If Vikings pass, Matt Kalil may be Bucs’ pick


The Vikings are talking like a team that could pass on USC left tackle Matt Kalil with the third overall pick in the draft, and that has talk heating up that Kalil could slide. But if he does, he might not slide any further than the Buccaneers at No. 5.

Stephen F. Holder of the Tampa Bay Times connects the dots and writes that Kalil would be a strong candidate as the Bucs’ first-round pick.

Offensive tackle isn’t generally viewed as a major need for the Buccaneers, who have Donald Penn on the left and Jeremy Trueblood on the right. But Penn was overweight last year, while Trueblood is entering the last year of his contract. And new Bucs coach Greg Schiano believes strongly that the offensive line is an important part of building a team. So Kalil wouldn’t be out of place in Tampa Bay.

Most draft projections have the Vikings taking Kalil third overall, the Browns taking either Alabama running back Trent Richardson or LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne fourth, and the Bucs taking Richardson or Claiborne (whoever the Browns don’t take) at No. 5. If the Vikings pass on Kalil to take Claiborne, that may shuffle those three only enough to have Kalil landing in Tampa Bay.

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  1. Which player is available at the #5 pick is not that important . The Bucs need them all! We are sure to get the best player available to play right away. GO BUCS

  2. Team is not set at tackle as Trueblood is a very average RT.

    Still this all just sounds like smokescreen posturing, starting with the vikings leaking they aren’t set on Kalil. Now the Bucs respond with a no? Well we do like him!
    Vikings just want to try to scare the Bucs in trading up for Richardson.

  3. The Vikes are not taking Kali. They never were. Its just smoke and mirrors from them as always. They need play makers and Blackmon is a play maker. There are other O linement available later on.

  4. If we draft a LT with a HUGE need at RB, LB, CB and S, I will puke on my TV set. I realize that LT is a prime position but we were at or near the very bottom of the league last year and have done almost nothing to address our big seeping hole in the back 7 of our defense.

  5. If Claiborne and Richardson are both gone, I’d be cool with this, though I would prefer the Bucs try and move back a few spots and look for Kuechly.

  6. I smell a trade, you might still get Kaili at 5 or 6, I read this weekend the Buc’s and Ram’s both want Richardson, they can pick up a couple of draft picks, and with the 10 they already have, they can move back up in the first round and get a solid tackle and still might get the player they want anyway, Speilman has already said he’s ok with Blackmon,Claiborne or Kaili, one of those will fall to the Vikes at 5 or 6.

  7. If you think the Bucs are set at tackle, you’ve never seen Jeremy Trueblood play.

  8. Why is no one able to spell his name correctly? It’s in the title of the article. It’s KALIL, not Kaili, not Kali, etc. If you want your comment to be taken seriously, at least spell the guys 5 letter last name correctly.

    That being said, Vikings will draft him at 3, all this talk of moving is just talk.

  9. Trueblood played well last year but obviously he’s not a long term answer due to his up and down play– however taking a tackle with the 5th pick is far from a need position for the team. If Tampa does take him it’s not the worse thing in the world, he should backup Penn for a year and then maybe move Penn to RT. The Bucs have much bigger problems at LB, S and CB however so I doubt this scenario would happen.

  10. Unless the Vikings want to see Ponder in little pieces all over the field there’s no way they pass on him. Plus Adrian Peterson is coming off of major surgery. They get to deal with Peppers, Avril, and Matthews in 6 games this year let alone the rest of the teams they play this year. They might as well start negoiating a contract with him.

  11. If we pass up on Kalil… I give up all hope for the Vikings. Say hello to another terrible season and expect more injuries on Ponder. Not that Kalil will make a big difference in being success this season, but Ponder’s health will.

  12. The Vikes are ggoing go try and get “cute” with this draft and bungle it…wait and see.

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