King confirms Ross wants Tannehill

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It’s Monday morning, so part of my routine includes taking a look at Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback on

Over the last two years, MMQB has become even more intriguing for me personally because I spend every Sunday during the regular season with Peter, and I see how hard he works on the column and how much care and sweat and emotion he puts into harvesting information and presenting it in an 8,000-word manifesto on the biggest stories in the NFL at that moment.  From Week One through Week 17, there’s no natural transition for Peter between Sunday night and Monday morning because he doesn’t sleep until the sun is up.

And of course I’m being a little extra effusive in my praise of Peter’s efforts today because there’s something in Peter’s latest offering that has pushed the pendulum in PFT’s direction regarding our Sunday night report that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is pushing the team to take quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall selection in the 2012 draft.

The Dolphins reacted in animated fashion to the report, with a “very, very, very highly placed source” telling Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that the report isn’t true.

King writes that he heard over the weekend that Ross indeed wants Tannehill, and that the punctuation mark was supplied on Monday.  “[T]his morning, I got a call from someone saying Florio was right on,” King writes.  “Ross wants the quarterback.”

Peter also points out that Tannehill’s former college coach, who coincidentally now serves as Miami’s offensive coordinator, isn’t pushing for Tannehill as aggressively as believed.  Publicly, Mike Sherman has compared his former pupil’s confidence level to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers; privately, per King, Sherman isn’t standing on the table for Tannehill.

The fact that the Dolphins responded so swiftly and so forcefully could be evidence of frustration that yet another piece of evidence of organizational dysfunction has trickled out of the building.  Regardless of the motivation, reacting aggressively to the report sets a precedent that will cause future reports regarding the team to seem true if the Dolphins say nothing.

In this particular case, the fact that they said something opened the door for Peter to confirm that there’s a lot more than nothing to the notion that Ross is nudging the football people to take Tannehill.

41 responses to “King confirms Ross wants Tannehill

  1. Nudging? This clown doesn’t nudge. Ross will tell the football people what to do.

  2. Well, if PK said it we can take it to the bank. Tannehill to Miami. 100% True.


  3. This old guy has nice form, surprised he has not been asked the line up behind center down there South Beach, they are getting desperate.

  4. Dear Steven Ross,

    As a long time Dolphins fan I would like to offer the best advice any struggling franchise can follow:

    The owner should never make football decisions.

    Look at the franchises who’s owners appear in the media often, and have had a lot of input into picks over the last decade and how many Superbowls have they won? (The Cowboys, the Raiders spring to mind… that’s the road you’re traveling).

    When the Patriots are mentioned 99% of the time it doesn’t include Krafts’ name. Same goes for the Steelers. Same goes for the Saints. Etc, etc.

  5. I just threw up in my mouth! I have been one of the few “positive” Dolphin Fans on these boards, but this is really sad. It defies even sound business principle. You don’ t broadcast your intentions in strategic planning. This guy is a fool as an Owner, but now I really wonder how he became a Billionaire?
    This has to be a decoy move. MN and CLE are salivating for our Draft Picks. Not saying I don’t want Tannehill, but a Tradeup is insane. Even at No. 8 you will hear Boo’s. What strikes me funny, is that he is undermining his GM with this gem. He undermined his Coach, he undermined Jason Taylor… A real history of the wrong Public Relations. Go back to “shutting up” and NOT be accessible to the Press again. If this story didn’t have P.King in it, I would think it was just another Florio Dolphins bashing. Wow! How can such an ” irrelevant” team be in so many headlines. The Miami Dolphins are mediocre and rebuilding, but still a very popular topic.

  6. I guess he’d like to update his analysis on the Jags holding the 7th pick

    Best case scenario
    Trade the 7th to the Fins for the 8th and change

  7. If you actually read the article, all King does is list all the different reports in the story and doesn’t commit to anything. The only person Ross has ever asked for has been Manning. Other than that he lets his football people handle their operations.

  8. Wow, what in the hell is wrong with this man? He has absolutely no clue how to conduct business in the nfl. It is unfair to Philbin that he has to deal with these two clowns as his bosses. Ireland and Ross are completely destroying this team in just one offseason. Give Matt Moore a chance.! He earned his shot with a 6-3 record as a starter last year. I really hope they draft Blackmon, and if they must draft a qb then get weeden. Don’t waste a top 10 pick on someone when your offensive coordinator who coached him in college doesn’t even want him. I really hope this is a poker move and Ross isn’t that stupid. But who knows with all the stupid moves this offseason.

