Rams take one last look at three wideouts

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With the draft three days away and the Rams desperately in need of help at receiver, the team has taken one last look at a trio of wideouts.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the team held private workouts over the weekend with Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon (pictured), Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd, and Baylor receiver Kendall Wright.

The decision to look at Floyd and Wright suggests that the Rams could trade down from No. 6 to get one of them, or that the Rams may be inclined to move back into round one.

To have a clear, certain shot at Blackmon, the Rams would have to trade up to No. 3, since the Vikings are thinking about taking him.  The ability to pick up an extra pick or two could be the thing that persuades the Vikings to slide down three spots — especially since at No. 6 they could still get left tackle Matt Kalil, assuming the Browns take running back Trent Richardson and the Bucs take cornerback Morris Claiborne.

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  1. The Rams should just sit where they are, no way they can lose.
    Then 3-6:
    It doesn’t matter who falls to them, they could use every single one of them.

  2. Trade scenario for the Rams: The Rams send their 1st rounder to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for WR Roddy White and the Falcons 2nd rounder (#55) and a conditional 2013 draft pick.

  3. They should hope Kalil falls to them, because it will be hard to Bradford to get the ball to any wideout on his back. If he not there and Clairborne is take him, they have to start getting studs at the 4 cornerstone positions…DE, QB, OT (left) and CB.

  4. Michael Floyd is the best WR in the draft by far. Big 12 WR’s rarely pan out, they play against scrub competition week in and week out.

  5. If Kalil goes 3, and Blackmon 4, and claiborne 5, then I say they trade back with one or two slots if they want to make sure to get floyd and back to the jets at 16 if they are ok with another reciever and they get the jets second round and next years first round. Jets get Rich…

  6. No way the Rams trade “Up” to get Blackmon at 3. I agree with Sledgehorn in that no matter who drops to them at 6, they could get someone who could help them immediately. Trading down sounds more realistic if Blackmon is there and for some reason they don’t want him. Suitors will be a calling if that is the case.

  7. The Vikings aren’t taking anyone but Kalil…smoke and mirrors, boys.

    Kendall Wright is a bust, the second coming of Donnie Avery.

    Lastly, if a team were to take Floyd over Blackmon, we will all be witnesssing Sam Bowie over Jordan all over again.

  8. If the Rams were smart, they’d slide back and take Floyd. By adding yet another pick, the Rams could come up to three new starters on both sides of the ball to start the season. That is a successful off-season.

  9. This is to generate another trade, pure and simple. But not up; it is to get someone to step up and give them another pick in later rounds w/o losing what they seek, a mid to later round WR.

  10. I’d be thrilled if Kalil somehow fell to #6. I’d move Jason Brown to guard and slide Safford to RT.

  11. Trade scenario for the Rams: The Rams send their 1st rounder to the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for WR Roddy White and the Falcons 2nd rounder (#55) and a conditional 2013 draft pick.


    You need to stop hanging around Janoris Jenkins.

  12. if i were the Rams, i stay right where i am. they are in the perfect spot. should everything go according to plan, the two QBs are gone first, then it’s either Blackmon, Claiborne or Kalil at 3. then it’s likely Richardson at 4, then it’s likely Claiborne or Kalil or Blackmon at 5 which leaves the Rams with the final of those 3 and really i think all 3 will be great for them. Claiborne would fill a defensive need, Kalil would protect Bradford’s back and Blackmon will be his go to WR.

  13. Its looking like Floyd is the no. 1 WR hands down and Blackmon maybe dropping….i think Wright may just be a guy who peaked and may not be all that depending on what scheme he goes to.

  14. Kendall Wright could get drafted higher than most people think. He might of had 15% of body fat during his pro day but the tape doesn’t lie; Effortlessly catching 60 yard TD bombs.

  15. Rams are in the driver’s seat. I think there are two scenarios which they should think about.
    1) All three 1st round WRs are no sure thing. Why not get in contact with Pittsburgh. Swap 1st round picks with them to get Wallace into a Rams uniform. Yes, the Rams will need to ante up and give him #1 WR money, but they’re getting one of the top WR at his prime. Furthermore, they’ll still have a 1st round draft pick to address other needs.

    2) Rams still need a LT, if Kalil drops to them, it’s a must draft. Protect your franchise QB. Offer the Steelers one of your 1st round draft pick next year, the lower of the two and get Wallace. I wouldn’t be so sure if the Steelers wouldn’t take that first 2nd round pick for Wallace.

  16. Tiki Barber had this to say about his future and the NFL draft:

    “I’m flabbergasted no one has claimed me to either A: rush for 1500 yards this upcoming season or B: trade me for a first round draft pick.”

  17. Although I’m a 49ers fan I would have to say that I agree with those that think that the Vikings are just blowing smoke. They are going to take Kalil at 3 don’t let anyone fool you guys by that notion. They need him really bad and there is no way they would not take him. Any niners fans on here that have an idea who we may take at 30 or do you think we may move up a little bit? I hope we take an OG or a WR.

  18. realdealsteel

    the only commentor that has made rational sense

    Jeff Fisher needs to build that team.

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