Report: Braylon Edwards settles slander suit, donates money to charity

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Last year, receiver Braylon Edwards sued a Michigan restaurant that claimed he was involved in an incident in which two members of his entourage allegedly attacked employees of the establishment with a knife and/or a fork.

Edwards alleged that a team was willing to give him $15 million guaranteed before the false contention, and that the unnamed team thereafter got cold feet.

He never named the team.  Now, according to TMZ, Edwards has settled the case.  And he’s not disclosing the amount.

It’s common in cases like this for the settlement paperwork to include a provision requiring the plaintiff to keep quiet about any money received.  In this case, Edwards is creating the impression that the amount was significant by taking the position that he used the money to establish a scholarship fund for 100 kids.

Without knowing the amount of the settlement, it’s hard to assess whether Edwards was vindicated by the outcome.  Much of it depends on whether a team was indeed willing to give him $15 million guaranteed but for the false allegations — and whether that team helped create a record of evidence confirming that in the litigation.

If there was such a team, it hasn’t changed its mind about Edwards.  He continues to be unsigned after being released by the 49ers during the 2011 season.

26 responses to “Report: Braylon Edwards settles slander suit, donates money to charity

  1. He wants Z-receiver money when he’s now an X-receiver. Shame. A lot of teams could use him.

  2. Bang on Braylon all you want. But he keeps his word. He paid for college for kids in Cleveland long after he was gone because of a promise. I’m not a fan of his, but I really do respect him.

  3. Braylon has underachieved at times in his career, but he remains a class act off the field. Which one is really more important anyway?

  4. The only reason the 9ers let him go was cause he wouldn’t have been able to finish his contract with them healthy anyway. They wanted to allow him to catch on with another team if he could and give him a head start on rehabbing the knee and the shoulder.

    With another solid Receiver on the field Edwards is a good Receiver. But when the 9ers were scraping the bottom of the barrel it led to Edwards injuries. After Morgan went down for the season, Defenses could concentrate on taking him out of play.

    I wouldn’t complain a bit if the 9ers brought him back for Camp and gave him a chance to compete.

  5. Edwards was fine on and off the field in San Francisco until his injury. One-hand grabs in traffic; tough recs over the middle. His mental tailspin following the injury compounded by the earlier b.s. from the bar incident isn’t excusable, but I understand it. Hope he does well at his next stop.

  6. love the guy…i’ll never forget the image of him catching the ball on the ten, and carrying two patriots with him on his way to the end zone that time….just two years ago now, that the jets went into foxboro and whooped the cheater and the pretty boy in their own home in the…oh yeah, the playoffs!!!

    always welcome back in ny as far as i’m concerned

  7. That idiot fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. Maybe next time him and his “entourage” start trouble they’ll do it at a KFC so they can assault people with sporks

  8. I can’t believe a team in need of a veteran receiver wouldn’t take a chance on Edwards if only on a 1 yr. deal. If he is not signed by July 1 somebody is going to get a pretty good receiver at a discounted price. Ford Field is a nice place to hang out Braylon.

  9. The same Braylon Edwards who was being torn apart when the report came out that the Jets were still interested. Funny the way the world works sometimes.

  10. He spent so much cash on legal fees and gave it to charity it will not surprise me if he goes broke within his first five years of retirement!!!!

    I’m okay with charitable donations, but Braylon has likely destroyed his financial future!!!! Plus, he has a University of Michigan education … an overrated one!!!! It’s not helping Stephen Ross!!!!

  11. A few thoughts:

    Off the field he seems like a good guy with his charitable endeavors. More NFL players should follow his lead.

    $15 million, after you had ONE great season with the Browns and have pretty much been a bum after that, YEAH RIGHT!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him back with Browns, though, for a low guaranteed money contract that’s heavily lade with incentives. Colt (or whoever our QB is next year) needs someone to throw the ball to since our receivers are basically scrubs.

  12. It’s a very nice gesture on Edwards’ part to set up a charity for all of Antonio Cromartie’s kids.

  13. “He wants Z-receiver money when he’s now an X-receiver. Shame. A lot of teams could use him.”
    You said that backwards. The X receiver is the #1 guy. It goes X is the wideout, Y is the tight-end or slot receiver depending on where they are lined up then the Z or flanker receiver.

    The X receivers are always the prima donnas that wanna get paid the big bucks i.e. Moss, CJ, Owens etc.

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