Janoris Jenkins: I’m a great father, not the only one who smokes pot

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Janoris Jenkins knows he’s considered a character risk by some who assess his stock in the NFL draft, but he doesn’t appreciate those who question him about his children.

Jenkins told the Palm Beach Post that people shouldn’t have a problem with the life choices he’s made that led to four kids with three different women.

“It’s weird because I had those kids while I was playing college football and it didn’t affect me not once,” Jenkins said. “I’m proud to have my four kids. If they want to throw that in my face, so be it. Everybody has kids. Where in the book do it say you can’t have kids? It doesn’t say that in the law. I’m a great father. I’m there whenever they need me.”

The Palm Beach Post describes that as “a reasonable response,” but is it really? Since Jenkins has decided to praise himself as a great father, it’s fair to ask: Why didn’t he decide, after he started having these children he’s allegedly always there for, to stop getting into bar fights and stop getting arrested for marijuana possession? Those incidents led Jenkins to leave Florida and transfer to North Alabama, which is farther from his children. Shouldn’t a great father create more stability in his own life, so that his children can have more stability in their lives?

It’s also fair to ask whether we should really care about a guy smoking pot in his free time. Plenty of people do it, and it’s wrong to suggest, as draft analysts sometimes do, that anyone who has ever smoked marijuana has “character issues.” Jenkins makes that point, too.

“I was just being a college student,” Jenkins said. “I’m pretty sure there were more guys than me that smoked. I just got caught.”

I’m pretty sure Jenkins is right that there were more guys than him who smoked. But he got caught twice, including after new Florida coach Will Muschamp came in and made clear that he wasn’t going to tolerate the off-field arrests that previous coach Urban Meyer had tolerated. If Jenkins couldn’t stop himself from getting caught when he was at Florida, why should NFL teams think he can stop himself from getting caught when he’s a professional?

For his part, Jenkins is sure there are going to be no off-field issues at all when he gets to the league.

“Whoever gets me is going to get a blessing,” Jenkins said. “I’m a great guy.”

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  1. This is like the fifth article I have read on this site that has called into question this dude’s character. Yeah he smokes weed and clearly isnt a fan of condoms but like he said there’s a large portion of America in that club, especially in college. Its starting to come across as if you have an agenda against this particular player.

  2. Total abdication of personal responsibility. I’d like to blame it on the drug use but it seems endemic in today’s society. I don’t care how good this guy can play; why would you want him on your team with attitudes like these?

  3. ” Where in the book do it say you can’t have kids? It doesn’t say that in the law.”

    After reading this something tells me that if it did say that he wouldn’t be able to comprehend it anyway.

  4. Smoke up Mr Jenkins. I’m pulling for this guy to be great. He’s a great football player who likes to roast a bone every once in a while, big deal, I thought we moved past this.

  5. four kids with three different women

    This is the state of today’s culture.

    It will end poorly.

  6. you’ve gotta be an idiot to get arrested smoking weed. ive been doing it for years and i smoke when i drive and never have been in an accident or pulled over. only if you drive like an idiot or do dumb flagrant things will get you caught.

  7. who can say antonio cromartie 3 times fast…

    I have already read that book… as soon as his successful NFL career comes to an end… he wont be able to pay child support… and within 5 years he would be in jail for unpaid dues…

  8. sdffa11 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 8:05 PM

    you’ve gotta be an idiot to get arrested smoking weed. ive been doing it for years and i smoke when i drive and never have been in an accident or pulled over. only if you drive like an idiot or do dumb flagrant things will get you caught.


    Let me get this straight: A guy who smokes pot when he drives is calling another guy who smokes pot stupid for getting caught.

    I had always wondered whatever happened to Jeff Spicoli.

  9. I am rooting for this kid. He has gotten so much bad press for smoking weed, and having kids. Just remember, Ray Lewis helped coverup a murder, and look how he turned out in the end. This criticism is excessive, and isn’t fair to such a young guy.