  9. When are reporters(including Peter King) going to remember that much of what comes out of the NFL offices prior to the draft is often leaked for other reasons?
    In the information services you leak info you WANT others to think.
    Here’s the thinking:
    1)Mike Sherman coached Tannehill.
    2)The Dolphins (allegedly) need a QB.(Do they?)

    What might be on the table(among other things) is:
    Two teams want Tannehill and are talking to the Dolphins about trading up.
    If it looks like the Dolphins might take him, it will drive the value up of the trade.

    How does Peter King know the info given to him by the inside source isn’t a “plant” to spread disinformation around the league?

    As the old guy used to tell me, “I’ll believes it when I sees it”.

  10. Unless the Dolphins really do want Tannehill and are trying to drive down interest…

  11. The closest PK ever comes to “confirming” anything usually sounds like this: “I heard from a source that the Dolphins are considering drafting a QB in the draft. Call it a 20-25% chance they take a QB. Maybe. It’s definitely a potential possibility that it may or may not happen!!”

    Thank you KSK.

  12. yep ignore the substance of king’s article because your more concerned with serving your interests and dolphin bashing than reporting the news…

    “I do think it’s less of a lock Tannehill goes no lower than eight than it was a couple of weeks ago”- King

  13. All Steve Ross had to do was keep his mouth shut and yet he managed to screw that up.

    Ross may be a success in other areas of his life, but he’s too dumb as an NFL owner to properly orchestrate a smoke screen.

    As an avid Fins fan I fully believe these reports are true. Ross ALWAYS wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to players/coaches he wants? When has he EVER managed to keep his desires a secret from the media?

    Answer: Never.

  14. Florio – I still think that you got this all wrong.

    You say – Ross is pushing his GM for Tannenhill.

    Armando says – that the report is not true and that Ross has not talked to Ireland or anyone who he wants drafted and the conversation will never happen.

    King – Says that Ross wants him. King does not confirm that Ross is pressuring Ireland or anyone.

    Just because King confirms that Ross wants him does not mean your story is right because King never confirms that Ross is pressuring the front office.

  15. Ross needs to understand he is undermining his management if he is leaking this out. He should just sit back and let them do what they do.

    I believe he will see that if they want Tannehill he will be there in the 2nd round or mid to late first round. Don’t waste a top 10 pick on him! Trade down or snag a top 10 talent and trade back into the first round if they so desire.

  16. How can people who write about football be so utterly clueless? It’s the week of the draft and if you believe any word a source says, you are a tool. Hi Mike! How’s life in the toolshed for you and Pete?

  17. Florio is a clown

    If Miami selects Tannehill at #8, He will bash it and call it a reach

    If Miami trades up for Tannehill, He will bash it and say they overspent.

    If Miami passes on him to selct someone else, he will bash it and say they passed ona franchise QB.

  18. As much fun as it was learning some details about Florios monday morning routine (we got cheated out of the morning pee though..bummer) and then plowing through his reacharound on Peter King, was anyone else bored out of this story before they even knew what it was about? (a.k.a 1/3 of the way through) The worst part is, once it actually did get down to business, it was all just educated guessing of something that everyone with half a sense of the NFL knows is fairly likely to happen. Still if the Dolphins do tap Tannehill I imagine we’ll get to hear ALL about the King-Florio hookup on Friday morning. If Miami goes another way, they’ll try to sweep this one under the rug like an accidental drunken hookup with the ugly stick girl at the end of the bar.

  19. hodag54501 says:

    As the old guy used to tell me, “I’ll believes it when I sees it”.

    Is the “old guy” you’re referring to Brandon Weeden?

  20. Nice to see Ross joining the draft lies/fodder..

    Seems like to a ploy to get someone else to go after Tannehill so they don’t have to draft him to keep everyone off MIA’s rear end….

    Just my opinion.


  21. There is also a report that we love fletcher cox…quinton coples and Michael Floyd. Have you ever heard of a smoke screen?? I mean come on.. I bet florio jizzes on himself when he is writing these dolphins articles.

  22. Creating expectations is an old political game. It only creates frustrations with the fan base. Reporters should be more intelligent than that.

