Haslett has no knowledge of eavesdropping in New Orleans

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From 2002 through 2004, Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis allegedly had the ability to monitor communications involving the opposing coaching staff during games played at the Superdome.  The man who coached the team during that period of time says he has no knowledge of any such activities.

Jim Haslett, who currently serves as defensive coordinator of the Redskins, addressed the situation via remarks sent by email to PFT.

“At no time during my tenure as head coach with the New Orleans Saints did Mickey and I discuss monitoring opposing team coaches communication, nor did I have any knowledge of this,” Haslett said.  “To my knowledge this concept was never discussed or utilized.”

While it’s possible that Loomis engaged in eavesdropping without Haslett’s knowledge, there would be no way to realize any benefit whatsoever from these activities without the knowledge or involvement of the coaching staff.  If Loomis was gathering enough information before the snap in order to know the offensive play (or at a minimum whether it was going to be a run or a pass) or the defensive strategy, it would have had no value if the information never was communicated to the coaching staff.

That said, it’s possible that the information was relayed only to the coaches who were working upstairs, and that they made their calls based on the reports coming in real time from Loomis, without Haslett’s knowledge of involvement.  If that’s the case, why wouldn’t the Saints have simply wired the system so that the assistant coaches to whom Loomis would communicate the information would monitor the communications directly, cutting out a middleman who isn’t a classic “football guy”?

Regardless of what the truth is on this one, here’s hoping that, one way or another, the truth emerges.  Unlike Spygate and Bountygate, which were proven (although player involvement in the bounty system remains a matter of debate), the latest situation represents merely a set of unilateral and unproven allegations.

You know, like the allegations ESPN reported regarding former Syracuse basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine.

50 responses to “Haslett has no knowledge of eavesdropping in New Orleans

  1. It just seems to me like this is people wanting to pile on the Saints while they are down. There’s not a chance this is actually true, because if it is, it means it’s 100 times works then what the Patriots were accused of doing.

    And I doubt that the Saints would have been the ONLY team doing this. Which could blow the lid off an even bigger pot.

    Though, nothing would thrill me more than ESPN getting a huge fine and their OTL staff getting fired for putting forward such a ridiculous story from “unnamed” sources.

  2. A Saints source to CBSSports.com on ESPN’s allegations that GM Mickey Loomis could have eavesdropped on opposing teams from 2002-04 without being detected: “It is impossible to do (eavesdrop),” the source said. “Plus the NFL frequency coordinator would know and he knows every signal (where) this could happen. The NFL frequency coordinator controls every signal in the stadium so you can’t do it.”

  3. Everyone knows you can’t impune an unnamed source. They are above all criticism.
    I have an unnamed source that told me Ed Werder sleeps with donkeys. So it must be true.

  4. Didn’t you mention in previous articles about Payton’s suspension tht Loomis isn’t a “Football guy”, so will miss Payton’s input in the draft? Would Loomis even understand anything that was broadcast on the wire?

  5. 😦

    I’m not a Saints fan, yet this earns the frown.

    Seriously, can we get back to football? I’d rather listen to the 1981 Draft on repeat for a week then hear anymore about something somebody may have done last decade.

    From the blurbs I’ve read, if Loomis did indeed have a way to listen in it’d be like the few million people with police scanners across the country: doing it for his own enjoyment.

    Since for all we know about Loomis everything he heard may have as well been Chinese mixed with French, who cares?

    No, you get the frown. And then some.

    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  6. Of course this is what they are going to say right now. However, once the FBI starts investigating, stories might change under oath in front of a grand jury.

  7. “This story benefits the NFL greatly at this point, and to have another bad-press story against the Saints to draw the press away from lawsuit stories.”

    Yet, you have no issues furthering the rumor by posting 5 articles about it with your own spin on how it could be true.

  8. Wow, if this is true that would make the Saints* not only a dirty franchise but a cheating franchise as well. Spygate and Bountygate. It makes you wonder what else they’ve done. Lol

  9. “Here’s hoping the truth emerges.”

    As opposed to hoping that the truth doesn’t emerge?????? Outside of nervous Saints fans I can’t imagine any one not hoping that the truth emerges.

    Oh, and the fact that it was brought to the AG’s attention demonstrates at least some evidence. Whether it’s enough to convict, or whether the statute of limitations has run out won’t matter for tough guy Goodell. NFL full scale investigation upcoming……..

