Brunell plans to pack it in

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Former quarterback Archie Manning recently said that, nowadays, not many quarterbacks spend 17 or 18 years in the NFL.

Count Mark Brunell among the not many.

After 19 years of pro football, including three Pro Bowls in the late 1990s, Brunell is moving toward retirement, according to Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union, who explains that “barring something unforeseen,” Brunell will call it quits.

“Most guys that have trouble leaving the game are in their 20s,” Brunell said.  “I’ve been preparing for football to be over with for quite some time.”

Those preparations were more emotional than financial.  Brunell filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010, despite career earnings of more than $50 million.

Brunell, who now lives in Jacksonville after his stint as the greatest quarterback in franchise history, lost his spot behind Jets starter Mark Sanchez after the team traded for Jacksonville native Tim Tebow.

“Tim [Tebow] and Mark [Sanchez] are going to work well together, I think they complement each other very well,” Brunell said. “Tim is going to be a great teammate.  You can’t have enough Tim Tebows on your roster.”

We’ll see how good of a teammate Tebow is once Sanchez wipes a booger on his coat.

UPDATE 10:17 a.m. ET:  Brunell claims on his unverified Twitter page that he’s not retiring.

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  1. Brunell is still one of my favorite Jags and he has been a huge part of the Jacksonville community.

    He’ll take him place alongside the likes of Archie Manning, Kenny Anderson, Boomer Esiason and Bernie Kosar in the Hall of Very Good.

  2. “Brunell plans to pack it in”

    That’s why hes leaving- tebow frowns upon this behaviour.

  3. Sept. 19, 2005 — Redskins 14, Cowboys 13

    “The Redskins offense looked abysmal. After failing to score a touchdown in their season opener, the Redskins were on their way to a repeat performance, trailing the Cowboys 13-0 with less than four minutes remaining.

    What happened next is nothing short of spectacular and unleashed emotion unnourished since Super Bowl XXVI. The Redskins had lost four straight to Dallas and had not won in Texas Stadium in 10 years. All that would change in just a few heart-pounding minutes.

    On a 4th-and-long, the anemic Mark Brunell hit Santana Moss in the end zone for their first score with 3:46 left. The Redskins quickly got the ball back with the defense playing well. Brunell and Moss did not waste any time as they hooked up deep once again on a 70-yard bomb that gave them the first lead of the game.

    Sean Taylor would come up huge on Dallas’ subsequent drive with a huge hit ending the Cowboys chance to answer.”

    Thanks for the memories…HTTR!!!

  4. Adios Mark… you’ve long worn out your welcome. I’ve never seen a player stretch out such a long career off just two good seasons.

  5. $50 million down the drain… testement to what happens when ultra-religious fanatics brainwash dumb football players.

  6. Good luck in the next stage of your life Sir. You’ve been a class act.

    @fin72…. Grow up and grind that axe elsewhere please. Thanks.

  7. If he’s not far from bankruptcy, I’m guessing he plans on living off of his legacy in Jacksonville. Radio gig, public appearances, maybe a gameday lacky for KAAHHHNNN!!

  8. Great man. Awesome 1998 run that sucked me in. Throwing in the snow, on the road, 13 point road dogs. Had a chance in late 4th to go to the Super Bowl but threw a post pattern a touch high for a pick.

    14-2 year when he just looked like he was on cruise control. Then we bumped into that heroic performance on both sides of the ball by the Titans.

    The first guy to get Del Rio’d as he sat & watched Byron, even after he was healthy.

    Won a playoff game in WAS. That’s a rarity.

    Carried the clipboard behind Brees and got a ring.

    Surely had an impact as a backup to a rookie and 2nd year QB making the AFC Championship.

    As solid of a guy as you’ll meet.

    Thanks, Mark. See you in JAX when they put your name in the Pride.

  9. Brunell always seemed like a good guy, but his best years were with Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith catching his passes. The three of them just seemed to click. Without them he was basically Garrard before Garrard was Garrard.

