Loomis on eavesdropping accusation: “It just didn’t happen”


In clear and unequivocal terms, Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis has denied the ESPN report that he had his box in the Superdome wired so he could eavesdrop on opposing coaches during games.

This report on ESPN is absolutely false,” Loomis wrote in an email to FOXSports.com NFL insider Jay Glazer. “I have a monitor in front of me in my booth that provides the league-issued stats for the game. I have a small TV with the network broadcast and I have an earpiece to listen to the WWL-AM radio (flagship broadcaster) game broadcast.

“To think I am sitting in there listening and actually and/or doing something with the offensive and defensive play calls of the opposing teams makes this story and the unnamed sources that provided the false information that much less credible. It just didn’t happen.”

It’s hard to find any middle ground between what ESPN reported and what Loomis says, which matches the Saints’ statement that the report was 1,000 percent false, former Saints coach Jim Haslett’s statement that he never saw any indication that Loomis ever did anything of the sort, and other Saints officials who said they sat with Loomis during games and never saw or heard anything to suggest he was listening in on opposing coaches. Either Loomis is lying or the ESPN report is wrong.

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  1. “Either Loomis is lying or the ESPN report is wrong”

    How come you say that ESPN is wrong? Are you scared to attached the word lying to ESPN as you did Loomis?

    I got a werid feeling about this story..why would someone randomly report a story on the Saints cheating..if they werent acctually cheating…

    I think they did something wrong though..what a mess

    Either way someone should be out of a job because of this..someone is lying..

  2. If you read the story on the ESPN site, it clearly states that “Sources FAMILIAR WITH THE SAINTS’ GAME-DAY OPERATIONS….” So, clearly, it was someone who worked for the Saints who’s decided to blow the whistle. It could have been the same person who blew the whistle on bountygate. As much as I hate ESPN sometimes, this came from the Attorney General for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

  3. Having coached on a high school level, and been on headsets, there is not much to be gained. Sure you may pick up what’s bing done, but you then need to translate what “split wide over 2663 C kill twist 444 power”eans, then tell the coach on the sideline who can relay to players. Besides the saints were afoul at home in those years

  4. ESPN is in the business of creating news/planting stories/leaking sources. It is an entertainment network that shows sports highlights and scores, not a reliable source of “information”.

  5. ESPN creating a scandal to make sure that people tune in….. it is just not possible.

    Sarcasm does not come across in type as well as in person. However, I hope you see I am totally sarcastic about this.

    Think about this, even if the person listened, what could be gained and how long would it take? To hear a play being called, then decipher it and then call your team to tell them about it, relay it to the field and have players in the game react to it would all take time and loomis would need to be totally focused on that and not the game at all. Also seems like it would take a lot of prep and commitment to make it happen.

    Sometimes we give these teams too much credit for being that smart and innovative.

    The only reason to do this is to make more money. Of course if you win it gets you more money by a little but with the popularity of the game, the fact that teams are already making a lot of money and the downside to a scandal. Would this make business sense to do?

    Sure ESPN can say they checked their sources and they are right, but not all News services, especially those on TV are worried about the truth, they care about ratings.

    Even I have fallen for it, because I am spending time reading this and commenting, so it does drag you in, but at least be realistic in understanding it may not be accurate.

  6. Why can’t ESPN be lying? They’ve time and time again shown that they are willing to run with a story even though the details and their “sources” are shady at best. That crap organization then has all their crap shows and “reporters” talk about it relentlessly until everyone believes it.

  7. Possibly the most total fall from grace in sports history. Top to bottom corruption on all levels. Simply amazing.

  8. Sure because you can always trust attorneys who want to make a name for themselves in a prosecutorial role.

  9. A point brought up on Charlotte’s sports talk radio this morning: How about the possibility that this “source” is a disgruntled former Saints employee, maybe even a disgruntled former Saints employee who helped wire the suite in the way that Loomis explained it?