  10. Anyone who has to say “I’m a great guy.” is not a great guy. Good guys don’t have to say anything, everyone else says it for them…

  11. Well, Janoris is wasting NO time jumping on the Sapp / TO train to bankruptcy ( of course, to be fair, at least Warren and TO actually had a great job and made millions FIRST ). In addition, he makes sure he is known as a substance dabbler PRIOR to the draft and before he ( maybe ) cashes his first check. He also has the HUBRIS to claim he is a ” GREAT ” father and that he is going to be a ” BLESSING ” to the team that drafts him?Hmmm…..He must have a pipeline to the most POTENT weed on the planet, because he is out there where the busses don’t run!!!

  12. What an idiot! Good thing he can play football cause outside of football this guy is definately a loser! Don’t be surprised if several teams take him off their boards and he drops! Although it sounds like he would fit right in in Detroit!

  13. If you can’t lay off the weed, lay off the girls, with millions of dollars on the line, then you have a PROBLEM.

    Sure, there have been players who solved the problem enough to not flunk tests in the pros, but I wouldn’t roll the 1st round dice on that guy.

  14. Jenkins, if you are a so call great father, ask yourself this, do you think its responsible to smoke when you know its not allow in college or nfl? You’re showing your kids its ok to break the rules, not to mention your poor judgement in having 4 kids by 3 women. You sound like a kid who does things just because everybody else does it. You rather smoke weed and risk your nfl career for a high, yeah what a great father you are

  15. Most who have four kids also support them, so we will see how this plays out with having with numerous women. I forgot it was while you were playing college football, so I guess it all goes away since now you want to play in the NFL. Watch out women.

  16. Yes, most college kids go to school to be bred or to breed. LOL. Most universities are most baby factories.

    Can’t wait to see how willing and great of a dad he’ll be when the wages get garnished.

  17. marlin1894 says: Apr 23, 2012 8:02 PM

    Smoke up Mr Jenkins. I’m pulling for this guy to be great. He’s a great football player who likes to roast a bone every once in a while, big deal, I thought we moved past this.

    I don’t care if the guy smokes weed. I do care about his ability to be a father, as opposed to his ability to father children. As a past foster parent with three adopted children, I understand the difference. Do you?

  18. This guy….. Goodness gracious. I don’t care about your stance on legalization. All I know is that according to US (not to mention NCAA&NFL) laws, pot is illegal! While I do believe its a waste of police time and money to search out potheads, the aforementioned sports leagues are well within their rights to test and suspend accordingly. Therein lies the issue…. How are you gonna support those kids when getting fined and suspended? Great Father? You’re unwilling to give up drugs for their benefit. You’re a loser Sir! So to summarize… Having children is NOT illegal. Doing drugs IS illegal. “hey hey hey. Smoke weed everyday!”…. Indeed!

  19. Yeah great father you have three kids while in college and you can’t work per the NCAA. Let me guess the taxpayer paid for the mothers housing, food, utilities,etc. Hey Jenkins you think that you would repay the taxpayers after you sign your contract. Doubt it

  20. I’m beginning to question how much pot he smokes.

    Studies have shown smoking marijuana slows down the capabilities of sperm. In essence while said smoker is getting high and baked, the person’s sperm is feeling the same thing slowing down and reducing its potency.

    Now, if dude smoked as much ganja as is being projected, he shouldn’t have been able to make that many kids.

  21. If a player does anything this site will take them a part.
    I like him he would be welcome in the Motor City site tight
    Will come after you at #23 to enjoy you going to the HOF and all your Pro Bowl Years.

  22. You could still be a turd outside of being a good father.

    I know a dad or two who are complete bums, but for the fact that they do everything they can for their kids.

  23. “I’m their when they need me” – No Mr Jenkins, you’re really not. Being a father isn’t a part time job. Pot now, but lets see what kind of trouble this kid can get into after he gets money. – I just hope my Bengals stay away from him.

  24. As a certified, experienced Substance Abuse Counselor I have worked with hundreds of marijuana smoking mothers who said, “I thought I was a good mother until I got clean. Now I realize I was not nearly as good of a mother as I thought I was. Marijuana was more important to me than my kids.”

  25. @catquick. He ws talking about laws here in the US – not Sharia law.

