Ross, Ireland deny that Ross is pushing for Tannehill


On Sunday night, we reported that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants the team to select quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick in the draft.  Not long thereafter, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported, citing a “very, very, very highly placed source” in the organization, that it’s not true.

On Monday, Peter King of confirmed our report:  “Ross wants the quarterback,” King wrote in Monday Morning Quarterback.

Earlier this afternoon, Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland disputed these reports on PFT Live, explaining that, while Ross is “very engaged,” he defers to the football employees.  Ireland says he feels no pressure from Ross.  “I don’t know where that’s coming from,” Ireland said.

More recently, we received the following email from Stephen Ross himself.

“Mike, I read your note,” Ross said.  “So there’s no confusion,  Jeff Ireland will make the call who we draft, with input from Coach Philbin and the football staff.   They’re the ones who have spent months reviewing tape, scouting, and gathering information from every source available to them.  They have kept me fully informed about their draft analysis, and they have my full support and backing whoever they decide to pick.  I know they will select the players they think can best help this football team win.”

So there you have it, a “very, very, very, very highly placed source” has gone on the record and denied it.  Along with a “very, very, very, very, very highly placed source.”

Though we appreciate the Dolphins’ willingness to speak out, some reasonably may wonder whether they are protesting too much.

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46 responses to “Ross, Ireland deny that Ross is pushing for Tannehill

  1. Mike… you are running amok… Ross doesn’t have to say anything. He’s had Ireland fitted with electrodes so if he makes the wrong call…. Zapperooski!!!

  2. I can’t stand the anti Miami sentiment on this website. What do you want from the fins Florio? You have written three articles the past two days concerning this subject so Miami’s owner comes out and addresses your false claims and you still do not believe them. This site would blast the team if they did not address this story and now this article says they are over addressing the situation. This website and Florio are the last ones that Miami should be worrying about.

  3. Isn’t it possible that Ross wants Tannehill because he’s been informed by Ireland that he’s a great player and they’ll take him if he’s available? Just because Ross likes him doesn’t mean he’s trying to undermine the football operation by insisting they take him against their will.

  4. They don’t want Tannehill because they want Barkley with the first pick next year.

    Does anyone else expect this team to be picking outside of the top 5 come next april (barring a trade of course)?

  5. Is it so unreasonable to think that Ross could be PUSHING for Tannehill while not FORCING Ireland to take Tannehill? I buy the report that he likes Tannehill, but that certainly doesn’t mean the Dolphins will take him, and it certainly doesn’t make Ross a bad owner. Owners can have football opinions, as long as they know just how little it’s worth. So I really don’t think this denies or confirms anything. Ross didn’t say he doesn’t like Tannehill and isn’t pushing for him, all he said is he lets Ireland make the football decisions.

  6. So basically everyone who should know the truth (Armando Salguero, Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross, himself) have come out and said your report was wrong, but you still won’t admit you were wrong? Instead you continue with your childish style of reporting.
    Get a hold of yourself, Florio.

  7. Of course Jeff Ireland is going to say whatever he needs to say to make sure his boss doesn’t look like a meddler and that he doesn’t look like weak. You can’t really trust anything that’s said immediately before the draft either way.

  8. So IF Ireland takes Tannehill…

    and the ‘Phins wind up sucking and own the 1st pick in the ’13 NFL Draft w/an opportunity to take Matt Barkley….

    How much you want to bet that Ireland is fired right after the season?

  9. That University of Michigan education is not helping Stephen Ross!!!

    How stupid do you have to be to deny something that you have confirmed???

  10. At what point in that email did Ross deny wanting Tannehill?? All he said was that Ireland and co. have his backing..he did not say he doesn’t want Tannehill.

  11. Who cares about the QB, what did Ross say about his sales force unable to sell tickets?

    Drafting Tannehill is a dumb move, wait until next yers QB class. Go with Moore, now.

    But again, what did he have to say about his season ticket base dropping below 30K?

  12. sure believe your un named scource over the guy you claim is making the push. a guy who happens to run the team. let’s see who am I to believe the guy who throws a bunch of rumours out there hoping 1 of them will stick or the owner or the guys who actually know something about football since they you know are the ones running a team?

  13. I have been thinking about this one and Florio makes a valid point. Miami is usually a silent franchise yet both Ireland and Ross have reached out to PFT and claimed the rumors are totally false. They also reached out to the Miami Herald to deny these stories. However, I think there is another reason behind this. They may intend to take Tannehill or they may not, I think they are more concerned with a scenario where Tannehill gets drafted prior to their #8 selection. This will make it look like Miami whiffed on another player that they coveted especially with all of these stories coming out about how badly they want him. If Tannehill gets selected prior to Miami getting their selection in their will be even an even angrier fanbase in South Florida even if Miami had no intention of drafting him.

  14. Obviously they want Tannehill but because he can’t keep his mouth shut about it, they might have to give up another draft pick in order to trade up and ensure they are able to pick him. I think a 2nd rounder would convince the Vikes or Browns to swap with them.