  10. i have a gut feeling this is going to really blow up in espn’s face. and if – as it seems likely – these allegations are a bunch of bunk, the saints should be real aggressive in punching back – considering how much damage has already been done to their brand by the bounties.

  11. This to me is just piling on after the fact. Remember after spygate the day before the super bowl a report came out that some guy in Hawaii had a tape of the rams walk through before the super bowl which was a complete false report. I bet this didn’t happen just another guy trying to make a name for himself

  12. Whatever the case, it’s become very clear that the Saints success over the last six or so years has really pissed a lot of people off.

    Media hatchet jobs, rumor and innuendo, even being despised by the entire NFL won’t make a difference. Saints fans have been on the outside looking in so long, they revel in it.

    That’s right, we WANT you to hate us, kick us around, talk bad about us. Makes victory all so much sweeter.

  13. Now would be a great time for Goodell to patch things up with Saints fans by coming to Loomis’ aid while simultaneously issuing only fines to bounty players.

  14. Keep it up, NFL. I love it. There’s nothing like watching pop eat itself. Next week, Tom Benson will be accused of eating kittens for breakfast. Hopefully this here site will break the story.

  15. The flip side of this is that ESPN stands to lose a lot of credibility if this is fabricated or unsubstantiated. I would think/hope they were damn sure this was true before they dropped a bombshell like this.

  16. Espn had have credible sources in order to run this story…..Man if this is true the Saints are a corrupt franchise and the entire house needs to be cleaned with Loomis being suspended for two years minimum.

  17. This just in from QBKilla…..

    Jeremy Shockey is the unnamed source that has blown the doors off of Listening-gate. Or maybe it will be called Eavesdrop Electronically Advantage Tap?

    Anyway QBKilla also issued a statement asking Shockey to not take it personal, it’s just news, so please don’t sue….

  18. To the person who said this:

    “It is impossible to do (eavesdrop),” the source said. “Plus the NFL frequency coordinator would know and he knows every signal (where) this could happen. The NFL frequency coordinator controls every signal in the stadium so you can’t do it.”

    Here is the deal. It takes a lot more intelligence to design and build a piece of technology, than it does to tamper or defeat it.

    See Computer piracy, program hacking, Cable descramblers, phone hacking etc.

    To the person who said this:

    I bet this didn’t happen just another guy trying to make a name for himself.

    See Brett Favre’s phone bill.


  19. I’m not a Saints’ fan either, but someone really has it in for them. They can’t catch a break these days. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but shouldn’t you have hard solid evidence of wrongdoing before you run with a story like this.

    Okay, you said it. Now prove it!

  20. I love how in these stories the writer (i.e., MF) stretches soooooo hard to find a way to implicate Loomis. “Sure, Haslett is saying nothing was relayed to him, but hey, maybe Loomis was relaying stuff just to certain coaches.” Seriously? What is the point of a story if no matter what Haslett says, you are going to write what you believe anyhow??

    Cortez Kennedy said that he listened to the ear piece Loomis was wearing and all he heard was WWL (the local radio station). Now Haslett says no info was relayed, and so did Venturi, but the implication train just keeps on rolling, right? This sounds like a NON-story drummed up by some supposed “source” (i.e., disgruntled ex-employee trying to extort money from a guy who is already getting hammered on bounty-gate; another weak story seeing how the NFL can’t provide adequate evidence to shut the NFLPA up).

  21. ESPN is really slipping.

    Don’t they know the time to break a NFL news story that they haven’t really fact checked or verified is on the eve of the Super Bowl when a team is 18-0 and not in the offseason just before the draft???

    They would do well to take some tips from the Boston Herald. Perhaps John Tomase can help them write up their apology if it winds up being needed.

    No matter if this is proven false or not there will still be plenty of illiterate fans who never get the memo if it turns out to be a fabricated story.

    Heck, Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner still haven’t gotten around to reading the Herald’s front page Mea Culpa.

  22. Maybe the top notch NFL security team should be proactive instead of reactive? Yes they should be concerned about terrorists, but don’t they have enough funding and intelligence to look into these types of situations before they are brought to their attention? Do you feel more or less safe going to NFL events after hearing all the shenanigans that have been happening? Not just with the Saints. Spygate, missed, beatings and shootings in SF, missed, etc….