    I, too, am skeptical of ESPN. When the Cecil Newton story broke, ESPN made sure they published every detail – except that they never reported any of the 3 occasions where the NCAA president said Cam didn’t commit any violations. ESPN is quickly becoming the TV version of the National Enquirer. I’ll wait until I hear what the Feds think before passing judgment.

  10. Please don’t fall into the “what was to gain?” Argument. Whether he or the organization gained anything is irrelevant to the story. If he did it then he is guilty. Point blank. Whether you break into a bank to steal the money or just to prove you could it’s still illegal. ALL THAT BEING SAID…. They have forwarded NO evidence to back up this claim and I think to go ahead with a story that has this kind of implications and no proof is unethical. Just because its easy to believe in light of the bounty scandal doesn’t mean you can drop this allegation out there. Another fine piece of “journalism” by ESPN.

  11. The ‘they can’t have cheated, they were terrible’ line doesn’t quite work for me.

    It’s very possible that a bad team cheated, and still lost.

  12. Sure, we can trust the Saints, right? It’s not like they lied to Roger Gooddell for three straight years or anything.

  13. If this is true it’s a big problem for the Saints, but a much larger one for Goodell and the NFL. Remember how he destroyed the evidence of Patriots’ spygate, in hopes of suppressing what many thought was bigger than he let on? Well, now he has to face it again, which tells the world that espionage did not die with the him destroying evidence. (which was wrong) It also says there are huge potential image problems in the NFL. Despite Goodell’s draconian penalties he’s handed out, people are going start to wonder, “who’s minding the store”. This of course invites outside entities, like Congress to get involved. Bounties, steroids, wiretapping, concussion law suits …. stay tuned.

  14. Is this as accurate when Chris Mortessen said “Mike Vick will not be indicted” lol. To think ESPN runs nothing but the truth you’ve been brain washed by the mother ship.

  15. someone owes Drew Brees an explanation! ESPN may have reported this but they got the information from the U.S. Attorney in New Orleans. This isnt going away , even if Loomis didnt directly relay play calls, he could be in a heap of trouble just for the action of wiring a device to eavesdrop. Bad news for Saints fans. They may not be drafting until 2014

  16. @Djstat….what does game verbiage have to do with listening into the locker room conversation??? If he’s tapping into the locker room pre game and halftime I think you just might gain an advantage because of that.

  17. A huge advantage could be gained by listening to halftime adjustments being made. If you know what the opposing team is planning on changing you can adjust your teams gameplan.

    Pats and saints are cheaters. Karma rocks. Notice the pats haven’t won a superbowl since spygate?

  18. Just as ESPN has been known to create news, the Taints* have proved to the world that they will cheat. Let the investigation begin. Besides, Loomis could swear on his mother’s grave and no one is going to believe him…..he , Payton and the rest of the Gang of Four have no cred.

  19. First, I have no love for the Saints — I believe the Bounty Gate stuff happened and that Saints players tried to injure from other teams.

    However, I find this hard to believe. But, in this case, ESPN needs to prove what it claimed is true to the public. If they do not, the Saints have every right to sue them for millions (maybe billions —- a tidy sum, Mr. Bigglesworth) of dollars.

  20. Saints have become a complete nationwide disgrace. They have gone from media darlings and a great feel good story, to an entity which is publicly mocked.

    Doesnt matter if it couldnt work in practice, the intent was to cheat…again.

  21. As a Saints fan I really don’t know what to say if this really found to be true. This has been a very rough offseason for us Saints fans all starting w/ the loss to the 9ers in the playoffs. From bounties to now these allegations, man when will it end? This story smells, and just don’t seem to pass the smell test. Whomever blew the whistle on this story is looking for something to gain out of this, c’mon man it took them 8 years. that doesn’t seem fishy to any of you? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I guess the Saints have loss that right in the court of public opinion. B/c right of course they lied to the Commish and “fans” about bounty gate.

