Brandon Jacobs linked to probe of New Jersey state troopers

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Brandon Jacobs was reportedly one of the drivers when dozens of luxury sports cars were escorted by police going over 100 miles an hour down the Garden State Parkway last month in an incident that has some New Jersey state troopers under investigation.

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that other drivers described a dangerous incident on March 30, when two State Police patrol cars with their emergency lights flashing drove in front of and behind a caravan of dozens of Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and other cars, all heading to Atlantic City driving way too fast, and all with their license plates covered by tape.

“I had the great pleasure today of nearly being killed by, not one, but two, Lamborghinis traveling in excess of 110 mph in a (New Jersey State Police) escorted ‘caravan’ of approximately 30 exotic vehicles all traveling well over 100 mph,” one witness wrote in a complaint. “The senior official (trooper) who authorized this ‘joyride,’ and the road troopers who participated in the escort, should be immediately fired for their total lack of consideration for the public’s safety. The state is very lucky no one was killed today.”

A spokesman for the State Police confirmed that the matter is under investigation and said police escorts are allowed only on rare occasions for significant events and are requested through the chain of command and approved by top officials. The Star-Ledger asked Jacobs’ agent, Justin Schulman, whether Jacobs was part of the caravan, and Schulman offered this response: “Brandon was part of a group that went down to Atlantic City on March 30.”

Jacobs played his entire NFL career in New Jersey with the Giants before signing with the 49ers this offseason.

49 responses to “Brandon Jacobs linked to probe of New Jersey state troopers

  1. He was out there taking care of his family like he always says. I bet he was driving his hot car at 110 MPH down to Atlantic City to pick up some groceries. What a two-faced clown.

  2. I wouldn’t doubt this guy is involved, he’s certainly not the brightest bulb in the house.

  3. I read this today too. On the link from Peter King’s MMQ column. Same place you did.

    What’s the protocol when you link to a story based on a secondary link? Do you owe a credit?

  4. Some big people in NJ State Police are going to lose jobs for this….here in N.J. this is going to be a BIG story.

    Question-WHY were they doing this? It was obviously a pre-arranged organized event, given the number of cars invloved. If they were going to AC for a car show or something ok, but they gotta know to keep it under those speeds. Everyone on the GSP does 75-80 (I do every day)…..but it is obvious that faster than that is going to draw attention of the kind they don’t want..
    Other question-Who else was involved, driving other cars, etc.? Obviously a coordinated group of high profile big money people with cars like that.

  5. I bet the trooper leading this thing thought he was being the cool guy, leading this caravan to AC in style…

    What a douche.

  6. I’m shocked that a Virginia officer didn’t catch wind of this and drive up to give them all tickets.

  7. lolb23 says:Apr 23, 2012 10:29 AM

    There are far less cooler ways to die than to be run down by two racing Lamborghinis.
    Only an ignorant moron would think there is a “cool way to die”.

  8. Adrian Peterson, who was busted for doing over 100mph a while back in MN, is jealous.

  9. I don’t have any problem with people speeding on their own. Driving fast in a group is a recipe for disaster though. People that drive in groups tend to pack themselves much too tightly for the speeds they are going and one mistake by someone at the front is sure to cause an accident behind them, as the reaction time increases for each subsequent driver.

    The fact that some troopers actually sanctioned this and went along with it is pathetic, but not surprising at all.

  10. Who cares lol???

    I’d love that opportunity..

    The guy that complained is probably jealous or a green freak. Hater lol

  11. I don’t see a problem. They were escorted, if that idiot “almost got killed he wasn’t paying attention. When police come flying at 110 behind me I MOVE OVER. Now if they didn’t have their flashing lights on that’s another story.

  12. Jacobs is going to be upset that the CHP (you know…”CHiPs”) won’t do the same for him for a few reasons:1) they won’t know who you are…a RB who gains 571 yards is no big deal here bro 2) I’ve never heard of a CHP scandal (sure they exist on Google though) and 3) this state doesn’t have enough money to put 2 CHP officers on the same stretch of freeway at the same time.

