Sapp won’t work NFL draft for NFLN

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In a comprehensive look at the media coverage of the upcoming NFL draft, Richard Deitsch of makes mention of the tenuous status of NFL Network (for now) analyst Warren Sapp.

Deitsch writes that Sapp isn’t assigned to the draft.  NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger tells Deitsch that the decision has nothing to do with Sapp’s comments from last month outing Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey as the bounty whistleblower.

Sapp is currently on the NFLN schedule through May, according to Deitsch.  Two weeks ago, Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe reported that Sapp hadn’t appeared on NFL Network since the Shockey incident, and that Sapp’s contract “likely” won’t be renewed after it expires in August.

31 responses to “Sapp won’t work NFL draft for NFLN

  1. Oh gee, I’m sure going to miss the blowhard who thinks by making his eyeballs huge and practically yelling that his opinion is indeed fact.

  2. Oh sure .. wouldn’t have anything to do with the Shockey incident at all … maybe he’s just been on a secret mission to Columbia helping out the Secret Service.

  3. Way to kick a guy when he’s down NFL Network. Sapp needs the money and he is one missed paycheck from being Sean Salisbury. Do you want that on your hands? …..Couldn’t happen to a better guy then Big Mouf Sapp. LoL.

  4. Well at least now I’ll be able to watch their coverage and not have to mute my tv every time he opens up his big mouth. The guy is a terrible analyst.

  5. Sapp falsely and incorrectly calling out the “snitch” might be the dumbest career decision since that Jet Blue flight attendant that spectacularly blew out of his job at JFK a few years ago.
    On top of it all, Shockey’s likely to sue.
    And win.

  6. To bad because Sapp brings so much to the draft…..well, he thinks he does. He won’t be missed!

  7. My sources claim that Sapp will have a prominant role in the NFLN coverage……..

    ……as a TV spokeperson for advertising space sold to law firms specializing in bankruptcy and defamation of character cases.

  8. Sapp you sir are a tool and I wont miss you at all remember that what comes around goes smack about the Raiders and it came back to bite you ,

  9. Talk about a guy who screwed himself. His mouth writing checks his butt can’t cash…or him writing checks his butt can’t cash. Either way, he messed up a dream job and blew a ton of money from a dream career. 12 seasons and he didn’t have to work his way up from a minimum contract like say John Randle. He was a high first round draft pick and got paid big money every time his contract was up.

    There is money to be made by people like him from appearances, autograph signings and such, but nothing like that “guaranteed paycheck”. He’s got a big mouth so he will catch on somewhere, but he just lost NFLN and ESPN is already over-crowded.

  10. Why does the NFL NETWORK insist on hiring clowns? Is like the Rooney Rule where they have to interview at least one clown before making a hire? If
    I want to see clowns I go to the circus which is where Sapp might want to send his next resume too.

  11. How does some1 you makes 100k a month file for BK, what a f***ing loser. just goes to show that those kind of people don’t know how to handle money.

  12. “My twitter said that Shockey was the snitch so he’s the snitch…my source is irrefutable”

  13. His big mouth is writing checks he can’t cash. He is bankrupt and loses a cush job that pays 45k a month. Blows my mind. Really was a entertaining guy that could have had a long run on NFL network.

  14. Say what you want but that is why Sapp is Sapp, he speaks his mind. I am sure he heard something from somebody and that is why he said something. I never even thought much about him till he got on NFLN. He seems to know his stuff and he is fun to listen to. I will truly miss him if this is true. And I was never a fan of his because he always played for a team that was in competion with mind. Good guy on TV his coments made the show.

  15. Who was the imbecile that hired this imbecile in the first place?
    The same guy that hired Marble Mouth Sharpe and Sanders probably.

  16. I will never understand why the networks hire these morons in the first place, between Sapp and Mr. Ed on the CBS halftime show, its like a circus of loudmouth hasbeens who would rather grunt and make weird noises than actually talk about the game. Good riddance qbkilla, enjoy the unemployment line.

  17. I’m not surprised, but I personally feel that television networks do not like to employ people who cannot maintain their finances. I feel this way because many news outlets like to show people that are living in glamour and worth a lot of money because viewers tend to admire those that have done well. However if they are too greedy or look too reckless with their money they’re not respectable in the eyes of viewers.

    Why would a network (that features news) want to employ that kind of individual??

  18. I believe that it was a coincidence that Sapp stopped being on NFL Network the same time that the “snitch” comment was made, but resoundly refuted.

    I believe that it was a coincidence that Sapp filed bankruptcy shortly thereafter when a law suit was pending.

    I believe it was a coincidence that Shockley hasn’t been offered a job by any NFL team even though he had some teams interested just prior to the “snitch” label being attributed to him.

    Okay, maybe I don’t believe the above. However, here is what I do believe. Neither has the talent and character to warrant hiring or extending a contract to them given the baggage they bring with them to the job place.

  19. Since he hasn’t been on the air since the Shockey incident, what exactly has he been doing all this time? Sitting at home until his contract expires in August? At 45K a month?

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