John Kasay signs up for 22nd NFL season

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Here’s another reason why kids should quit trying to run with a football and learn instead how to kick it.

Kicker John Kasay joined the NFL in 1991.  He’s now under contract, at age 42, to spend a 22nd season playing pro football.

Kasay has signed a one-year deal with the Saints.  The team announced the move on Monday.

He entered the league as a fourth-round draft pick of the Seahawks.  Kasay then joined the Panthers in their inaugural season of 1995, spending 16 years in Charlotte.  Kasay became the Saints kicker in 2011, making 63 of 63 extra points and 28 of 34 field goals, including a long of 53 yards.

Kasay replaced Garrett Hartley last season, who landed on injured reserve with a hip injury.  Hartley is signed through 2015.  If he’s healthy, it’s unlikely that Kasay will win a spot on the 53-man roster.

But it nevertheless provides Kasay with a context for staying in shape and preparing for the 2012 season.  If/when he’s cut by the Saints, he’ll be ready to sign with any other team that may need him.

And that’s more than plenty of veteran running backs can say.

14 responses to “John Kasay signs up for 22nd NFL season

  1. But it nevertheless provides Kasay with a context for staying in shape and preparing for the 2012 season.

    What shape? He’s a kicker. As long as he can kick he’s good. Heck if Hartley is healthy, all he needs to do is probably kickoff.

  2. Kasay gave us so many good years in Carolina. He will be largely remembered for kicking the ball out of bounds in Super Bowl 38, giving Brady a short field to work with and allowing the Pats to win their 2nd SB in three years.

    Other than that good luck to him.

  3. Given that he is a legend in Carolina, and the fact that the Panthers should score on every possession this season, Kasay could come home and kick extra points all the way to February.

  4. In this day, and age in this country (other than the military), it’s an accomplishment to hold the same job for 20+ years. Very impressive for a professional athlete. Even if he is”just” a kicker (no disrespect).

  5. Of all the bone-headed free agent moves the Panthers have made in 17 seasons, this one ranks as one of the worst. We cut him because he can’t kick off, even from the 35, and our punter (Jason Baker) wasn’t any good at it either. Instead of canning Backer and finding a punter who could kick off, we drop Kasay and sign Mare. Mare can kick off all right (2nd in the league in touchbacks), but he can’t kick field goals worth a crap anymore. We have to get to the 30 yard line before considring a field goal, and even that isn’t a sure thing (Vikings fans, you’re welcome).

    So this offseason, Baker has been canned (mercifully), and we have signed a CFL kicker to compete with Mare. All of which could have been avoided a year ago.

    And while I’m venting… KASAY DID NOT LOSE SB38. The defense and John Fox did. Fox went with that stupid, asinine card that tells you to go for 1 or 2 depeding on the margin. When we scored to cut the Pats lead to 21-16, Fox went for 2, because, by God, the card tells you to. Who cares if we’re only halfway through the third quarter? The card says go for 2 if you’re down 5, so damnit, we’re going for 2. Of course we missed, so we had to go for 2 on the next TD, and missed again. Then The Hoodie used the card but his team made the 2. If we had just kicked the extra point on that second TD, then we’re down 21-17, and the next score puts us up 24-21, then the Pats don’t go for 2 on their last TD, and are up 28-24. We score again and it’s 31-28 when Kasay kicks the ball out of bounds. As bad as our D played on that last drive, you can’t just assume the Pats just go to kick a field goal, but if that’s what they end up doing, it’s 31-31 and who knows what happens in OT.

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