Kevin Faulk not expecting quick Patriots decision

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Running back Kevin Faulk said recently that he’d like to return for a 14th NFL season, but only if he plays for the Patriots.

He’s not expecting to find out if that will happen anytime soon, however. Faulk told Mike Rodak of that he expects the Patriots to take a wait-and-see approach in regards to another season for the longtime member of the team. Until then, Faulk is not working out at Gillette Stadium — even though unsigned free agents can work out with their previous teams.

The Patriots had veteran backs Joseph Addai, Ryan Grant and Tim Hightower in for workouts this week as they check out possible additions to their backfield. Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley are the running backs currently under contract in New England. If the Pats pass on those three vets and come out of the draft without any backs, the chances of a Faulk return would likely increase.

If Faulk doesn’t return, it would make two three-time Super Bowl champs (Matt Light’s the other one) to leave the team this offseason.

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  1. . I also love the monstrous hit the Saints put on him that NFL network keeps showing in their Bountygate articles. But he’s a tough guy. Louisiana bred and born.

  2. Does Faulk’s social security checks get factored into the Pats salary cap? The guy’s older that dirt.

  3. I’ve always like Faulk, with that being said I think he should retire. He’s no longer a factor in the running game or even a 3rd down back anymore. Would love to see him as an asst. RB coach and stay with the team.

  4. Kevin Faulk is the definition of a class act. If the Pats don’t bring him back as a player I hope they can find room for him on the coaching staff.

  5. Based on the fact that Faulk did not dress for the SB, I think we will be seeing another Teddy Bruschi situation where Kevin Faulk will be retiring sometime during training camp.

    As a core member of the Pats this past decade, I say thanks for the memories and enjoyment of watching one of the truest team members !

  6. BB in 2011 gave Faulk the Troy Brown treatment (2007)…he got in on one or two games, but still carried him on the team. I don’t think that will extend to another year.

    Faulk was a great Patriot…good guy, good teammate, hard worker…but it is time to move forward. I wouldn’t mind him coming back as some type of coach.

  7. Wow you are pretty sure Light will retire though he’s made no announcement. I think he will too, but I wouldn’t count on it until I hear it from him.

    I love KFaulk, but I would bet last year was it for him with the Pats, his Troy Brown in 07 semi sentimental swan song.

  8. Guys, not surprising that bozo is also on HBT slamming the Red Sox just like he slams the Pats.

    “bozosforall – Apr 22, 2012 at 11:54 AM
    The “hate” is mostly for the loudmouthed, obnoxious fan base that hasn’t shut up for the last decade…that after having trashed other teams in the decade preceding this one. Consider it payback.”

    Now that’s the definition of a hater.

  9. He’s one of those guys who makes it easy to be a Patriots fan. He was always a really good sport on the field also.

  10. @tigerlilac

    He’s also on the Celtics boards on PBT, as not only does he root for the Yankees, he roots for the Lakers, too (ever heard of a more front-running fan-boy??)

    I feel bad for the amount of time that I spend on ESPN, Projo,, this site, and others reading about the home teams, as it is. But can any of us even imagine how pathetic it would be to spend at least that amount of time TROLLING on OTHER team’s boards?

    The amount of self-hatred and insecurity it takes to drive such actions is probably worthy of clinical diagnosis and prescription medication (or electrocution.)

  11. Regarding Faulk. He’s a Patriot HOFer, and has made many, many clutch plays for the Pats over the years. He was herbally medicated Moss enough to keep him quiet/relatively sane for a couple years, and showed his coaching skills there, as well.

    The fact that he didn’t play a down in the Super Bowl tells you all you need to know, though, about how Bill thinks. The Faulk of 5 years ago is no more, and it’s time to hang ’em up. Maybe we’ll see him on the Pats sideline wearing a headset in a few years.

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