Steven Jackson wants Rams to take a deep threat

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Steven Jackson might be okay with the Rams drafting Alabama running back Trent Richardson in the first round, but it certainly isn’t his preference.

Jackson thinks that the team should be targeting a deep threat to help quarterback Sam Bradford in the passing game when they get on the clock Thursday night. He explained his reasoning to KFXX Radio in Portland via

“Well, definitely. Me personally, I think that’s the way we should go in the first round … adding some more tools and talent around Sam so he can definitely show his ability to be an elite quarterback. But if that guy’s off the board, then you have to play GM — you gotta think what’s the best available, what’s best for us? So anyone that can be an impact player right away, I think that’s what’s gonna suit best for us and best for Sam.”

Such a move would benefit Jackson as well. Getting a more dangerous passing game would force defenses to back off the line of scrimmage and create more room for Jackson to maneuver.

If the Rams opt for Richardson, however, Bradford’s development could cease to be something of Jackson’s concern. The arrival of another feature back could lead to Jackson’s departure from St. Louis, perhaps in a trade during the draft.

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  1. Unless the Rams move up with Minny to pick #3 to get TR, there’s absolutley no chance he’s getting past Cleveland at #4 so Jackson doesn’t have a lot to worry about.

  2. Worry about running the ball and keep your yap shut. You might be running for some other NFL team, anyway.

  3. Bradford throwing to Floyd or Blackmon gives him the opportunity to showcase his skills, compared to throwing to Lloyd, and whoever else they might have at the time.

    OL in 2nd round. But, they HAVE to get this guy some weapons. He’s got the arm to deliver.

  4. I don’t think I’ve encountered a single Rams fan who doesn’t think they need a deep threat. It’s been said for years.

    That’s why I hated Devaney. Even his own family told him the Rams needed receivers But it was always the same puzzled look and
    “We actually think our guys will be pretty good.”

  5. Jackson is dead on with whats needed and anyone that thinks he is being selfish for not wanting another rb drafted obviously does not know the class act he is. The Rams should get either Blackmon/Floyd in round 1 and try for maybe a Doug Martin in round 2

  6. His first answer to the question of “what should position should the rams draft” was something to effect of whatever the best talent available at that spot is. The second question was posed “would you like a deep threat like blackmon” which he responded what he did. This is the journalistic equivalent of selective hearing.

    But really, aren’t they missing a deep threat? Not like this is is hard hitting, deep analysis.

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