Weeden wants to compete with Colt in Cleveland

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Quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will go first and second on Thursday night at the NFL draft, and Ryan Tannehill will be taken at some point later in the first round. After that the big question is about Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden, who is projected to go anywhere from the middle of the first round to late in the second. Weeden, who will be watching the draft from home, sounds like he’s hoping that he goes at No. 22.

The 22nd overall pick belongs to the Browns via last year’s Julio Jones trade with the Falcons, and in comments to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Weeden sounded like he believes that if he goes there, he’ll be poised to beat out Colt McCoy as the Browns’ starter this year.

I know Colt had a good year last year, and he’s a good football player,” Weeden said. “But I’m a competitor, and I want to play as soon as possible. I’d be excited about the opportunity to come in and compete with him and see how things pan out.”

It’s also possible that Weeden could go to the Browns in the second round, at No. 37. Dropping that far would be a disappointment to Weeden, but he’s excited about the interest the Browns have shown.

“I feel really good about how everything’s gone with the Browns throughout this whole process. It would be exciting if I ended up there,” Weeden said. “They’ve got a good thing going on there, and they’re headed in the right direction.”

Whether the Browns are going in the right direction or not is debatable, but drafting Weeden would be a sign that the Browns don’t think McCoy is the man to take them in the right direction.

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  1. It’s also possible that Weeden, like the last 28-year-old QB projected as a low-first/early-second round pick, could be available to the Browns (or anyone else who wants a 28-year-old rookie) in the fourth round.

  2. The Browns are heading in the right direction. Defense was stellar against the pass last year, d line will be even better this year. Colt is not a bad QB. The Browns receivers had most drops last year. Led by a rookie who didn’t play the year before in college. Short off season didn’t help. They were in a lot of games last year. Some bad breaks and yes bone headed play calls didn’t help. But year 2 of the 5 year plan. Poised to get some help with 3 of the top 37 picks. Claiborne, Hill and Martin.

  3. Saying you want to compete for starting QB of the Browns is like saying you want to date a fat chic…anyone can do it.

  4. I’m fine with colt for another year with weapons to surround him. As long as the Browns get Richardson at #4 I’ll feel good about the draft. I would pass on Weeden for sure at #22 if he is there at# 37 take a chance. Not sure if the Afc North is big enough for 2 Ginger QB’s however.

  5. The Browns could have a really good draft. As long as the top 3 picks go as they “should” Browns could get Blackmon/Richardson at 4, Stephen Hill at 22 and Weeden at 37. Not too shabby in a division that I feel no one team has a firm grip on.
    Will the Steelers continue to fade, will the Ravens continue to flounder when they need to come up big, will the Bengals come back to Earth. Will the Browns ever get out of the bottom.. could be one of the more interesting divisions this year… 10-6 could win it.

  6. You really shouldn’t be taking a 28 year old QB in the 1st or 2nd. Ideally, even if he’s ‘pretty good’, he’s lost 4 years of playing time. He’d be better off as a 4th or 5th rounder and being a backup, from a team perspective.

  7. Sarcasm aside, I really feel bad for anyone who’s a browns fan.

    You guys seem to be drafting in the top 5-10 every yeat but I can’t name an impact star player on your team. Joe Thomas? Protecting the blind side of mefiocre QBs for what 5 years now?

    Then this year comes along amd you have a legit shot at going for RG3 and management gets cold feet. Washington sold the farm to get him but you should’ve too.

    Not a hard decision when your current farm consists of no franchise qb, a special teams pro bowler, and a fanbase that would tolerate 3 years of losing until RG3 became great.

  8. Poor Colt. Great attitude, decent mobility, but noodle arm. Seriously. Chad Pennington could probably throw farther than Colt. Poor guy.

  9. Every year as a Browns fan I hear, “they are heading in the right direction” from potential draftees.

    I hope we take this guy with our 4th pick then trade our 22nd for a 3rd and 5th and build through the draft. Get your franchise QB as soon as possible, take him with the 4th pick. He’ll have 4 maybe 5 solid years.