  15. The Miami “braintrust” seems hyper-sensitive to media reports and scrutiny. But maybe if they’d do a better job of configuring a competetitive team, the media coverage would be less critical. Then again, Irelans is one of Parcells’ cronies- and they aren’t exactly media-friendly (unless you kiss their behinds, of course).

  16. Good when they draft someone else, you can post what a very,very, very misinformed doof you are !

  17. Good grief, Mr. Ross, just ignore it. The more you protest, the more credibility you give the rumors.

    Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  18. Boy…Are the Dolphins paranoid or what???

    No offense PFT, but this is a football gossip website…and Ross feels compelled to answer???

    Funny, but ever since 30-40 fans protested there,,Ross and Ireland have been incoherant.

    Its about time both of those clowns above realize they do not belong associated with an NFL franchise..unless it’s sewing torn jockstraps or organizing halftime shows, something they do better than any NFL team.


  19. Enough already let’s not bid against ourselves. In 3 days we will see what Ireland does. If he fails this will be his last draft.

  20. How about you NOT report any gossip that includes the term, unnamed sources, unnamed scouts or just anything unnamed. If you feel compelled to do so anyway start each gossip column with, “We are using a style we learned from the National Enquirer”….

  21. Ross and Ireland have clearly learned how important this is the fans (the draft/off-season specifically). That they are trying to communicate while not giving anything away has got to be inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they are trying.

    I give them props for that.

    As to the original rumor, its pretty clear that the people truly in the know are limited…so these very, very (very?) highly placed sources…are just guessing anyway.

    Or this is all just a big smokescreen and Ireland/Ross are doing better at it that people want to admit.

  22. bchapman2011 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 5:15 PM
    I can’t stand the anti Miami sentiment on this website. What do you want from the fins Florio? You have written three articles the past two days concerning this subject so Miami’s owner comes out and addresses your false claims and you still do not believe them. This site would blast the team if they did not address this story and now this article says they are over addressing the situation. This website and Florio are the last ones that Miami should be worrying about.

    Florio once tried to get Dan Marino’s autograph and was looked over. Thus his hatred for Miami.

  23. One would think these stories would cease to exist given the supposed popularity of the Miami Dolphins being at this supposed all time low. Yet here we are, hearing story after story about the Dolphins. Strange how that works….

  24. According to Ireland, does this mean Tanneyhill does or does not have a family member who is a prostitute?

  25. Yes, the Dolphins are denying that Ross is pushing Ireland to draft Tannehill.

    But if we made a list of owner/GM combos with the least amount of credibility, Ross and Ireland would pretty much be competing with Mike Brown, and that’s about it.

    They have embarassed themselves at every turn the last 2 years, and their public denial of another example of their dysfunction doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me. Of course they are denying it–who would admit that the owner has the GMs balls in his pocket?

  26. randomcommenter says: “According to Ireland, does this mean Tanneyhill does or does not have a family member who is a prostitute?”

    No word yet on that question… apparently Tannehill didn’t tell Ireland his dad was a pimp, and his mom worked for his dad during their interview (unlike a certain Dallas Cowboys receiver).

    On the other hand, I know for a fact that Ireland does know and interact with certain writer/journalists who have been accused by other members of the press of “character assassination”… so who knows what he might cook up for an encore.

  27. What a finely tuned machine that Dolphin organization is. Every Steve Ross press conference should start with circus music.

  28. Mike the only real question is what you and Peter King are going to say after the Dolphins draft a WR or Pass rusher in the first round and do not draft a QB until the 3rd round, later or not at all. Will you then question Peter King and your very very very very very high sources.

  29. Florio – don’t get too big for your britches – report the news -stop with the snide comments all of the time – it’s destroying the product you’ve worked hard to build. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional editorial – but your comments on everything make it look like you think you could build EVERY team into a winner.

  30. Hahaha listen to all these ‘phinz homers! Cuz Ross has never flat out lied to everyone before! Remember when he flew to Jim Harbaugh’s place to “realize how happy he was with Tony Sparano”?

  31. TIME FOR A DE….a big bad nasty DE… I keep saying the drop off is just TOO BIG from Luck,RGIII and then everybody else. This is not the Draft for our Team to draft a franchise QB.

  32. The Dolphins have become THE CHICAGO CUBS OF THE NFL! FIRE JEFF IRELAND!

    Knowing Ireland, he’ll trade the pick to Jacksonville to get Chad Henne back!

    It’s a no brainer to EVERYONE to get Tannehill, but we all know how these STOOGES operate!

  33. You definitely have some thing up ur @#* with the dolphins. you have never written a positive article about them. you must be a jets fan or something and are jealous of our rich history.

  34. Secret sources are salguero and king’s imaginary playmates when they were kids!

    Unfortunately, there are enough gullible fans that swallow this nonsense!

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