Davis says he wants to keep Raiders in Oakland

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At a time when the Vikings have emerged as a prime candidate to move to Los Angeles, the owner of the team that many think is at the top of the short list of potential candidates for relocation has said he prefers to stay where he is.

Raiders owner Mark Davis recently said he wants to keep the team where it has been since returning from L.A. in 1995.

Oakland is my preference,” Davis said Friday, according to BayAreaNewsGroup.com (via NFL.com).  “I see us as an urban team, being in a city.  I want it to work here.  I’d like to stay here.”

Davis denied a recent report that he was spotted at a Clippers basketball game with Ed Roski, who hopes to build an NFL stadium in the City of Industry.

To stay in Oakland, the Raiders need a new stadium.  And while it seems like a no-brainer for the Raiders to share space with the 49ers in their forthcoming Santa Clara $1.2 billion stadium, Davis said there’s little chance it will happen.  But he wouldn’t close the door on the possibility.

“We have to do something,” Davis said of the venue his team currently shares with the A’s. “We’re opening the season on a Monday night, national TV, and we’ll be playing on dirt.”

The notion of “doing something” presumably includes a possible move to L.A., especially since the company that is trying to build a stadium in downtown Los Angeles is hoping to land the management contract for the Raiders’ current home.  But a league source with knowledge of the NFL’s relocation dynamics tells PFT that the Raiders won’t be regarded as a candidate to occupy the Los Angeles market unless and until Davis sells the team.

Davis, who inherited the franchise after his father, Al Davis, died during the 2011 season, has shown no inclination to sell.

So while AEG has promised not to talk to the Raiders about trying to move to L.A. if AEG wins the management contract at O.co Coliseum, AEG could try to persuade Davis to sell to AEG’s owner, Philip Anschutz.

27 responses to “Davis says he wants to keep Raiders in Oakland

  1. Everyone has been reporting or saying that he was with Roski and he’s admitted to think of Los Angeles as an option and he’s dumb enough to think that he can deny such a thing?????

    At least his father was more upfront with the media despite his bad relationship with it!!!!!

  2. A couple more things:

    1. AEG, don’t try to BUY teams!!!!!

    2. Media constituents, no talk of a team in Los Angeles until a team is literally on the verge of moving there!!!!

    3. Sam Farmer = Time Wasting Idiot!!!!

    4. If L.A. stadium suitors (mainly AEG) want a team despite seating capacity filling issues, you can’t demand such drastic conditions like changes in the owners!!!! You’ve screwed things up enough!!!! You deserve NO more privileges other than having 1-2 stadium tenants!!!!!!

    5. Media, make Ed Roski look better!!! In this WHOLE stadium fiasco he’s looked MUCH deserving of obtaining a stadium tenant or two because he’s not overstepping his boundaries like the AEG people!!!!

  3. L.A. is not getting a team. It’s still the ultimate leverage for a new stadium in existing NFL cities. Notice how Minnesota is got the stadium bill going back through the legislature? That doesn’t happen as soon as there is a team in L.A. And AEG trying to force Davis to sell by buying O.co contract out seems a little mobish to me. Is this Anschutz going to chase Davis out of stadiums until he’s forced to sell?

  4. Here’s a reality check. Unless your team is the Packers (or maybe the Giants, Steelers, or Jets given their marketplace) then YOUR team can be moved.

    Raiders, Jags, Rams, and of course Vike fans are just the latest (but not the last!) to go thru this. YOUR owner does not care about you. YOUR owner does not care about team history. YOUR owner wants money-and as much as he can get. If it means moving or threatening to move so be it.

    People loved to make fun of Packer fans owning the team and buying stock but I can guarantee you no one in Minnesota is laughing these days. And YOU may be next…

  5. The Raiders are the best fit for any LA relocation. They were there already, the fans base is rabid and the City of Oakland cannot afford a stadium whether or not it deserves a team. The wild card is AEG since they want to buy a team at a discounted price, well who doesn’t? In the end if there is an AFC team in LA it is likely the Raiders.

