Cornerback Chris Johnson to visit the Jets


A month and a half after he was cut by the Raiders, cornerback Chris Johnson still hasn’t found a new NFL home. But he has a visit lined up for Monday.

Johnson will visit the Jets, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Johnson spent the last five seasons with the Raiders, playing in 59 games and starting 29. He’d add depth at cornerback and contribute on special teams if he signed with the Jets.

For Johnson, finding a new team this offseason has taken a back seat to taking care of his family. His sister was killed and his mother injured in a shooting during the 2011 season, and he’s been caring for his mother and his sister’s children this offseason.

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  1. He’s a good guy, a real team player, who’s best suited to play outside CB.

    He gets lost in space when playing inside and tends to really bite on play action.

  2. I feel sorry for Chris Johnson. He may be landing in the only locker room in the NFL that makes you miss Oakland?

    He is too good of a player and from what I have read, too great of a person for this.

  3. Need a 4th corner behind Revis, Cro, and Wilson. I don’t know much about Johnson, but I imagine we could do worse

  4. Johnson didn’t play ST for the Raiders, partly why he wasn’t kept-on top of the big contract Al signed him to.

  5. On a side note, I had hoped Big Reg and Dennis Allen would have retained Rod Woodson as DB coach. Even though the defense sucked last year, it seems a certain bit a knowledge/insight could be gained by having him on staff. I think it was the linebackers who kept breaking down and not making plays. Although, stanford routt sucked trmendously last year as well…

  6. I hope the Jets do not take him, he will be left hanging out to dry with Landry in one of the safety slots.

  7. hey raiderin va

    let me get this straight….you live in virginia, you’re team plays in oakland….and YOU’RE the judge of the jets locker room?

    if you haven’t noticed, the raiders have been a joke for a long, long time….johnson will be happy to be a jet…

    btw, florham park is real, real nice

  8. There’s too much discussion on this. It’s simple.

    Johnson is a good guy, and would be a good veteran for the locker room side of things.

    He is not a very good corner anymore.

    If the Jets want that veteran mind to help younger players, he’d be a good fit. If they actually expect him to produce on the field, look somewhere else.

    The reason he was cut is because he was being paid too much money and he wasn’t worth it. That’s all.

    It’s that easy.

  9. @jimjets.. We all know how the jets locker room is, between Rex Ryan never shutting the hell up, Sanchez male-modeling for GQ and “anonymous” players bashing their own qb, I’m sure everyone knows…

    CJ will add some depth and make the occasional play or two, I woulda kept him in Oakland

  10. Sorry to hear about your loss CJ. Hope you can get on with a team that can use you. Plenty of other teams need depth at corner . Nice guy put in a terrible situation stay strong for your family. It will all work out in the end.

  11. nyj69 says: Apr 22, 2012 11:21 AM

    Need a 4th corner behind Revis, Cro, and Wilson. I don’t know much about Johnson, but I imagine we could do worse

    He’s better than Wilson. And that’s not necessarily a compliment to Johnson.

  12. I wish the Broncos would give a try. Then he could get some get back on the Raiders for letting him go during there clean house.
    He is a good man-to-man cover guy. Very aggressive.

    But then again he played good against K. Orton. Hard to judge.

  13. Great locker room guy, decent CB. Like a few others mentioned, contract was just too big for what the Raiders are trying to do this year.

    Wish him the best of luck wherever he lands though! He would be a solid #3 or 4 guy for the Jets.

  14. Well reading about what is going on in his personal life I can see why his play on the field slid back and got worse. Knowing that I would have liked to see him restructure and stay in Oakland

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