Calvin Johnson wants the Lions to run more

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Last season, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson had 96 catches for 1,681 yards and 16 touchdowns. This season, Johnson would love to see those numbers decline.

Johnson told the Detroit News that he thinks the Lions need a more balanced offense, and he’d be delighted to spend the fourth quarters of games blocking while the Lions are nursing leads, instead of catching six fourth-quarter touchdown passes like he did last season.

“Last year, the running game wasn’t really there and we threw the ball all day,” Johnson said. “Matt [Stafford] had a heck of a year, throwing over 5,000 yards — not to say he won’t throw for 5,000 again. But if we have a consistent running game, that’s a lot of passes we don’t have to throw and we can run some time off the clock.”

Johnson said he thinks that if his blocking helps the Lions establish the run, that will pay off in the long run.

“I don’t mind blocking for my RBs and seeing them shine,” Johnson said. “I want those guys to get our running game strong and bring some extra guys in the box and that helps us [receivers] outside.”

That’s what a team player sounds like.

40 responses to “Calvin Johnson wants the Lions to run more

  1. exactly… this high-flying garbage gets boring… passes WERE exciting… now, runs have become exciting because it’s something that’s actually different

  2. Just another reason I’m glad he’s a Lion for life. Barry will always be my favorite, but Calvin isn’t too far behind.

  3. First the money comment and now this…Calvin Johnson makes it very clear that he is not only the best receiver in football but one of the classiest as well.

  4. Johnson really won’t have much choice in the matter. The Lions “D” is not exactly one of the league’s best. In fact, they’re terrible. The Lions will have many games in 2012 where passing the ball will be the only way they can stay in the game. —– 8-8 should be about it for them in 2012. Just not enough horses to duplicate 2011.

  5. Its also what a 100 millionaire says when he knows he’ll get his loot while taking in less damage to his body, therefore being able to comfortably spend said loot when retired.

    Oh yeah, and a team player.

  6. Boy, if there was ever a polar opposite to turds like T.O and Keyshawn demanding the ball more….Megatron would be that guy

  7. i think every GM in the NFL would consider giving a testicle to have Megatron on their team.
    absolute beast, awesome football player, great teammate.

  8. Calvin consistenty says and does the right things. Add to it that he is the single greatest weapon in the game. The lions are lucky to have such a player.

  9. it’s sad that we are at the point of where an all-pro WR states the obvious and gets praised as being a great guy. i will give CJ that, he IS a great guy and a team player. but the me-first, give me the damn ball culture of our beloved NFL is going down the drain. props to guys like CJ, tolbert (for refusing to play for the loudmouth jets cuz he’s not a talker), and the chief’s TE pope for saving someone’s life a couple years ago. less media attention to guys like stevie johnson and mike wallace might help the culture too.

  10. All the cynics say it’s because he’s gotten paid…same haters that would criticize him if he said, “I need the ball more”.

  11. very wise of CJ, the lions with a running game would become a VERY, VERY dangerous team!! teams understood last year that they could bracket CJ & play the pass solely because their was no serious run threat, with any threat of a running game it could make teams commit at least 1 safety instead of holding both over the top to take away da big play, that being said most teams STILL could not stop CJ!!!!

  12. Wow, I wish he played for my team. His contract seemed ridiculous, but it looks like money well spent. It would be nice to be a Lions fan right now.

  13. He’s a class dude, but until they stop drafting RBs that smoke dope or have a history of concussions, it’s gonna be bombs away.

  14. The money obviously has nothing to do with because Megatron has been all class from day 1.

  15. I think first thing is first.. how about a better defense so you can start running the ball? You can’t run if you’re always in a shootout type of game.

  16. shooooot if i paid him that much money, u are getting the ball thrown yr way about a 1000 times a season

  17. And that’s why I hope Calvin wins the fan voting for the Madden Cover (which gets announced tomorrow.

  18. The Lions want the Lions to run the ball more but their running backs always get injuried Mr. Johnson. Don’t know if you noticed last season.

  19. You gotta love this guy. I’m a 49er fan and anyone can tell you after this season Lion fans and 9er fans don’t really like each other but Calvin Johnson is a great player. I can’t stand the team but I respect Calvin Johnson the same way I respect Jerry Rice as a receiver. Can’t say enough good things about this guy even though he plays for the Lions.

  20. Calvin Johnson is a smart guy. Knows what he’s talking about. Balance is the key. That’s how you keep a defense off balance when the defense doesn’t know what’s going to hit them next.

  21. Big play CJ or big pay CJ either way handshakegate will be our payback ,week 2 is what every lions fan got marked on their calendar .Go big or go home Gina told me that after I smashed that through Spandex hole .

  22. they say it’s a passing league and I guess it is but nothing takes pressure off of your defense (and your passing game) like a good running game. CJ is smart enough to know this.

  23. Dude, they just gave you a 120 million contract, at that pay you better catch 100 plus passes a season. You’re making more than your QB and yet you complain about getting the ball too much, here’s a solution, go to the jets where they have chezbow and you wont have to worry about catching much balls from them. You’ll be begging to go back to detroit

  24. Anyone who has anything bad to say about this dude is a strait up hater. The Lions may not have been good since the 50’s but, who else can claim the best RB and possibly the best WR ever on one team. Jerry Rice is the best but might not be when CJ is done. Don’t even try to argue against Barry.

  25. no hate on lions fans, u have a very good team

    @detroitryda ONLY!!!!!
    take your class less @ss out of here u PUNK!!! i cant wait to see you on the next episode of “HARDCORE PAWN” selling your soul for your mom’s DVD player & 20$ bucks you bum!!!!

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