  23. It is said that some people need to be seen and not heard. Ross should not be seen or heard. He needs to shut up and stay out of sight. Everytime he says something it makes him and the team look totally dysfunctional.

  24. This is really, really old news…Ross said way back in January that he wanted a ‘franchise QB’, we didn’t have enough offensive ammo to get Manning, Flynn chose more money in Seattle, Smith was never serious after Manning made his decision, Garrard is depth only and as you have said, they’ve pretty much decided MMoore is not the answer either…

    In the draft, Luck and RG3’s landing spots are preordained. That leaves Tannehill as the next potential ‘franchise’ QB. Whether he really will be or not is up for debate, but that’s the only chance they have this offseason to fulfill Ross’ want for a franchise QB.

    Here is the link from January when Ross made his ‘mandate’….

  25. PK is the last word in Profootball??? Dont think so. King has the same “insider source” as PFT. Does Ross call the NFL sources and demand that Ireland drafts Tannehill? Dont think so. And of course Florio loves this kind of drama to keep his followers interested. Well, you heard it hear first, the Dolphins are drafting with the 8th pick Fletcher Cox. Why? They cut Phillip Merling this morning and the Fish already have two QBs.
    But they could draft Floud or Ingram,,,No one knows except Ireland and as usual he aint talking. The Dolphins are drafting a player who can start and make a difference and that aint Tannehill. Florio, put a skirt on your source.

  26. bullpuppy552 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 11:05 AM
    It is said that some people need to be seen and not heard. Ross should not be seen or heard. He needs to shut up and stay out of sight. Everytime he says something it makes him and the team look totally dysfunctional.”

    Couldn’t agree more, BP…time for Ross and his ears to be seen and not heard…

  27. I use to support Mr. Ross, after all he is still learning how to be an owner, then to no ones surprise he had a fund raiser at his home for Mr. Romney, no problem there, except it involved a Koch brother, for me that is all I need to jump off his band wagon, so I hope that the Dolphins have a great draft, GO DOLPHINS. Bill

  28. Pay close attention fellow readers, this is how it’s done in sports reporting. 
    First you cite a LEAGUE (not dolphins) source, at a time when everyone is lying before the draft. Second you point out how embarrassing this offseason has been for the Fins, this validates anything you are about write. 
    Third when corrected by the dolphins organization about the report which did not emanate from the fins but a “league” source right before the draft, you refer back to them covering up because of their embarrassing off season. 
    Finally, you vindicate your report by quoting Peter King, whom you point out is a colleague and presumably a friend.  Now this is important because King confirms the report by receiving a phone call from “SOMEONE. ”
    This won’t last on PFT’s comments board and this is how terrible sports media has become. 

  29. Although I generally think Stephen Ross is an abrasive moron, his ideas have surely been sharper than the idiot running his football operations these days.

    He wanted Harbaugh, who imo will end up being the Bill Walsh of this generation.

    Tannehill is just as big a risk at 8 as Griffin at 2, and they didn’t trade their entire draft to get him. They’re both overachievers who recently learned the QB position after being projected elsewhere but have off the chart “measurables” that could be molded into an NFL game in the right situation.

    However, it sure won’t be as much pressure for a guy coming into the NFL with his same offensive coach as he had in college and his new team not having traded every high value pick for the next 3 years to get him (can you say Redskin fan unrest after 5 games if Griffin isn’t lighting it up).

    Arthur Blank once overruled his personnel staff on taking Matt Ryan over Glenn Dorsey, and though I think he’s overrated and a choker, it was clearly the right move because to that point, the franchise had never even had back to back winning seasons.

    Maybe this blind squirrel has similarly found a nut with this Tannehille idea.

  30. Wow! Just wow. This is something king supposedly heard. Ross has not even said this. This is PFT ass kissing king like he is breaking a national story. Stop making crap up and bashing the dolphins. It’s getting real old.

  31. rook1313 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 10:33 AM
    Florio is a clown

    Correction….He is a clown that hates the Dolphins and bashes them in his articles every chance he gets.

  32. “Look at the franchises who’s owners appear in the media often, and have had a lot of input into picks over the last decade and how many Superbowls have they won? (The Cowboys, the Raiders spring to mind… that’s the road you’re traveling). ”

    Well, the other 23 who haven’t won a SB in the last decade would probably take one of the 6 those two won during their time as owners.

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