    Just don’t pull that crap down Hwy 1; we have mountains here – you will waste yourself! Oh, and gain more than 571 yards and maybe we will consider a special escort for you.

  13. The fact that they taped over their license plates should be enough to get all these clowns arrested and the cops fired. Just because somebody has money shouldn’t give them the right to recklessly break the law and endanger the poor folks. Typical American double standard for the rich and famous.

  14. Does this surprise anyone out there? Another off season idiot move by a NFL , PROFESSIONAL????

  15. Who doesn’t have a car made in the last 10 years that can’t safely do 100+ mph? How about the feds stop threatening the states and allow them to raise the speed limits. The 65-70-75mph limits are ridiculously low in the year 2012.

  16. feck12a says: Apr 23, 2012 11:40 AM

    odd guy…he drives over 100 mph yet he tiptoes into the line of scrimmage.
    So simple, yet the best post…cracking up!

  17. guess that’s what he meant by “fast-ass car”

    what a colossal waste of taxpayer money, not to mention dangerous. any cop involved in this should be fired.

    and onebucplace….it’s not the car doing 100+ thats the problem, it’s nonprofessional drivers doing it in a pack on public roads. The Garden State Parkway doesn’t always have the best sight lines and is kind of narrow in places. recipe for disaster.

  18. mikes92nygiants says: Apr 23, 2012 11:56 AM

    Who cares lol???

    I’d love that opportunity..

    The guy that complained is probably jealous or a green freak. Hater lol


    You obviously don’t have any kids of your own…

  19. “wicky888 says:
    I drive 100 mph on the NJ turnpike everyday, how come I dont get a police escort?”

    My bet is that you soon will.

  20. Well, pay more in taxes and the police won’t have to do jobs like this. All over this country, police departments provide escort caravans for a variety of reasons. Why do they do this? For revenue. You see, if people are unwilling to support new taxes then the cops will have to continue to do stuff like this to drum up money.

    The only cops in trouble here are the one’s leading the caravan, not those that authorized it. Those in power will say it was just to be a caravan and the speeding was on the individual officers. Once again, the little man will get squashed due to this.

  21. Wait…you mean to say that a cop abused his power and gave preferrential treatment to a buch of rich peole so they could feel wealthy and inmportant? Wow that never happens. The police are normally all morally driven do-gooders with strong convictions. I love how a badge gives you the power to do whatever you want for 40k a year. I hope they all get fired.

  22. trollhammer20 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 10:24 AM
    Speed never killed anyone. It’s sudden deceleration that’s the problem.

    I seen speed (V. Cruz) kill a couple Jets and deceleration had nothing to do with it.

  23. Tape on license plates, 100 mph can only mean one thing…………….

    The tip toe Burglar strikes Again!

  24. More taxes?! Do you know that with their “overtime” many of those little guys clear over $100g’s? I think they’re drummin just fine.

  25. nfectorman says:
    Apr 23, 2012 12:42 PM
    mikes92nygiants says: Apr 23, 2012 11:56 AM

    Who cares lol???

    I’d love that opportunity..

    The guy that complained is probably jealous or a green freak. Hater lol


    You obviously don’t have any kids of your own…


    You are right. I’m 20 yo with no kids. With that said, idk which person my age isnt into fast cars and speed.. Yes it was very dangerous but it was controlled with the police. An accident could happen at any time, not just going fast. They stayed on the fast (left) lane I guess… Thats just my opinion. If that offer came up where I could speed and not get a ticket, I would definitely take it because im into that type of stuff. Apparently most football fans dont seem to be into that. To each his own.

  26. I don’t really care if Jacobs was involved or not (speeding with a police escort hardly seems like something to get worked up over), but the fact that these officers would breaks rules for certain individuals is very frustrating, albeit not surprising.

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