  10. Not sure Weeden or any other QB will help this team. I’m interested to see what Heckert does with 13 picks (9 regular and 4 supplemental).

  11. Weeden Evidently DOESNT know Browns Football, Because Colt DIDNT have a good year. Now, He is grasping for straws because the truth is coming out, and his stock is droppin like a McCoy pass to Little. Trent @ #4, Wright @ #22, Then OLINE, You want the smartest QB, WCO ready, you take a chance on Kellen Moore in the 3rd Round, great replacement for Wallace, WCO doesnt call for a Long ball QB, but precicison, accuracy, and anticipation, with the ability to take what the defense shows. Weeden without Blackmon = fail..

  12. He’s older, but he’s also coming in more mature from already being a pro baseball player. He’s very talented so if he comes in and plays good to great right away, you could be in great shape for 8 years or so. It’s not like it’s any bigger of a gamble than taking a Jamarcus Russell or any of the other first round busts. If you like his talent, pull the trigger.

  13. jfaoyx that is pretty close to one of the dumbest things I’ve heard u want to reach for a guy that’s probably at best a 3rd round prospect that is 28 and you want to take him 4th overall that’s just plain ignorant but given that your a Cleveland fan I guess we shouldn’t expect much else.

  14. weeden in round two only if they get two offensive playmakers with 4 & 22. if they draft a OL at 22 then take another playmaker at 37 and try to trade back into 2nd rd for weeden.

    aparently not everyone can date a fat girl…some fat AFC north qb has been known to have to force it onto the women he’s with

  15. barkhardandloud I agree with you I think the best fit for the browns would be kellen Moore I think he’s the qb steal of this draft I think he will have a better career than weeden tannenhill. If Moore lands in the right spot he could end up having an amazing career.

  16. Not that anyone who wasn’t a Browns fan would but has anyone seriously looked at their schedule?? It’s BRUTAL!!! Draft an offensive playmaker for weapons, not a quarterback because it doesn’t matter who is their quarterback, they won’t win 4 games. Then when we are picking at the top of the draft next year we will have our shot at a franchise qb.

  17. Hold on… Colt McCoy had a good year last year… just let that sink in… wow!!!

    I’m starting to think Cleveland’s O is to bad they should just try and stack up the D as much as they can. Their pass defense is very good, they have one of the best young corners, if they can stop the run and draft Richardson they may be able to play a defense first football game like the Jets and Ravens of the previous few seasons and surprise some teams but not sure if that still works in today’s NFL.

  18. @henson58 Lol…cant tell if your reply is trolling ooorrr?
    I’m just saying, with a draft like that at least we could have an excuse for why we are inept again this year.
    Last time we were good was with a first round WR and a first round TE…Drafting running backs and 28 y/o qbs in the top 5 doesnt cut it anymore.

    But, we are the Browns, so expect these sorts of missteps.
    And as a person who should have “higher-than-a-Browns-fan-intelligence,” I find your rudimentary understanding of sarcasm appalling.

  19. If the Browns take Weeden they will be WORSE than they’ve been in recent years. Maybe I’ll start watching that soccer team Lerner has and see how they do because Weeden is the next John beck, Chris Weinke, Drew Henson.

  20. Well he’s got the blatant outright lying down (“Browns are headed in the right direction”) which is a good sign he’ll fit in with Holmgren / Heckert / Shurmur. I’m a Browns fan and don’t think Weeden is all that great. I think Colt could be good but not Super Bowl good. So, if we get Weeden at 37 to come in and at least compete – what the heck, go for it. You’re going to win 3 games this year anyway.

  21. I’m still sticking by my pick for Tannehill. However, I’m not privy to all of the talent info that’s digested by H & H. I didn’t get to talk with them one on one, etc..
    I strongly believe two things. One, the Browns need a quarterback. Two, waiting and banking on “hoping” to get a top draft QB next year is more than a reach than taking Tannehill is this year. Actually, let me add a third belief. Going with McCoy as the starter this year is like driving your car with a spare tire. It’s lost time.
    With that said, I’m going to hope that H & H are able to acquire a true competitor to McCoy. My choice is Tannehill as I believe he’s quite an athlete and I like his age over Weeden.
    The Browns need a QB…..”this year.”