  6. The Raiders aren’t going to LA . There are two groups trying to land a team in in LA and both want controlling interest . Mark Davis has said he’s not giving up control . He also said he never attended a Clipper game with either party . He simply has season tix to the Clippers as well as the Warriors .

    The Raiders might move and should if they can get a stadium around the bay . They are the only team that plays on a baseball field . They are losing money due to it . They won’t be going to LA though .

    Actually I think Mark Davis to doing a stellar job .

  7. The Greatness of the Raiders is in it’s future!

    Has any other team ever won Super Bowls in different cities?

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  8. While Big Al slowed down at the end of his hugely successful run with the Ray-duhs – in his prime he would have had about 4 different cities begging for him to move the team there.

  9. I would trade Oakland for a new stadium because at least you can keep your local fans satisfied compared to a move from Minnesota or Jacksonville to California. Can Oakland even host a Super bowl?

  10. Let’s hope that Davis does keep true Raiders in Oakland where they belong. The Raiders need to focus on personnel and getting back into the playoffs in order to give us Raider fans some hope of a brighter future.

  11. It may seem like a no-brainer to use the 49ers new stadium to the people outside the Bay Area looking in. The Raiders are an East Bay Team. That’s where the majority of our fan base is out of. The Santa Clara stadium is about an hour south of the coliseum…..that’s with no traffic, on game day tack on at least another hour. The only fans that would benefit would be the San Jose Raider fan base. Oakland Coliseum is in a perfect location. We have all types of public transportation including bart, + highway 880 that are all right there. Hopefully AEG helps move the process of “Coliseum City” along. I don’t want to lose any of my Oakland teams to San Jose or San Francisco. The A’s, Raiders, Warriors, and their fans all deserve a new stadium. Let’s make it happen!

  12. While Mark isn’t a “football guy”and is more involved in the companies finances, make no mistake about it, he’s grown up with the Raiders running through his blood

    No way Mark sells the team..

  13. I thought the LA stadium deal was dead?Why move to LA when the only two options to play in are dumps?The coliseum is in the middle of a war zone and the Rose Bowl is one of the worst places give in and out of.

  14. AlohaMrHand:

    The downtown stadium deal, the one financed in part by AEG, isn’t dead, but it’s coughing up blood.

    The “Global Crossing” deal, with land out near where the 57 and 60 Freeways meet, is apparently still alive and well. That’s probably the one Wilf would take if the Minnesota legislature doesn’t cave in and agree to pay for a new stadium, since it also involves 600 acres of SoCal real estate for shopping and other developments.

    I’d like to see the Raiders sharing space with the Niners. Rumor is the new SF stadium is going to run in the area of one billion dollars, due to high-end touches like Italian leather in the luxury box seats. I’m sure the Raider fans would treat that stuff real nice like.

  15. Why dont the A’s & Raiders put the $$$ together and get a new stadium?

    the team must stay a Davis owned organization, so moving to L.A. and having any other human being with a final word other then a Davis is not going to work out.

    Whoever in L.A. wants a stake in the team, not happening,

    L.A. needs the Raiders more then the Raiders need L.A.,

    The Raiders are already a global brand playing and representing the west coast, whether its L.A. or Oakland, people still know the silver & black – the patch, and what it all represents,

    the Raiders are going to be the Raiders regardless,

    if L.A. really wants them, they will have a fresh stadium ready and keep the existing ownership structure with Reggie McKenzie as GM for the following decades, both sides and everyone involved will make big $$$ , The Raiders are the only team that would maximize L.A.’s teams profits instantly, not the Bills, or Vikings, or Jaguars,

    its Raiders or bust for L.A. , no team can take that town 100% after knowing what we know and a superbowl win in 1983-84


    Patriot42 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 8:26 AM
    If the raiders moved to Iran I would be pleased
    You chowder loving simpleton. Your team is a false dynasty, founded on a BS call and rooted in a history of cheating. If any other team was on the field that snowy day the refs would have swallowed the whistle and it would have been called a fumble, as it clearly was. No way the “Raiders” were going to beat the “Patriots” in New England after 9/11. They made the call upstairs, somebody found the tuck rule buried in the books, the rest is history…

  17. clintonportisheadd says:
    Apr 23, 2012 8:35 AM
    Here’s a reality check. Unless your team is the Packers (or maybe the Giants, Steelers, or Jets given their marketplace) then YOUR team can be moved.

