Fletcher Cox got second-round grade from Draft Advisory Board


Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox has flown up draft boards of late and it now looks like he’ll be drafted before we’re a third of a way through the first round.

That likely comes as a great shock to the NFL’s Draft Advisory Board. When Cox was contemplating whether or not to throw his hat into the ring for this year’s draft, he asked the board for their assessment of where he would go. He didn’t get the answer he wanted when they told him he projected as an early second-round pick.

“I was a little mad about it,” said Cox, via the Panthers’ website. “But I figured once I went out and could prove that I can go in the first round, I’d be OK.”

Cox didn’t waste much time proving it. He had a terrific performance at the Combine and just kept rising up the ranks as teams took a closer look at him. Now it looks like a sure thing that he’ll be the first defensive lineman off the board, a far cry from the way things looked at the start of the process.

15 responses to “Fletcher Cox got second-round grade from Draft Advisory Board

  1. look for the Eagles to trade up and get him,we have 2 picks in the second round….I like the safety out of Alabama too,maybe we grab him and make our first serious shot and trying to replace the legend who retired today fan favorite Brian Dawkins

  2. First.. who the hell is the ” NFL’s Draft Advisory Board”… they are general managers and personnel directors from a number of NFL teams, directors of the NFL’s two scouting combines, basically insiders with agenda’s. Can’t believe anything you hear from any source at this point.

  3. Gimme Fletcher Cox at #9 or Floyd…But no thanks to Antonio Cromartie Jr. I dont care how good he is..Its only a matter of time before his off field issues rear their head again.

  4. I’d love to see a list of past rankings from the Draft Advisory Board. Are they any better or worse at ranking players than the Kipers and Mayocks of the world?

    Of course, until Cox or any other draftee actually plays a few games, no one knows which round they *should* have been drafted in, if at all.

  5. The NFL draft advisory board is always very conservative in their estimations, because they don’t want a kid to declare and go lower than what they project.

    If you tell a kid he’s going top 10, he declares, and then he goes in the third round, obviously future college players may put less weight into the draft advisory board’s recommendation.

  6. I understand the board would like to be conservative but watch Cox play one quarter and you know he is not getting out of the first. The kid is a beast.

  7. So in other words, the Draft Advisory Board, who had nothing to go on but, well you know, TAPES OF FLETCHER COX PLAYING IN ACTUAL FOOTBALL GAMES, rated him as a mid second rounder.

    But now that teams have watched him run around in his underwear and did a bunch of interviews with that he was coached for, he’s an early first rounder.

    Got it.

  8. Beware the workout warrior! Having said that, Cox is a mid 1st rounder for 4-3 teams and a mid-second rounder for 3-4 teams.

    He’ll be a solid starter for someone, but he’s not going to an elite player. Not in the NFL. I doubt he’ll ever sniff a pro bowl.

    He’s not in the class of Ngata, Suh, Wilfork, Dockett, or Raji.

  9. 2nd round grade…..sounds like a perfect opportunity for the Eagles to blow another first round pick on an undersized d-lineman. Andy will further cement his departure from head coach of the Eagles with another horrific stretch.

  10. Of course they did. The advisory board always goes to the low end of possible draft spots. They do this to avoid being the sole reason a prospect enters.

  11. Sure the Board wants to be conservative, but there are 32 players they did project for the first round… So who are they if Fletcher Cox isn’t one of them?

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