    But it has long since been time for him to retire. He hasn’t looked like a guy who wanted playing time at all in the past five or six years – even in the preseason when he pretty much had to play.

    I hope he does well in his life after football. Maybe he can hook up with his old friend Tony Boselli as an unofficial (paid) spokesman for the team???

  10. I wonder if the reason he’s kept playing post-bankruptcy is simply to stash some money away for retirement to supplement his NFL pension.

  11. Bankrupt over $50,000,000!

    My God, this forces me to re-evaluate my opinion of Warren Sapp, who I now think should be considered as a Bank of America manager instead of as a Tampa bouncer!

  12. Him, Sapp and T.O. should do a reality show. All type of tasks to win a 100,000. Eating spiders, lion dunge etc….and a chance to be on a NFL roster for 1 yr.

  13. Bankrupt when home market development investments went south with the housing market crash. He tried to make it right with his personal wealth but simply could not cover then sudden loss of market value of homes. Rare guy that almost had new expansion franchise in SB. Shocking win over Denver at Denver. I wish him the best in JAX.

    All you sanctimonious posters acting shocked or calling him dumb…where’s your $50 Mil? Did he blow it on partying, cars, tipping and high roller shenanigans? No. He lost his wealth just like thousands of other home building development companies. Give him a break.

  14. What in Gods name do players do with all that money? Do you think saving for the future is the furthest thought from their minds? Multiply his money by .001 and I barely make that as a middle school teacher and even I have my future planned out already! I am no superstar athlete so I guess I will never know what they go through!

  15. He went bankrupt because he co-signed for real estate loans with other former NFL players (Joel Smeenge, Todd Fordham). When the housing bubble burst, their investments went down the drain. It’s not like he went bankrupt from buying too many cars or having a room full of Air Jordans.

  16. fin72 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 9:12 AM
    Adios Mark… you’ve long worn out your welcome. I’ve never seen a player stretch out such a long career off just two good seasons.

    fins fan, eh

    Still crying over that 62-7 demolishing

  17. fin72 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 9:12 AM
    Adios Mark… you’ve long worn out your welcome. I’ve never seen a player stretch out such a long career off just two good seasons.


    Hey, you wouldnt happen to be sore about that 62-7 smashdown the Jags put on the Dolphins and Jimmy Johnson in the playoffs are you?

    Ive never seen a game, where the sprinklers went off! LOL!! Johnson AND Marino left the game for good following that one. (-;

  18. Perhaps one last chance to re-install back into the narrative of the Packers circa 1994 (that was stripped out during The Legend building years of 1997 and 1998) that Brunell was close to replacing The Greatest Quaterback In The History Of The Space Time Continuum. Anyone who can visualize Mike Holmgren churning his headset into his sandy blonde hair and slamming it to the ground will remember that period. Favre is handed the credit for “turning the Packers around” from the Dark Days, but the reality was he was inconsistent and just didn’t seem to be getting the system, even after 2.5 years. And Brunell was right there.

    I often wonder what might have been if Brunell hadn’t been a lefty and therefore would have required a greater retrofit to the offense to install him. If Brunell had been a righty, TGQBITHOTSTC might have been Bubby Brister 2.0. And with Brunell, and especially the Packers of ’96, still could have had a Super Bowl between ’95-’97. No one can say for sure, but the idea that only TGQBITHOTSTC could have managed it isn’t true either. He neither instantly turned the Packers around nor single handedly won the Super Bowl for the team. Which makes his insufferable childishness from 2005 on less palatable.

  19. Mark Sanchez wiping a booger on Brunel still makes me burst out laughing every time I see it!

    If you haven’t actually seen it yet, click the links untill you get to the youtube; it’s short and side-splittingly hilarious…

  20. @Fin72 would your comment have anything to do with the 62-7 playoff ass whooping that Brunnell and the Jags laid on the Fins in Marino and JJ’s final NFL game?

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