Jaguars claim Dolphins will take Tannehill

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It’s unclear which team wants to trade down more:  the Vikings at No. 3 or the Jaguars at No. 7.

For now, we’ll call it a tie.

Minnesota is trying its damnedest to drum up a market for the first pick after the top two picks, which barring the intervention of a bus, a lightning bolt, and/or a Biblical plague will be Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.  The Jaguars, who widely are believed to be hoping to trade down from the seventh spot, are now openly selling the idea that the Dolphins will take quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the eighth pick in the draft.

Appearing on 930AM with Pete Prisco (via Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union), Jaguars director of player personnel Terry McDonough said that “people know Miami’s going to take [Tannehill,” and that “if a team wants a quarterback they’re going to have to come in front of Miami.”

And who’s directly in front of Miami?  The Jaguars.

That dynamic could help explain the Dolphins’ aggressive and repeated denials of the reports that owner Stephen Ross wants Tannehill.  If the Dolphins don’t knock that one down, they’re bolstering the notion that they’d take Tannehill — and they’re encouraging a team like the Seahawks at No. 12 to trade up five spots.

Conversely, if the Dolphins don’t want Tannehill, they have every reason to create the impression that they do.  If, after all, someone leapfrogs Miami to take a player the Dolphins don’t want, it’ll push someone the Dolphins actually want one spot farther down the board.

So if they want him, they should create the impression they don’t.  If they don’t want him, they should create the impression they do.

Unless they’re operating on a higher level of misdirection, which would entail creating the impression they don’t want him and hoping that someone will interpret that to mean they do want him, when in reality they don’t want him.

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58 responses to “Jaguars claim Dolphins will take Tannehill

  1. Noone wants Tannehill, and noone wants to read about that loser. He won’t even be drafted in the top 15, let alone top ten. Bank on it. He isn’t even a first round talent.

  2. But what if on a higher, higher level of misdirection; Jeff Ireland actually knows what he’s doing. I’m good with all these moves lately and I especially like the coach we ended up with.

  3. We are in sales mode. This is lame. What’s Khan offering? A new Cadillac? A set of steak knives? To trade down 5 spots and maybe get another pick? Shut up already and take Gilmore if the first six picks go as expected. Or, go OL and get DeCastro. Both are solid and the new wage scale makes those five spots about equal.

  4. A lighting bolt? OK

    A biblical plague? OK

    But a BUS?? What exactly could a bus do to prevent those QBs from being taken?

    …..unless it was one of those possessed buses that went on a franchise QB search and destroy mission…..hmmmmm

  5. O wait Seattle wants to jump up and take a QB. Thought the just signed Flynn; the same QB that so many Fins fans became mad at Irerland for not signing. Maybe Seattle already knows what the Fins staff already knew. That hes not a franchise QB so many angry fans thought Miami missed out on. Just saying.

  6. so the dolphins might want him but they might not. They might want you to think they want him they might not. I feel stupider for reading this.

  7. Isn’t this a violation of the edict that picks not be announced prior to it being said at the podium? I say penalize the ‘fins a 2nd round pick for what the Jags have done.

  8. So The Dolphins want Tannehill but every news outlet blast them for not getting Flynn..but Seahawks now have interest in Tannehill?? Didn’t they just sign the franchise QB that the Dolphins lost out on?? I don’t get it..if Flynn was the answer for the Dolphins why are the Seahawks still looking at Tannehill?

  9. I hope Miami gets him, nothing would please me more than than to see that franchise whiff on another QB, the dolphins are terrible because of one man Ireland. He has no business being a GM period

  10. .

    The key question before any draft is : will the buyers outnumber the sellers, or vice versa.

    I see a whole lot of sellers …..but very few potential buyers.


  11. I find this to be an interesting by-product of the incompetence that Ross & Ireland have specialized in. They’re perceived as morons and have become the schmucks you can pick on, make fun of, manipulate and pretty much have your way with.

    Find one winning organization with solid ownership and a real GM and they’re never leveraged and played like this. When was the last time you heard or saw the Patriots, Steelers, Giants, Packers, etc., talked about like this.

    This is the perception that Ross & Ireland have built for the Dolphins.


  12. I might want to type my thoughts about Tannehill, but then I will deny all my ideas. With that I’m hoping someone will express my thoughts before I get the chance to actually type my thoughts but then again someone else might have the same thoughts as the one who just beat me to my thoughts (about Tannehill). smh

  13. I swear to God that I just want the 8th pick over with so that we can end the “2nd Round Pick Syndrome” or declare the Fins to go 1-15 next season!!!!!!!!!!

    If the latter happens and Matt Barkley happens to be the projected #1 overall pick we can have Miami fall “Flat for Matt”!!!!

    No more Tannehill talk because it shows us why Stephen Ross makes the University of Michigan the most overrated school in the country!!!

  14. unless now since you revealed their tactics, if they want him they have to say they want him so people will think they don’t want him so there’s no reason to jump ahead of them…in any event its safe to assume that the most illogical choice is the one that Ireland will pursue, which could be taking Tannehill @ 8.

  15. The only trade for QB anyone wanted to make was for Griffin or Luck. This Tannehill crap is only being even discussed because the Redskins pulled the trigger on that one before draft day.

    Just imagine if they hadn’t, would anyone be talking about trading up for Tannehill or would it all be about the number 2 pick? Case closed.

  16. Tell Jacksonville to look elsewhere, Seattle isn’t trading up or taking Tannehill at 12. They are happy getting Flynn. Just pundits hot air and Seattle hoping more teams go up with good edge defenders and pass rushers drop to them

  17. “I don’t get it..if Flynn was the answer for the Dolphins why are the Seahawks still looking at Tannehill?”

