Vilma, Greer deals could have added benefit

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Both Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and Saints cornerback Jabari Greer were due to earn base salaries of $5.4 million in 2012.  The both now have new contracts.

Greer’s came to light on Friday.  On Saturday, Larry Holder of reported that Vilma has “restructured” his contract, which carried a cap number of $7.5 million.

To the extent that either player is suspended as part of the bounty situation (and to the extent the suspension survives an appeal), the conversion of base salary to guaranteed payment that typically occurs in a restructured contract results in a lower base salary and, in turn, a lower amount of lost wages in the event of a suspension.

In Vilma’s case, motivation to re-do his deal also comes from his history of knee injuries and the influx of linebacking talent during free agency.  If Vilma had declined to help find a way to reduce his cap number, a more dramatic reduction may have come involuntarily.

It’ll all be more clear when the official numbers come out.  For now, it’s possible that either or both players will lose significantly less money if a bounty-related suspension is imposed.

24 responses to “Vilma, Greer deals could have added benefit

  1. I don’t understand why the Saints just won’t outright cut Vilma. He’s definitely gonna be suspended for a while and they signed both Lofton and David Hawthorne, both of whom can play MLB.

  2. The Commissioners office must approve all NFL contracts. Have they approved the contract?

  3. satanphoenix says: Apr 21, 2012 5:48 PM

    The Commissioners office must approve all NFL contracts. Have they approved the contract?

    Not sure what is there which cannot be approved. Every team does this(convert base salary to bonus) every year to save cap space.
    Florio’s just pointing out that unless the NFL targets the signing bonus in some way, the financial hit for the players isn’t that much.

  4. *
    So the crooked organization is taking care of bounty system player Kingpin Vilma.
    This is like flipping on the light in the flophouse & watching the roaches scatter for cover.
    Stay class New Orleans!

  5. @matang Converting salary to a bonus when the player is facing a lengthy suspension might be viewed in the same light as a player receiving money from another source to make up for a fine which is against the rules.

    Let me emphasize I am not advocating either way just pointing out what may or may not happen and why.

  6. keep in mind the Brees deal is imminent and Loomis may be trying to carry as much of it as possible on this years cap as not to hamstring himself in future years

  7. If he’s cut his money comes due on the cap. If he’s suspended It’s wiped off the books right?

  8. …man you would honestly have to go to some kind of farm to see a bigger collection of jackasses than has assembled for the (bogus) purpose of responding to something that (a) you have no knowledge of, and (b) is common practice – even on your loser teams – see you in the SuperBowl Suckers!!!!

  9. The Skins and the Boys can be fined for dodging a non-existant salary cap, but the Saints are allowed to restructure to dodge a very real salary hit imposed by a suspension? I don’t get it.

  10. Zero pay for when Vilma is suspended for the season. He already made his money collecting bounties.

  11. Once the Brees deal is done, Mickey Loomis will get his due as the best GM in the sport. How the hell he remade the whole defense, lost zero key players, and inevitably locks up the franchise QB is as good a job as there could be done.

  12. Even after serving an eight game suspension, Mickey Loomis will still be the GM of the Year!

    Loomis is The Man.

  13. The team would have been better served not restructuring any contracts for any Defensive players until after the penalies are known. This has to be viewed at the NFL Commissioner’s Office as an attempt to skirt around the NFL penalties and it likely won’t work. In fact, I bet the $ value of any suspention will be calculated and instead of 6 day suspension it will now be 9 days…….Same money lost……..Same Cap numbers……

  14. sounds like they are manipulating contracts to avoid a negative financial backlash in the future. Interesting stuff…. very interesting.

  15. The Saints have masterminds on there staff this why the Saints have Mickey Loomis. Even if they would have suspended Mickey Loomis first we have guys that can handle the office. Then we use Sean Payton in the office doing the signing and drafting the Saints have a smart staff, Sean Payton out Mr.Vitt steps up. Mr.Vitt goes out then Drew Brees steps up the games going to go on the player’s been school by the best coach in the NFL.

  16. In the public opinion court, it rarely waits to see clear evidence before declaring guilt and demanding punishment. Happening again with a good man like Jonathan Vilma. He’s guilty of only playing hard and paying no attention to Greg Williams’ BS.

  17. What a bunch of skim-dogs. Your total lack of character, integrity and manhood is disgusting and repelling to ANYBODY outside of that below sea level swamp city you call home. You cheat, you lie, you accuse others, you hide the truth, you bring embarrassment to your entire community and yet you are PROUD of yourselves. Absolutely disgusting. Absolutely repulsive. Absolutely chicken$hit. You have awakened a sleeping Giant in America, you have brought down the wrath of every professional football player in the NFL and you don’t have enough sense to see it. Listen for the foot steps, that’s the elite of the NFL coming after you. Get your fans plenty of paper bags Daints that Ain’t because the shame will be SO bad they will need them. And as for Drew Brees, calls himself a leader? So did Hitler and Tojo you’ve laighed on the face of American pride and integrity, you’ve stood for everything we teach our kids not to be and not to do. The shame is on you and everytime you makeover or open your mouth, you just become more despicable in the eyes of true Americans. Your title is a farce, your athleticism is as cheapened as it can be. The New Orleans Hoodlums. To us, that’s all you are. There are professionals coming after you, you best prepare, it will be 16 weeks of them. I shan’t think that you will do quite so well this year or many to come.

  18. Yes many teams do restructures, but not as many as Loomis has done, and compound that with the FA contracts that are so CAP friendly in the 1st year. If they are so CAP friendly in year 1, then somewhere it becomes CAP UGLY. That will be in year 2. 2013. Dont go deviating from the numbers with downgrading the Falcons because you know (or should know) this to be the truth. Here is another look at you 2013 obligations:
    Lofton CAP hit 7.1M, Lance Moore 4.5M, Grubbs 7.3M, Will Smith 12M (3m is signing bonus, $4.5m is guaranteed in base salary), Evans 10M, Harper 7M, Colston 6.6M, Bunkly 4.6M and Jenkins 2.3M. I will estimate Brees at 20M and Hawthorne(est 6mil) and Chamberlin (est 2.5mil). That is roughly $90 millon to 12 players. That does not include whatever Vilmas new number is, Greers new number or Sproles, and I really Doubt Jimmy Graham will play in 2013 for 575K if he plays near the level he has, even with an extension, there will be a big Signing bonus and the number will still balloon. Sure, you might cut a couple of these guys, but with the guaranteed money from restructuring, it will create a ton of dead money. Bushrod, Ellis, Galette, Ivory, Henderson, Morstead and De La Pente will be FA’s. I just don’t see how they can retain a couple FA.s, sign draft picks and still field 40 more roster spots. How does this not scare the crap out of a true fan? Go ahead, and deflect these facts with your comments about the Falcons like usual. Or, if you feel educated, explain how this is not a problem.

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