Glazer says Tebow will be “football Ritalin” for Sanchez

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As I look back on the week that was and look for things I forgot to write about, I realized that I forgot to share an intriguing observation from Jay Glazer of FOX Sports during Wednesday’s PFT Live.

Among a variety of topics, Glazer addressed the potential impact of quarterback Tim Tebow on quarterback Mark Sanchez.  In Glazer’s view, Sanchez too easily loses focus.  He gets focused at certain key moments, like in the playoffs or when he legitimately fears getting the hook.

After losing first-team reps once or twice to Mark Brunell — and after having coach Rex Ryan admit that the threat to bench Sanchez was a ruse aimed at lighting a fire under him — the Jets needed to do something a bit more aggressive in order to get Sanchez’s attention on a more consistent basis.

Enter Tebow, whom Glazer described as “football Ritalin” for Sanchez.

That’s the best-case scenario for Sanchez and the Jets.  If he finds on a regular basis the sense of urgency that has allowed him to make it to a pair of AFC title games, he’ll perform well enough to keep Tebow in a limited jack-of-all-trade roles — and to save Sanchez’s role as the starter.

Or not, and then the Jets can yank Sanchez one or twice, give Tebow extended reps, and see if that gets Sanchez’s attention.

If it doesn’t, nothing will.

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16 responses to “Glazer says Tebow will be “football Ritalin” for Sanchez

  1. Bull.

    If you are dissatisfied with your player, you try to get a better player, not an additional, lesser player. If Tannehill and Rex think Tebow with his media driven rock star status and his shameless self promotions and his mindless groupies going berserk every time Sanchez bobbles a snap is somehow going to improve Sanchez’s play, they should be fired right now. Instead, we’ll likely have to wait till after the season to see that happen.

  2. And if taking twenty snaps a game away from a quarterback will make him better, then taking all the snaps away from him will make him a hall of famer.

  3. Midget Jay the quarterback guru….last time he said something about a QB wasn’t he pumping up Matt Leinhart around Leinhart did MMA training with him? How’d that workout?

  4. Ritalin for Sanchez sure but Viagra for all the Jesus freaks. Cue the thumbs down in 3, 2, 1…thank you Jesus

  5. @usmutts

    A much more pressing question is this:
    Will Tannehill be able to keep the Jets organization from falling apart all the while learning the Dolphins’ or Browns’ playbook as a rookie qb !?!?

  6. The saying goes: “two wrongs don’t make a right” The two wrongs in that saying are Sanchez and Tebow.

  7. Im sorry to say this but it seems like every time this team has been in the news over the past year or so it has been for the wrong reasons. You just wait for what absurd or comedic thing is going to happen.

  8. Can’t wait until the season starts to hear the Yets fans trying to find excuses for another 8-8 season.

  9. Tebow is no guarantee to bail out Sanchez completely because he’ll probably play bad enough to warrant putting Sanchez back in. Or Rex could decide to go with Gregg Mcelroy. No matter what transpires, Team Turmoil has a full-blown QB controversy brewing.

    Santonio Holmes can’t wait.

  10. If you need Tebow to get Sanchez motivated to play NFL type football you better draft another quaterback and dump Sanchez

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