    Because of the position value and the fact that TJack will probably be a free agent next year and Portis is garbage.

    Wouldn’t it be awful for Miami if Seattle ended up with both Flynn and Tannehill because the Dolphins thought they could land him in round 2 or by trading down.

  18. Taking Tannehill Rnd 1 is a huge gamble. I just dont see it working out for him. I wouldnt be surprised if he drops into Rnd 2.

  19. It seems trendy to diss the Find these days. Jeff Ireland will prove to be a fine GM, he isn’t afraid to admit to a mistake and cut unproductive players. After the firing of Sporano the Dolphins were a team that won more than lost. I wouldn’t want the Fins on my schedule this year.

  20. The team that trades up to get Richardson is the going to be the clear winner, not Tannehill and I bet every team knows that.

  21. i don’t buy into the seahawks wanting a 1st round qb. if flynn doesn’t look good this year, maybe next year they go for one. but i think they’ll give flynn this year without adding pressure and controversy from the bench.

  22. Truth is…. Ross and Ireland don’t know if Christ was crucified or run over by a freekin motorcycle.
    You guys should hear some of the chatter in Miami. Constant run of punch lines.
    Tannehill better be the Second Coming of Marino or the Dolfans will start believing in like………. Jacksonville or Tampa Bay.

  23. Tannehill is a huge reach and will show the idiocy of the Dolphins. Matt Moore is better!!! Matt Barkley or Landry Jones would be a better reach NEXT year! Fire Ireland and sell the team Ross!!! The NFL would be better off!!! Oh, by the way Mister Ross… Is your mom a prostitute??? I need say more… Idiot!!!!

  24. How many page hits did this story get? Aren’t there other draft stories going on at the moment? Tannehill to the Dolphins has become too big of a story. Tim Tebow is upset… Peyton Manning is upset… Brett Favre is threatening to come out of retirement!!

  25. Both Tannehill and Weeden, possibly Cousins will be off the Board in the 1st. It is insane how valuable the position has become. The reason is because the Veteran Free Agent market is filled with overpriced mediocre talent. The P. Manning thing was an incredible event that won’t happed again for decades. Seriously, if Weeden was 23 yrss. old Teams would have traded weeks ago with the Vikes for not Tannehill.

  26. Give Ross/Ireland credit. Whatever the fire really is…it is utterly obscured by smoke. No one knows what Miami is doing…and that is exactly what you want as a GM.

    I frankly agree with Tannehill assessments. He’s a product of hype.

    Jacksonville’s gamble is sound…but they’re picking the wrong name. They should have leaked that Miami wants Melvin Ingrim. If any team moves up to 7 it will be the Jets worried that Miami wants him.

  27. Unless they’re operating on a higher level of misdirection, which would entail creating the impression they don’t want him and hoping that someone will interpret that to mean they do want him, when in reality they don’t want him.

  28. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other. If Tannehill is for real the Fins win if they get him. If someone trades up and he’s gone, Ireland should still be able to get a great player at 8. Ireland’s issue is he can’t draft in the middle rounds. That and he had to work for Jackanus Parcells!

  29. Two possible things could happen.

    1. Miami will pass on Tannehill. Miami will draft another offensive lineman. Tannehill will become a big hit for the team that drafts him. Miami still doesn’t have a franchise QB. Stephen Ross continues to get turned down more than a bed at a Holiday Inn. Dolphin fans continue to be the biggest tools in sports.

    2. Miami takes Tannehill. Tannehill flops. Fans don’t show up anymore on game day. Stephen Ross continues to get turned down more than a bed at a Holiday Inn. Dolphin fans continue to be the biggest tools in sports.

  30. In order to believe this story, you have to believe that someone in Miami whispered their draft intentions to the team drafting one spot before them. YEAAAAAHHH RIIIIGGGHHHTT.

    Clearly you expect me to choose the wine in front of me?

  31. Ireland is very smart man and will make the best decision for the Fins organization, not what’s best for the fans or the ticket sales. He wants to win, and if Tannehill’s talent doesn’t equal to more WINS, then he’ll draft the Best Available Player.

    How about that?!!

  32. So I guess the Jags think they have a crystal ball. I bet the the Dolphins want to trade down too. Tannehill isn’t a top ten pick & everyone knows it.

  33. Ha! So let me get this straight: the Jaguars, who have publicly stated that they want to trade down, are to be believed when they say the Dolphins will take Tannehill at 8?

  34. @gmen1987,

    Thanks to your G-Men for saving the legacy of the one true perfect season in 1972. And thanks for beating the Pats twice. Love it. But you Giant fans are even bigger tools. Fact.

  35. One thing is for sure…the “Dol-fans”, and especially the moronic local talk shows, will blast Ireland for taking Tannehill….or they will blast him for NOT taking Tannehill! Good Luck Jeff!

  36. Much rather take Kuechly then trade back into the late first for Weeden, who is an immediate starter.

  37. I’m simply embarassed by all these draft gurus who run around and try to prop up a kid just because they see a team that has a need. Tannehill, are they serious. This is a kid who has only played 2 years at QB in college, he was the 21st ranked dual qb recruit coming out of HS where he didn’t even make 1st team all conf. in Texas 4-A(not even 5-A). His TD/INT ratio has been near 2 to 1 in his college career(3 to 1 is the ratio most really good ones carry), and that’s in a conference that’s not known for tight defensive coverage(Big 12). Please don’t compare him to Tim Tebow, who was All Amer. in HS, Mr. Football in FL, and US Amry All Amer. and we won’t even get into college. Look at the tape, it’s about RESULTS. They want to take 2 years and speculate future result, will we all know about “speculation” that’s why I’m paying $4 at the pump now. Those who “overdraft” for need, usually find themselves in a big hole down the line.

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