Redskins still in play for Tim Hightower

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Tim Hightower spent some time with the Patriots last week, but that doesn’t mean he’s off the radar in Washington.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the Redskins remain in play for the running back’s services. Hightower joined the team in a trade before last season and ran for 321 yards on 84 carries before his season ended with a torn ACL. The injury will limit the amount of offseason work that Hightower will be able to do and, likely, slow down the timetable for him to find a team.

Roy Helu and Evan Royster each had strong peroformances after Hightower’s injury, but there’s still room for another back on the roster. The Redskins ran through four different starters last season — Ryan Torain was the other — and Mike Shanahan has never shied away from having options in the backfield.

Given that the Redskins will be going with a rookie quarterback, having an experienced tailback possibility might be particularly appealing with Helu and Royster still developing. Hightower’s also a strong receiver, something that would add some versatility to the Washington offense next season.

14 responses to “Redskins still in play for Tim Hightower

  1. It’s a shame he got hurt last year. He is a good running back. Would be a perfect fit in New England if his knee gets back right.

  2. He had a great start of the season last year and it was a real bummer when he went down with the torn ACL. He’s a good dude and I hope he can stay with the Skins

  3. Shanahan is a fantasy football players worse nightmare if u have RB’s on yr team from his teams, just thought I’d throw that out there since haven’t seen a fantasy football quote in awhile h

  4. Id welcome him back to the skins with open arms. Didnt cause any drama on or off field and played well when he was not hurt.

    Good blocker and can show the young kids how to play better.

    Hope it works out.

  5. Perhaps after May 10, Hightower’s future will be clearer.

    If he’s earned anything over vet minimum, Maragate is the major issue. Will Mara succeed in cutting Hightower from the Skins’ roster? Stay tuned.

  6. Would be a good move for team and player. He was playing well (not spectacular). He knows the offense. He played his college ball in the area. AND he would be cheap which would be helpful given the cap penalty that Mara…errr…I mean the NFL imposed for not colluding.

  7. Love Hightower. But coming back from a torn ACL + Redskins current salary cap constraints = not going to pay Hightower a lot.

    Love to have him back. Wish him well if he finds a higher paying gig elsewhere.

  8. hope we can sign him.. we def need him as he is a good blocker.. I know RG3 will feel more comfortable knowing he has someone who can pick up blitzes

  9. It’s a shame he got hurt last year, he would have had a nice season. I’d like to see him back in B&G but Helu and Royster will clearly play significant roles too. I wouldn’t rule out taking another RB in the draft as well depending on who’s available.

  10. Def we should get Tim back…Dude loved playing in DC, back to where he played high school. No downside to signing him and seeing if his knee has healed. He is a valuable person to have on the team.

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