Falcons consider trading for Asante Samuel

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Add the Atlanta Falcons to the list of teams that could be interested in acquiring cornerback Asante Samuel in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Falcons have had talks with the Eagles in the last couple of days, and those talks are continuing.

Other teams including the Broncos, Titans and Lions have also been linked to trade talks regarding Samuel, and the Eagles want to get a deal done this week. It’s possible that a trade could happen before the draft starts on Thursday, and it’s also possible that a trade could happen on Friday or Saturday, if a cornerback-needy team fails to acquire the cornerback it wants in the first round and decides that Samuel is the best remaining option.

Samuel’s salary this year of $10 million means that no team will trade for him unless he agrees to a restructured contract first.

31 responses to “Falcons consider trading for Asante Samuel

  1. If Mike Nolan likes him than so do I. Bring in Aubrayo Franklin too, sorta reminds one of Grady Jackson. More beef is always good.

  2. This would be a terrible move for the eagles..

    Let go of a perenial pro bowler, for what?? just to save money??

    Not only that, youre getting a low round pick that most likely wont make the squad (with the way andy drafts).
    To top it off, you’re giving a conference contender another CB who you might have to play in December.

    if you are gonna get chump change for this guy, at least send him out of the division.

  3. “This is free agent 101”

    Maybe, but in that case (lets the Eagles cut him), Samuel risks playing for the vet minimum. If he agrees to restructure his contract, he may not end up with $10 million, but at least he’ll get some portion of that. So he’s much better off “playing ball” with the Eagles and whatever team wants to trade for him.

  4. Why would he agree to restructure his contract? Couldn’t he just say “No.”, essentially preventing PHI from trading him and forcing them to cut him? Then he’d be free to sign with whoever forked over the most money…

  5. Samuels has seen his best days pass him by. The Falcons would be silly to give up too much for him but then again this is a team who gave up a lot for Julio Jones who will be a good receiver but not worth what they gave up.

  6. thetooloftools says:
    Apr 24, 2012 10:31 AM
    He will just refuse to take a pay cut, the Eagles will cut him, and then he will sign with whomever forks over the cash. This is free agent 101.


    Save for the fact he’s already come out and said he would take a pay cut for another team. I guess you flunked “Free Agent 101.”

  7. LOL !! Brent Grimes just signed his tender . Asante can be a third wheel again . I agree with the comment above . He won’t take a pay cut & will get waived .

  8. myeaglescantwin, do you follow the team? It has nothing to do with money. It has nothing to do with whether the guy can play or not. It has everything to do with the fact that he no longer fits the scheme. How do you think the Eagles got DeMeco Ryans? He didn’t fit the Texans’ scheme.

    The Eagles want bigger press corners that cover and do not freelance. That’s what Asante does from time to time, freelance. He did that in the Arizona game and made Jaiquin Jarrett look like a bumbling fool.

  9. So he’ll potentially have to cover Steve Smith twice a year and try to tackle Cam Newton twice a year.

    Sounds like you’d better go to Detroit homey

  10. Samuel is going to screw this up. He will resist restructuring his contract much and won’t take less money in a trade deal. Then he will get cut by the Eagles and end up taking less money to sign as a FA.

  11. no actually, he can’t simply refuse/turn down every deal/trade the Eagles try…he loses leverage then…the Eagles can cut him loose the day before the opening game and he’s royally screwed…BOTH parties have a/the hammer…
    he doesn’t get a dime of the 10 mil unless he’s on the opening day roster…plus, if he refuses the trade/i.e. the pay cut, all those teams looking for DB’s will move on and draft somebody else…so his value is greatly diminished…so he HAS to take the deal this week or else he’s only screwing himself…

  12. “he said he would restructure his contract, but not take less $”

    If he really did say that, then he’s blowing smoke. The Eagles can simply cut him and he’s back to Square One. His best strategy is to cooperate in the trade process and he’ll end up with more than if he has to then try to find a team that will pay him more than the vet minimum.

