Jets taking closer look at Yeremiah Bell

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After appearing in every game since 2008 and starting all but one, safety Yeremiah Bell was dumped by the Dolphins.  He now may have a home elsewhere in Miami’s division.

Per a league source, Bell is visiting on Monday with the Jets.  The 34-year-old strong safety entered the league via the sixth round of the 2003 draft, spending his entire career in Miami.

The Jets already have signed strong safety LaRon Landry, the sixth overall pick in the 2007 draft.  It’s unclear at this point whether one of them would be moved to free safety, or whether they’d compete for reps at the position better known for inching toward the line of scrimmage and helping against the run.

16 responses to “Jets taking closer look at Yeremiah Bell

  1. The guy really dropped off the last few years. A liability in pass coverage and that has dwindling run stopping ability.

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s an unusually large number of secondary guys available this year?

    You’d think New England would be picking up on that…..

  3. This guy has been a good player for Miami. He does a great job in stopping the run and a decent job covering guys. Its a shame the phins let him go. A team can win with this guy in the secondary.

  4. No doubt he is a great run-stuffer but in the modern pass first nfl he is too slow. Interchangeable safeties who can cover are what teams need now – with Landry+Bell the jets will have interchangeable safeties who can’t cover

  5. Bell is a standout guy on and off the field and I was sad to see him go. He was a liability in coverage but was still the best S the Dolphins had on their roster.

    I don’t blame Miami for cutting him because he was a huge cap hit and the Dolphins needed to get younger at the position.

    I think at this point the Jets are trying to get players that will hold there locker room together so they don’t end up like they did last year.

  6. As a diehard Fins Fan, I wish Yeremiah the best. He is a great tackler on run support and a leader in the lockerrom. Yes, his coverage skills have diminished with age, but he would be a great pickup for any team that could use the depth at SS or convert him FS. In the AFCE, not a bad idea to have him in Nickel covering TE’s instead of OLB. I was hoping he wouldn’t get signed and come back to Miami for less, but he deserves the Contract and a Ring if possible. I am not picking on the Jets, but that won’t happen there. I was thinking he goes to the Pats or Broncos. However, he might just land with Bengals or Jets. Either way, I would seriously doubt he is signed before the Draft. A few good SS in the Draft, but tons of FS. Good Luck, Mr. Bell; even with the Jets.

  7. He’s lost a step and can’t cover anyone. All he is good for is run support.

  8. Only reason they are bringing this guy in is because they NEED to get rid of Eric Smith. They also don’t want to have Landry on every down in case he gets hurt, so they will rotate Bell in. Sad thing is, Jets do not have 1 FS on the roster right now and that is the BIGGEST need when playing Pats twice a year.

  9. Don’t be surprised to see Cromartie at FS next year. Last year he was in the FS spot a lot so he has some experience. That’s the good thing with Rex’s system. Everyone plays different spots eventually through out the year. Crow is a ball hawk and can run down any receiver going deep. You have to give him that

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