  52. ch8878 says:
    Apr 21, 2012 4:00 PM
    canetic says: Apr 21, 2012 8:33 AM



    I doubt the Raiders want a guy that’s 33 or 34 and is on the decline of his career there is a reason the Eagles are trying to dump him for hardly nothing and the fact his cap number is so high.


    I think the more likely reason why the Raiders won’t want him is because they only have $29,000 of cap space and that’s not even enough to sign you or me.

  53. Sounds like the Eagles are getting desperate to get out from under his contract.

    Smart teams will just wait because the Eagles will most likely release him.

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