Deion Sanders tweets about his messy divorce


Hall of Fame cornerback and NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders is going through a divorce, which he and his family are entitled to deal with privately. But Sanders has decided to deal with it publicly.

Sanders went on Twitter on Monday and wrote that his estranged wife had attacked him, and that he had called the police.

“Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!” Sanders wrote. “I’m sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys. This is on my mama!”

Sanders also posted a picture of himself filling out a police report.

After Sanders’ fellow NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp got himself into hot water by saying too much on Twitter (and later on the air), Sanders would be wise to be cautious in his use of Twitter. For the sake of his sons, here’s hoping that he and his wife have no more encounters that lead to police intervention.

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  1. because we need to pray that a former nfl player doesn’t get taken to the woodshed by a woman. dear lord please don’t let her break his good tackling shoulder, but instead make it so they wire his jaw shut.

  2. I used to be a huge Deion fan. Who couldn’t love this guy, after everything he did… especially for America’s team… but this guy’s mouth is growing bigger and bigger and bigger.

    Really classy, Deion, to put this stuff out there like that.

    I especially like that police report. Nice touch.

    Christian man my ass!

  3. People wonder why black athletes date white women (or other minorities). They will fight for you and stick by your side through thick and thin but when things don’t go they way…Look out! Black women are walking Incredible Hulks…you won’t like them when they’re angry.

  4. Watch no one is going to care that he took the high road and called the cops instead of hitting any of them.

    The moment he would have laid a single finger on any one of them, it would’ve been over for his image. But, no one asks questions about the wife in this case.

  5. He could have subdued her by tackling her…..But wait, he never tackled anyone before.

  6. I remember how gorgeous I thought his wife Pilar was, but she’s not worth the trouble she apparently is!!!

    Pilar’s Reason to Marry Deion: “Must be the Money, Must be the Money!!!” 🎵🎵🎵!!!!

  7. I thought him and his wife were bigtime Chirstians at T.D. Jakes church down in Dallas. I remember them preaching together on T.V. about their love……..the devil made her do it. LoL.

  8. So he gets attacked…in his home…by his wife AND another person…in front of his children…and (by all accounts) doesn’t lay a finger on his wife…and he’s still the bad guy? “Sanders would be wise to be cautious in his use of Twitter” Yea, okay if he had been accused of hitting her, it’d be all over the news. They wouldn’t even ask if he did it or not. He’d be automatically guilty.

    The double standard is crazy.

  9. Imagine for a second finding out the world now knows your estranged wife is physically attacking you and then find pics of you filling out a police report with your children. Mortified.

    This dude trumpets it.

  10. Sanders has been saying publicly for awhile now that this woman is crazy. I do remember him saying this was going to happen, and that she was trying to run him through the mud. Obviously this is a tough situation with children, but I can’t fault him for documenting all this nonsense. She won’t see a dime and custody (if she ever wanted it) will be completely out of the question. Judge him all you want, but he’s not letting her take advantage of him.

  11. hey yo Deion, ” PAY DA WOman!!!!!!!”…………………………………….. prime time dollars!!!

  12. @jpb12 Actually he isn’t. Dez and he parted ways last summer. Apparently he had gotten some sort of bonus for getting Dez to sign a contract with Under Armor and then Dez backed out as he didn’t like the shoes and wouldn’t wear them.

    Back then it was all about how Dez was out of control and Sanders took every shot he could at Dez for being out of control and going down the wrong road.

    Wonder who was the user there, now?

  13. Battered Male Syndrome.

    If he strikes her, he goes to jail and his boys witness their dad, their role model and hero sees him slap around a woman. Not just any woman, their mom, and he would never be forgiven by them.

    Now, I don’t condone putting hands on the opposite sex, EVER! And at no time should the outside world know what goes inside your house, but to his credit, if he did indeed call the police and announced on Twitter that it happened, then he got out in front of this thing before TMZ could put THEIR spin on it, and that might not be a bad thing after all.

  14. “You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” – an old saying from a long time ago

  15. I cant wait to read tomorrows update…” Breaking news Christian Quarterback Tim Tebow does not think that Christian preacher Deion Sanders handled this situation well.”

  16. Deion’s waving at the haters talking about his tackling lol

    Was the man a first ballot HOFer? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller? The answer is yes.

  17. As a Skins fan, I dont like primetime too much to begin with, but I really lost any respect I had for him after the way he trashed Dez Bryant b/c it showed the type of person he really is…now getting a divorce doesnt make him a bad guy, but involving his kids the way he is…this just reinforces the fact that hes a clown…

  18. Where is Vito Corleone when you need him to slap Sanders and tell him, ” you can act like a man!!”.

  19. In some states in the U.S.A. if one member of a couple i.e. the husband or wife calls in a domestic, then both get arrested and they figure out who gets the bulk of the charges downtown at the jail, because it is rarely one sided only according to the police in those states. It’s best to keep private matters in house. Deion should know that by now after all these years. I hope someone helps him see that, like his co-workers at the Network or one of his former teammates. It’s not good for his boys or his future career in the spotlight to air all his dirty laundry. If you have private problems stay off the social networks!

  20. Deion is smart in the sense that if he would have laid a finger on her:
    – Deion would be in jail
    -Deion would be paying a lot of money in child support and alimony.

    Now since he stayed off her, she gets nothing, not even the kids!!!!!!!!!!

    I know Deion probably wanted to beat her down, but what can he do?

    Look at what happened to Chris Brown when he retaliated after Rihanna punched him. (Chris did go overboard)

  21. The picture of two boys writing on paper and the father tweeting that he and the children are filing police reports on their mother should never have been put out on the internet/media. This parent needs some good advisers around him and fast! A judge could determine that this is emotional abuse and take the children from both parents. It happens. A retired law enforcement officer and now a Divorce Coach, my company helps parents negotiate the divorce process so that they make better decisions and fewer mistakes. Such as this one. The fallout from this incident could be very significant. If the father thought he had problems now, stand by if this is an indicator of his choices. First thing we tell clients, no Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, nothing. Even if password protected. In today’s divorce environment, parents are being told to hand over their passwords to the judge.

  22. The thing that pisses me off about Sanders in this is that he posted a pic, that he obviously had someone else take, in which he is using his children as a means for sympathy. No real father would ever use his children in such a way. That, to me, is a dirtbag move.

  23. Domestic violence should never happen in a family, and Deion Sanders did the correct action in this situation. There is no love here she should have walk away and remained a lady instead her children will remember as just another women with no class.

  24. Deion should keep his personal business private and stop playing the victim; we all know from his football playing days, that he is afraid of any contact. I’m sure his gold-digger wife can afford the $264 bail to get out of jail!

  25. bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Apr 23, 2012 7:14 PM
    People wonder why black athletes date white women (or other minorities). They will fight for you and stick by your side through thick and thin but when things don’t go they way…Look out! Black women are walking Incredible Hulks…you won’t like them when they’re angry.

    From the desk of Elin Woods:

    Hmmm. News to me.

  26. Domestic violence would drop by 50% overnight if women would stop assaulting men and thinking they should be allowed to do so. If a person hits a person with all of their might, the asaulted person should be allowed to strike back with all of their might in self defense, and be immune to do so by law. Maybe once the bruises heal and bones mend, some will discover that they should not attack people that can easily win the fight.
    People should keep their hands to themselves, and gender should not be the deciding factor any more than size or the color of the bruises of the attacker.

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