    Look. He’s a very good football player who’s also a knucklehead. Most scouts says JJ is a good guy but, like many other good guys, he has trouble setting and enforcing boundaries.

    Ultimately, if JJ ends up on a team with good leadership and a solid front office, JJ’s production should be very good. First purchase should be a VERY solid criminal and family law attorney!

  26. “Where do it say” LMAO, a degree from a southern school like Florida or N. Alabama [Alabama, Auburn too for the record] is the equivalent of a GED…earned in Mexico

  27. Hey, Ryan Mallett feel from being a 1st round talent to the 3rd round last year and lost millions in the process. And because of stuff not nearly as life-affecting as Jenkins.
    Evaluators knocked him down in part because of a public intoxication arrest four years earlier when he was a Freshman at Michigan. No kidding.
    So let’s not act like Jenkin’s situation is so different.
    As we’ve seen with that slug Antonio Cromartie, having a slew of kids…that he may or may not want in his new life…can certainly become an issue for the team.
    The most damaging thing for this guy are the reports that nothing really changed at No. Alabama. Still doing the same stuff that got him in trouble in Gainesville.

  28. “Those incidents led Jenkins to leave Florida and transfer to North Alabama”

    He didn’t leave…his stupid ass was kicked out.

  29. to the ppl saying who cares if he smokes pot, its not a big deal and everyone does it….these guys are going to be getting PAID to be professional athletes…these teams have a lot invested in their players and its the players job to be the best they can be….that means no use of illegal drugs, it doesnt matter for joe blow who works behind a deak to do it, but would u want ur er doctor or pilot to be high? of course not..they are held to a different standard bc they get paid the big bucks…same with pro athletes…if they dont want to do things the right way there are plenty of guys out there who dont make it to the next level that would love the chance and gladly give up weed…i agree that once in a while in the offseason prob wont make a bit of difference, but its a matter of knowing ur role and living up to the hype that u put out there…u think anyone is going to want Michael Dyer after he openly admitted he was smoking pot constantly at AU and it caused him to be late to meetings and miss events…no…ur a grown ass man, act like it…

  30. Typical, irresponsible piece of excrement. Has four kids with three different women. Wow, what a guy. When he crashes and burns, I suppose we’ll be told that he had some “issues” in his life. Issues like no personal responsibility.

  31. A great father who is there when they need him ??? Really! I am sure he goes into their room, a night, when they are crying, sick or scared, being sure they are warm, eating well, visits with his kids teachers, takes, them to the doctor, plays ball and has a family dinner each and every evening and so on. Sure !!!! You all know that you and I will be taking care of his kids.

  32. Jenkins just go ask Sam herd or Ricky Williams what happened to their careers dealing with drugs. Don’t know too much about Sam but Ricky, he was the best RB since sanders and smith. He missed wasted around 3 nfl seasons because he could quite get a handle on marijuana, he could have broken records had he played in those times but even the great players gave issues. I could name a lot of great athletes who’ve gotten in trouble with the league and just not getting it, so don’t think for one minute that you’re gonna just come to the nfl and continue to do the same or you’re be out faster than you can get drafted. My advice to you, just leave the marijuana alone, don’t have any more kids and most important, take care of the ones you have, show them theres more to life than just getting high

  33. Would love for the Detroit Lions to draft this guy, he what he does (which play at a high level), on the football field. In a perfect world are kids would have had one mother (that choice could have been different). The smoking can stop, coaches should stress that more, check in some states it’s legal.

  34. “Where in the book do it say you can’t have kids? It doesn’t say that in the law.”

    Several problems with this statement: first of all, this is supposed to be a college graduate, he should speak like one!

    Second, there is a law in the book that says not to smoke pot, but since he has completely disregarded that, would it matter if there were an actual law about having multiple children from multiple women?

    Sadly, his utter infatuation with himself and how great he is, is a disgrace to the Florida Gators Football team and school. This guy had so much promise and chose to put drug use as his top priority. Even after getting a free pass from Urban Meyer. Proof that entitlement was the rule of law, under him.

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