  23. This “story” is the same kind of reporting that got Dan Rather’s job.

    It’s not news, it’s character asassination!

  24. The authorities in New Orleans have been investigating this since last Friday. ESPN didn’t just pull this out of the air. You can blame them for exposing an investigation that hasn’t been completed, but it’s not as if they made the whole thing up.

  25. to147 says: Apr 23, 2012 9:08 PM

    The flip side of this is that ESPN stands to lose a lot of credibility if this is fabricated or unsubstantiated. I would think/hope they were damn sure this was true before they dropped a bombshell like this.


    If they didnt learn from the Pats fiasco and the big “Matt Walsh Walkthrough tape Special” that blew up in their faces when there were no tapes, then i’m guessing they dont really care about whether this is true or not. People are clicking their web site, thats all they care about.

  26. Haslett’s been a creep since his rookie year as a Bill, when he kicked the helmetless head of Terry Bradshaw and caused a huge gash. A friend who used to work for the Bills on the sideline told me he absolutely did it on purpose. Saints fans are paniced about this, and I understand why, but the other story about the bounties was true, so this may not be so far fetched as you think. As corrupt as the city government and police force is in N.O. it may just be the way of life down there, accepted by the locals as such. If this is proven, the Saints will have hell to pay.

  27. Yes, this is just like that Bernie Fine thing. I’m sure everyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse would agree.

    By the way, when do we get another article speculating about how Sean Payton will defy the league office by communicating with Drew Brees via throw-away cell phones and other surreptitious means? It’s been a few days.

  28. Not for nothin but didnt the saints kinda suck whenhe was head coach? Best finish was second in the division..if they were listening it never made thier defense better..sure didnt keep aaron brooks employed..

  29. bchapman2011 says: Apr 23, 2012 9:09 PM

    Espn had have credible sources in order to run this story…..


    Tell that to Bernie Fine.

  30. Can anyone tell me why perfectly reasonable, non-profane comments just get randomly deleted from this site over and over? Seriously…does anyone have any legitimate ideas as to why this happens? So frustrating…

  31. Of course he doesn’t. If he did, he’d be subject to suspension upon re-entrance into the league. In other words, he’d never get back into the league.

  32. Ummm wouldnt they have been a better team if this is true. I mean wouldnt Haslett probably be there now and the would have been a playoff team every year if this was true. This is just stupid.

  33. Let me get this right:

    Someone is in my house and I overhear (tap) my lines. It may be a violation of NFL rules but a federal offence???

    Oh, sorry. This is the same fed process that has, so far, spent $10,000,000 ‘teaching’ Bonds and Clemens ‘a lesson’.

    The fact that you can not walk 2 blocks from the feds office without getting mugged, killed, offered drugs or, all 3, is not important.

    It is the feds. Look at the shiney watch. Clap and bark like a seal. While over/under educated lawyers sit in a wine bar and raise their house wine glasses to their ‘accomplishments’…at no risk to them at an inflated salary for non-producers.

    Remember…Elliott Ness was a chump. ‘Public Service’ is high salaries at no effort or danger. And try to entertain.

  34. The adversity keeps piling on to build the story up an make it better when it concludes in the Superdome. Don’t you see it? It will be epic!

  35. For the love of God! People really need to stop adding “gate” to every scandal that comes up. Watergate was the name of a hotel, that’s why the scandal was called “Watergate”. Is the media so truly that unimaginative that they can’t come up with anything better? Not saying that I can, but I don’t get paid to come up with names like that. Can I get an Amen?!

  36. Haslett knew about this. He has been a jerk since he left Avalon High School in Pittsburgh, took steriods at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and was a mess with the Buffalo Bills. His life is one big fib.

    Put him right next to Greg Williams.

  37. I’ll wait until the evidence comes out.

    The week after spygate broke I remember Andrea Kremer breathlessly reporting before the game how Norv Turner was convinced the Patriots would steal playbooks out of the visiting team’s hotel rooms too, so he made a point of collecting them after practice.

    Pats beat them handily that night, so maybe he should have let his players hold on to them a bit longer.

  38. You could have stopped after the first 4 words of the headline.
    This is the same guy who traded for Tebucky Jones they starts crying about his lack of ball skills a bit later. Expecting TBuck to have ball skills is like expecting Asante Samuel to tackle people. It ain’t on film, it ain’t appearing by magic when you get him on your team.

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