Vikings still pondering Jerome Simpson

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At the same time that Vikings are trying to persuade politicians to approve a stadium bill that would provide nearly $600 million in public money for the construction of a $1 billion facility, they’re also contemplating the possibility of signing a player who recently pleaded guilty to a felony drug charge.

“Left Hand?  I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Right Hand.”

Yes, receiver Jerome Simpson is entitled to a second chance after he pays his 15-day debt to society and serves whatever suspension may be imposed on him by the Commissioner.  But at a time when the Vikings’ stadium situation is hitting full boil, does it make sense to flirt publicly with a player who has admitted to having a turkey bag containing something other than turkey shipped to his home?

Earlier today, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman told 1500 ESPN in the Twin Cities that the team is still in the process of deciding what to do about receiver Jerome Simpson.  Here’s our suggestion:  Do nothing until the Legislature conducts within the next week or two an up-or-down vote on the stadium bill.

At this delicate juncture in Vikings history, the last thing the people who may finally be warming to the possibility of approving the stadium deal need is a flood of phone calls from constituents who object to the notion that the purple people are bringing a “pothead” to town.

This isn’t about whether marijuana should or shouldn’t be legal or whether NFL teams should sign players with a history of off-field incidents.  This is about the interplay between P.R. and politics.  Until the stadium situation reaches a conclusion, there’s no reason to embrace the risk that arises from acquiring a player whose presence could create unwanted controversy.

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  1. Besides the “love boat” incident the Vikings don’t have a history of troubled players, I think this would be a smart move for them. Simpson is a talented receiver with all the physical tools, he just needs to get his head on straight.

  2. I agree with you on this. Smells like a perfect scenario for a wink, wink deal. Speilmen, “We will formalize your signing during the draft, the exposure to the public will be at a minimum at the point, understand or situation as we understand yours”. By the way, their are “potheads” throughout America. Some of them are even good “constituents”, they just don’t make use of the postal service.

  3. In the eyes of many they already have an image problem in the aftermath of the Chris Cook incident. I do not think it is wise to throw fuel on the fire at a time when the fate of the franchise hangs by a very thin thread. Jerome Simpson has ability but this is not Calvin Johnson we are talking about here, this is mediocre talent, a number 3 or 4 WR on most teams and not worth the negative publicity at this the most critical hour in the history of the Vikings franchise.

    I think they would be better off rolling with Percy Harvin, Michael Jenkins, and Devin Aromashadou. If they draft a kid in the 2nd or 3rd round he can split time with Devin. Would Simpson be a better option than Aromashadou/drafted rookie? Most likely but only marginally and that narrow margin is not worth it right now. The Vikings are not in a spot to contend for a world championship so why in the world are they considering this marginal upgrade when so much is at stake? If I am Zygi Wilf and I have so much on the line I would be pissed off at Spielman for attracting this kind of press for so little potential return. Especially after Spielman has been preaching all off season who he is taking a slow approach to building a contender through the draft.

    There’s just too much at stake right now and public perception is everything in this political climate. I mean they might as well bring that CB who punched a cop in for a work out…unbelievable.

  4. @holdsteady76

    Oh, you mean the aftermath of the incident when Chris Cook was acquitted of all charges? Hrmmm. Yeah. TOTAL image problem with that team, especially compared to how the Lions and Bungles have been doing lately. You could have a talk with Erik Walden if you were looking for somebody who actually got convicted, though…

  5. I realize there is little else to report on, being pre draft, but get off this politics & PR bull, the Vikings are in a business to put together a winning team, fans either support it or they don’t. It appears you think your readers as moronic as you are by saying what this weak article isn’t about, it is about what you claim it isn’t, or you wouldn’t have posted anything, the Vikings pay people a lot of money to make these decisions, report on sports, leave the character pieces alone, the media should be last persons concerned with politics, public relations, or character, as your opinions are lobbied much more often then its true.

  6. If they had the revenue a new stadium would bring we wouldnt have to shop in the bargain bin.

  7. Replace all synonyms of “thinking” with some form of “Ponder” when talking about the Vikings. Too easy!

    Oh…sign this guy please.

  8. I really don’t see what one has to do with the other?

    The Vikings got a second chance at getting a legislative vote so why not give this kid a second chance at starting?

    One player does not a stadium make or break!

  9. ok i cant keep quit anymore on this matter. you guys do know that jerome simpson was not even home when the weed was shipped to his house it was other people that were accepting it. was it shipped to his house in which he owns? yes. does that mean everyone can start assuming god knows what? we all know what happens when we assume. me personally i dont give a sh** if the man is smokin weed, i know he aint sellin it he doesent need to. why doesent everyone make a big deal out of people getting a dui? thats way more serious then smokin weed u can actually kill someone but all u hear on those reports is blah blah got a dui today, in other news such and such bought some weed today omg thats illegal omg hes a criminal hes a danger to society ahhh get him.
    hey jerome stay with the bengals and move out of kentucky where it is a 0 tolerance state which means if your caught with anything its a felony and move to ohio where weed has been decriminalized and you can carry up to 111.9 grams and only get a ticket for a misdemeanor. WHO-DEY!!! HAPPY BELATED 420

  10. Shut up. The stadium is about what is right for the state. If they want to focus on a single player as an excuse to vote no then they were going to vote no already, and they can shove it. Either do what is right for the state or get out of the decision making game you do nothing pricks.

  11. At this delicate juncture in Vikings history, the last thing the people who may finally be warming to the possibility of approving the stadium deal need is a flood of phone calls from constituents who object to the notion that the purple people are bringing a “pothead” to town.

    Percy… Harvin.. 4/20.

  12. Sadly the way politics work these days someone would surely use the signing of Simpson as an excuse to vote for no stadium. Signing Simpson prob wouldn’t change a thing as far as a vote goes but in such a delicate matter losing the Vikings I would take as little risk as possible. We do need an upgrade at receiver though.

  13. Haha pairing him up with a guy who assaulted his head coach in college sounds like a great idea…I bet him and Percy will have a great time together, on and off the field.

    This has “mistake” written all over it.

    And…isn’t this the guy that did the flip into the endzone they played over and over? That was the first time I ever heard of him…besides the felony drug conviction.

  14. A lot of people are going to be disappointed if the Vikes pick Simpson up. But the fact is, Spielman is going to sign Simpson for a 1 year “prove it” deal work like 2 million just like every other free agent pick up.

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