    Raiders, Jags, Rams, and of course Vike fans are just the latest (but not the last!) to go thru this. YOUR owner does not care about you. YOUR owner does not care about team history. YOUR owner wants money-and as much as he can get. If it means moving or threatening to move so be it.

    People loved to make fun of Packer fans owning the team and buying stock but I can guarantee you no one in Minnesota is laughing these days. And YOU may be next
    Keep the Raiders off your list of teams with owners that don’t care. The Raiders were created by a FOOTBALL man, not some owner who got rich doing something else. Al Davis was a coach/football man first and foremost. He is not a scrub lime Kraft, Jones, Snyder and the others who had money first, then bought in. Another reason why Al is one of the greats…

  18. what is missing from your post above, is where Mark Davis mentioned his “second” choice being the Camp Parks site in Dublin. ……Wow that is the biggest shocker in the story…..as great as the Oakland site is because of Freeway access, Bart, and the airport, the Camp Park site wouild be like moving to Beverly Hills from the current site.

    It still has majo freeway access with the 580, and 680, and the Dublin Bart station would be less than a mile walk to that potential site. I am open to either location but never heard of Dublin even ever being in the mix……where there is smoke there is fire…….obviously Mark Davis has spoke to somebody about Dublin…..my gut says Madden has something to do it with since he owns so much land in the tri valley.

  19. If Oakland won’t build a new stadium, they can just move down I-80 a few miles. It appears that Sacramento may now be able to provide a place for a new stadium either downtown or at the old Arco arena site once the Kings move out.

  20. Wonder if he’s going to keep lying right up until he sells like Wayne Weaver or if he’ll drop this act so he can sell to the highest bidder.

    I’ve never seen a new owner more ill suited to take over for their predecessor than this clown.

  21. All you haters can keep on dreaming that the Raiders go to LA. The owner has made statements saying he wants to keep the team in Oakland and has done nothing at this point to indicate otherwise. He realizes the Raiders identity was forged in Oakland and three Super Bowl trophies came from Oakland. Yes, I said three. The team that won the last trophy in 83 was a team forged in Oakland. Most of the players on the 83 team were drafted in Oakland or came aboard as free agents before the move to LA. The team lost something as those Oakland players left the team over time. The Raiders have the best chance for success over the long term in Oakland where the epicenter of the best fanbase in the world exists.

    It’s funny how scared some people are like Boltdaddy. Keep dreaming your Chargers won’t go to LA. The Chargers were originally from LA, and it says here they go back. A short little trip back up the freeway from where they came and the NFL has it’s LA team. The divisions wouldn’t even have to be re-aligned. Yeah Boltdaddy – keep dreaming.

  22. Patriot42 says: Apr 23, 2012 8:26 AM

    If the raiders moved to Iran I would be pleased

    Of all people, YOU should be thankful! After all, if not for the Raiders and that dubious tuck rule, you wouldn’t have had your so-called “dynasty”.

  23. The Alameda County residents are still paying for the collosal destruction of the once-beautiful Oakland Coliseum when Al demanded they put in Mount Davis over the outfield with unused suites after his return to Oakland. The view of the Oakland hills is gone.

    It’s time NFL owners used their own billions, perhaps with loans from the NFL, a corporation worth hundreds of billions of dollars to build their own stadium. Stop trying to suck blood from people in a recession.

  24. I think it’s general consensus that LA would rather go without a football team than have the Raiders back. That’s like asking to relive the days of 1992 Rodney King-era LA again.

    If the stadium deal goes through, LA will get a team. There are too many teams right now itching for a larger city.

    To think that it’s all a conspiracy for leverage in other cities is living in a fantasy world.

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