PFT Live: Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland and the mock draft continues

Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland has spent most of this offseason in the crosshairs and we’ll find out how it has affected him and the team on Monday’s edition of PFT Live.

Ireland will join Mike Florio to talk about free agency, the harsh reaction from Dolphins fans to the team’s moves and the upcoming draft. In particular, we’ll be finding out about the report that Ireland is getting pressure from above to make Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill the team’s first round pick.

We’ll also roll out the next four picks in the PFT Live mock draft. The Lions, Steelers, Broncos and Texans are on the clock Monday.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland and the mock draft continues

  1. He could only come up with one pick (#1 no less) he is proud of that is still on the team. In how many drafts? When will it end….

  2. get him Florio! great guest…. ask why he’s not doing the jobs Ross has assigned him….

    oh, and why he should still have his job….

  3. Tannehill is a prospect that needs to sit and learn for a couple years. The Dolphins are going to draft this guy and throw him to the wolves ala Ponder and will ruin him.

    Tannehill needs to go to a team with a QB who has a few years left, to sit, watch and learn before making the next step. I believe the Dolphins should draft someone who can immediately help their franchise.

    This will be a bad pick for that team.

  4. dlonce,

    If drafted they will not put Tannehill out there “to the wolves”. He will sit and learn Philbin’s system for 2012. He might get in there for some reps later but nothing significant.

    Eventually this team has to draft a prospect to develop. Not this year? Then when?

  5. Why do people assume that Tannehill would start this year for the Dolphins? They have Matt Moore who was very serviceable last season and they also have a former pro bowl QB in David Garrard. Tannehill would be able to sit this entire season unless both Moore and Garrard are out due to injuries.

    As far as Ireland is concerned the guy take a lot of blame but if you look at his history at drafting players he has actually done a pretty solid job. I would bet he has actually been in the top 15% of gm’s as far as the draft and undrafted talent his concerned.

  6. 8drinkminimum,

    I have been a Dolphins fan since I was a kid (early 80’s).

    I cant believe you defending Ireland and Ross. You named some draft picks above that those 2 hit on.

    This Irelands 4th or 5th draft with the team. Let me help you a little bit. The best pick Ireland has had was Jake Long in year 1.

    – Davis is good at best – Smith should be moved another possition (safety) – Hartline is a VERY average WR – Bess I do like as a slot guy – Pouncey is NOT as good as his brother – Odrick and Misi had a good season under a GREAT D.C. lets see this season – Cameron Wake WAS NOT DRAFTED he was a free agent from the CFL – Then you threw in 2 kickers –

    Thanks for the pick-me-up but Ireland and Ross are as about as at good at runnung this team as Milli Vanilli were at singing…oops they were lip singing

  7. Dolphins fans, hang in there…

    Its going to be another long season with whoever we draft.

    I wish you could draft to fix stupidity.

    With the 1st pick of the 2013 NFL draft the Miami Dolphins select…

  8. @azheat Are you sure you are a dolphins fan because you sound just like every other yahoo. Ireland has only been in this position for 1 yr. jake long and this past subsequent year was actually parcells doing. Smith and Davis had a great first year but fell off (chalk that up to coaching) hartline and bess are great role/3rd down receivers, pouncey is a good player who performed well under sprarano (spranano…. Enough said), he will have a better season this year and odrick and misi are good solid players. Yes, wake wasn’t drafted but Ireland must have seen in him something no other team did. Throw in bush, dansby, and Thomas I would say Ireland has done a good not great job. Plus let’s consider who was the coach last year. I wish phinfans would actually think before regurgitating everything they hear. Btw if we would have gotten Flynn or manning tannehill would be a 3rd round qb

  9. Yea those guys have won us so many games.. He has way to many misses and like I said, HE could only name one. Pouncy and Davis were good picks the rest are scrubs. Wake was a free agent out of the CFL.

  10. Azheat,

    Been a season ticket holder since ’84 and a fan since ’70 if you are in to comparisons.

    I was responding to an earlier mention that Long was Ireland’s only good pick. If that is defending than I am guilty.

    Guess what? I could give a crap what you think of my remarks.

  11. Fair enough 8drink….

    I feel that Ross/Ireland have tainted this team for the worse. I’m not sure how Miami went from being one of the better nfl franchies, to the outkast we are today.

    I cant seem to buy-in to the fact that this team has gotten better with Ross and Ireland.

    Most owners are not in the spotlight, unless you live in Dallas or Washington. Ross should step back and hire a new GM.

    I hate to say it, but it will get worse for Miami before it gets better….FACT.

  12. @coupe27

    Ireland has been the GM since 2008. Say Parcells if you want but the GM of the Dolphins has been Ireland since 2008.

    Just sayin’

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