  13. “He will just refuse to take a pay cut, the Eagles will cut him, and then he will sign with whomever forks over the cash. This is free agent 101.”


    In free agency 102, you will learn that the Eagles can wait to cut him until just before the season starts, after teams have filled their needs through the draft and other free agents and spent all their cap money. So if Samuel doesn’t want to risk making the veteran minimum, he’d be wise to take somewhere in the ballpark of $7 million.

  14. Good idea Atlanta…. give up some more draft choices to get you to the super bowl like you did to get Julio Jones… last i looked… you could not ever win your division…

  15. Falcons have tons of other needs…Couldn’t get it done the last two years in the playoffs as it is and now Curtis Lofton is gone and John Abraham is getting OLD.

    Giants have the formula…Pressure on the QB…That is the only way to beat the Eli’s and Brady’s of the world (BTW…look no further than Matty Ice when the heat is on him).

    Al Davis was right when he said that the QB must go down and must go down HARD!

  16. Whoever gets Asante is getting a probowl CB that comes through in big games. He is only 31 and still can play. Personally I am not so sure the Eagles should trade him.

  17. Here is the truth….Samuel is an excellent addition at the right price. You know exactly what you are getting and he has proven he can still make a big play. Giving up a 5th for him would be a home run. I think a fair price is a 4th

  18. Samuels is terrible…

    He WON’T tackle…that’s worse than can’t…

    He can’t cover either…all he does well is free-lance and jump routes he’s not supposed to…usually coming off his guy.

    He had 2 INT’s last season…that’s 2 more picks than tackles made.

    His attitude torward his job, and the new Eagles defensive coaching staff, played a very large role in the Eagles having a nightmarish (dream) season.

    Want a good laugh Atlanta? Go back and watch what Asante does when your own Michael Turner is headed his way….or Marshawn Lynch…or Frank Gore…or, really any quality NFL player.

    The dudes a joke…if we get a cheese sandwich for him…it was a steal. (He’ll be cut)

    Go Eagles in 2012!

  19. So many readers here think everything happens in a vaccum.
    J Jones..So Atlanta drafted him for just last season? They didn’t win the SB so its a bad trade? I guess Cleveland moved to NY since that trade decided who wuld win the SB.
    If he is so good, why doesn’t Philly want him? Many covered this with he doesn’t fit the scheme. But also, he is at the tail end of his career and they have depth and needs elsewhere to spend money. Meanwhile Atlanta does not have the depth.
    Asante is old Atlanta does not need old players. OK the J. Jones trade is judged on one season, but Samuels is a bad move because he wont be around for ten?
    They can cut Samuels the day before week 1. Is this true? I think it is only true if they can carry him and stay under the cap? So they may want to dump him now to get cap space to sign others.
    But note the question marks.
    Samules wants to get cut to go to the highest bidder. Others hit this silly thought. The highest bidder does not want to pay him whay his contract calls for. If so they wouldn’t be looking to restructure. The big money is gone. Teams dont have the cap space for big signing bonus’ or contracts.
    He’ll restructure to a 4 year deal that will look like he is getting more then the current $21 mil due. But years 1 & 2 will pay him less then $21 million. It will have a big jump in year 3 and he will only see that if he plays like a all-pro 27 year old in year 2. Otherwise his new team will cut him loose.
    He’ll be traded for a 5th. He’ll restructure for a team that is expected to be in the playoffs and could go to the SB.
    Oh and the Falcons coaching staff needs to be fired. Do you realize they have new OC and DC?
    The teams approach is simple. They believe they have the players too. We know the right coordinator can turn a unit around in one season (see Wade Phillips, SF this year). Can Nolan make their D play they want many think they should?
    Giants have the formula, but dont get any credit for why Atlanta only scored 2 points?

  20. Trading with the Eagles is like trading for a pitcher from the Braves……As Lou Piniella said, you should run from the room…..

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