Rolando McClain settles a lawsuit

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Rolando McClain faces a trial in May on assault charges stemming from an incident in Alabama last year, but he has been able to reach a settlement on another, older case.

The Birmingham News reports that McClain has reached a settlement in a case that saw him accused of hitting another man with a car and then verbally and physically assaulting him in 2008. Stanford Matthew Mangham, who was an Alabama student at the time, claimed that McClain intentionally hit him with a vehicle twice, left the scene and then returned with other football players before assaulting him. Mangham said he needed oral surgery and was seeking $75,000 in punitive damages.

McClain’s attorney declined to give information about the settlement beyond saying that it was to the “mutual benefit” of the two parties. The case was set to go to trial in June.

That frees McClain to focus on the case that goes to trial on May 17th. McClain allegedly punched a man, threatened him and fired a gun near his ear. All of the charges in the case are misdemeanors and McClain has claimed that he is innocent of the charges.

McClain had 99 tackles and five sacks in 15 games for the Raiders last season.

19 responses to “Rolando McClain settles a lawsuit

  1. I just love how people come onto the blog and start calling the guy “trash” without knowing any details of these situations or having any idea whether these incidents actually occurred. Football players are signed to mega-buck contracts but they still go home to the old neighborhoods … where everyone wants a piece of the pie. What better way to get it than to claim the big, bad football player and his homeboys beat you up, yada, yada?

    All I know is that the guy was a huge asset to his championship-winning football team in college and was considered almost a member of the coaching staff and never had any disciplinary problems. Maybe he really has gone off the deep end since … or maybe he just needs to stay out of the old neighborhoods.

  2. The ironic part is that all of the experts projected McClain to fall to the Giants and fill a huge need.

    The Raiders took this class act and the Giants had to settle on Jason Pierre-Paul… Sadly ironic

  3. He’s a bad run stuffer but is above average in coverage and can blitz and shed tackles well he’s still in his early 20’s if he gets his head on rite he can be a pro bowl caliber guy

  4. Anyone willing to walk away from that kind of alleged assault was probably exaggerating greatly, and out for a payday. Well, he got his payday now. Take off the neckbrace and put the crutches back in the basement.

  5. As a Raiders fan this guy needs to be cut. Hits somebody twice with his car? Gets arrested for shooting a gun next to his friends head? Yeah, I couldn’t root for this guy to succeed even if he the skills of Patrick Willis.

  6. No matter what cone of these entitled super star pro athletes do, someone puts them on a pedestal and claims the victim was looking for a payday.
    Most victims know this and refuse to complain on these superstars knowing they’ll be drug through the mud by rabid fans. That is exactly how these guys get away with their behavior for so long.

  7. Hence the reason why you can’t retire the Turd Watch: “I’ll hit you with my car.. then go get my homeboys an hour later to beat you up.”

    Too bad he can’t tackle tho.

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