  22. Watching Grudens QB camp I was impressed by this guy.. Gave me the impression of an veteran… Maybe that’s because he’s as old as one.. =/

  23. If they could get Blackmon at 4 and reunite him with Weeden, that would be an immediate impact for the Browns, Colt wouldn’t have a chance.

  24. @barkhardandloud
    C’mon man !?! Kellen Moore in the second round ? The last thing we need is a SMALLER, LEFT HANDED, and WEAKER version of Colt McCoy in a higher round. Thank for the good laugh.

  25. Any of the quarterbacks in this years draft will have a difficult time succeeding in Cleveland until they get some offensive help (receivers, RB’s, offensive tackle). Colt has been basically a one man team. Weedon, Tannehill, won’t succeed there either until ownership and management gets their collective heads out of their butts.

  26. No. Stick with Colt this year and if you need a QB go for it next year. No sense picking the 4-5 best QB. If Colt doesn’t work you trade everything you have to get the best QB in 2013. I’m hoping Colt works.

  27. If the Eagles could draft a 27 year old guard in the first round, the Browns sure as hell can draft a 28 year old QB in the first.

    Especially when you already have a respectable defense.

  28. I understand that Mike Holmgren is a smarter man than I am. That said, I don’t understand why the Browns don’t do the following:

    1. Take Richardson with the 4th Pick. Hopefully they will be smart enough to at least do this, he is electric.

    2. Offer Mike Wallace the Santonio Holmes contract, if he balks ask him if he really wants to risk injury on 2 million this year. He takes it and you trade that 1st Round Pick, now you have a team people will talk about, and you will sell tickets.

    3. Use the 2nd Round Pick on the best available Tackle. Plug him into the right side. Cousins is terrible.

    4. Trade a 4th Round Pick to Philly for Asante Samuel. Yes, Asante makes too much, but he can still ball. Move Sheldon Brown to safety.

    You do this and Cleveland is a much better team. Give Colt a chance, if he fails, then next year pull a Washington and trade up for Barkley. This is far better than rolling the dice on Tannehill or Weeden.

  29. I don’t know..everyone talking crap about Weeden, but I got a feeling that he is going to be good if given the chance. Take away 5 yrs from his age & he’d be in the top 10-15 of the draft. But as I said, I got a good feeling about him..but it could be gas! I ate beans for lunch..

  30. @henson58

    At least us “dumb Cleveland fans” know how to use a comma or period in a sentence.

    One cheap shot deserves another, I guess…

  31. Weeden is a weird prospect. 28 years old, has to basically become a 1st year starter, then get used to the speed of the game, then he will be 31, maybe 3-5 good years?he will have good years, but is it worth a 1st? Yes if there isn’t anyone else who could be as good.

  32. Although something to consider, his age isn’t that big of a deal.

    Maybe you children don’t remember Warren Moon. He was 28 when he entered the NFL, and he played 14 seasons. It doesn’t matter.

  33. Sure, this looks good on paper, but the guy is 28 years old! #37 would be a good taking point for him, but not #22. Obviously, (hopefully, please please please) we use that #3 on Kalil, if Minnesota does not take him, or TR if he does. #22 for a WR (good WR class this year) then we can take a chance and blow a second rounder on this guy. No harm done at that point, because now we have a right OL (hopefully), possibly a RB, and a WR.

  34. daveincleveland says:
    Apr 22, 2012 2:05 PM
    Although something to consider, his age isn’t that big of a deal.

    Maybe you children don’t remember Warren Moon. He was 28 when he entered the NFL, and he played 14 seasons. It doesn’t matter.
    He played professional ball for a full 6 years before coming to the NFL though. Now, provided it was the CFL, that is still better talent than college football.

    Weedon won’t be prepared like Moon was. And even with 6 years prior experience at an elevated level, it was still a full 4 years before he had a breakout season.

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