    I’m just about tired of all this negativity surrounding this team. Whether its true or not I’m going to continue to be part of the Who Dat Nation win, lose, or draw and like ive been since 1980 paper bags and all. I just hope this team can pull of a season like the ’07 Patroits did when they faced adversity, but only this time win the whole damn thing. This was a fun ride to the top of the mountain, a sudden fall, and now were ready to climb back up the mountain again. This seasons motto should be “eff everybody”.

  22. Oh, and my favorite part of this story is when the system was disconnected. So the Saints sent in one of their men to disconnect the entire system just after Katrina? Anyone who lives anywhere around here knows that the dome was a fortress at that point with the Feds and state heavily guarding the dome at all times. You could barely get into NOLA much less into the dome. Investigations galore was happening. But the Saints just told the Feds and State that they were just doing a minor rewiring job, without any power in the dome mind you.

  23. “Either way someone should be out of a job because of this..someone is lying..”

    Or someone is lying because they are already out of a job LOL.

  24. Doesnt matter if it couldnt work in practice, the intent was to cheat…again.

    When did they cheat the first time?

    Did a supposed 5k dollar bonus suddenly make them bigger, faster, stronger? Did getting fined for greater than the supposed “bounty sum” and thus leaving a player with a net loss actually help that guy? You really don’t find it the slightest bit strange that AFTER 8 years this supposed story comes out…directly piggybacking on the pay for performance story?

  25. I mean, at this point who would believe anything a Saint* employee says? We know how they roll.

  26. Born in NO but not a Saints fan. That being said I find this hard to believe. Why did this alledged infraction take so long to come out? And if it did happen why would the GM be the one to be listening in on this and be doing the relaying of plays? Why wouldn’t one of the coaches in the Saints box be the one? Seems fishy to me.

  27. Regardless if the wiretapping worked or not it is still wrong so if you’re using that argument please stop. Actually that sounds like the same excuse used for the bounty scandal. Failure doesn’t imply innocence. That being said…… I’d really like to see some proof behind this allegation. I’ve never been a big fan of “the court of public opinion”. I really hope, for the NFL’s sake, that this isn’t true. This would open up a gigantic can of worms! Ugh.

  28. Ok, so let me get this right. Between ’02-’05 the Saints were 28-36, didn’t make the playoffs once during that span. The scandal of eavesdropping on the opposing teams during home games was “leaked” by a FEDERAL ATTORNEY GENERAL?

    Wiretapping is a federal offense. If he knew about it and did nothing at the time then HE should be fired and ALSO prosecuted for accessory of the crime.

    As usual, way to go ESPN. Your credibility is totally in the crapper. You must have learned your techniques from the Murdoch’s. Create a story so that all the news networks are speaking your initials. What have you done for Coach Fine for that “accurate story” about him. HMMM? I hope that both Fine and Loomis sue your a** for defamation of character and WIN!!

  29. ESPN would not have even thought of coming out with an accusation like this without absolute hard evidence.
    Obviously someone in the know produced more than just hearsay, they produced a smoking gun or ESPN’s lawyers would have said not to do this story for fear of lawsuit.

    The only other explanation is someone is setting up ESPN for a fall.

  30. The difference between this and spy gate is the Patriots go nabbed for having a camera in a spot on the field where the league did not allow an opposing camera – not spying on signals. It was not against the rules to try to get another teams signals – you just couldn’t position cameras in designated areas (nobody is going to tell me it still doesn’t go on – In baseball it is as old as the game itself. Everyone has heard the Blue Jays and Orioles are rumored to be doing it). This is the reason why QB’s and LB’s have the mic’s in their helmet. It was league wide.

  31. ESPN says they have sources that witnessed Loomis sacrificing puppies to Satan in the owner’s suite while Benson, Payton, and Brees all watched while singing stairway to heaven and eating pickled pigs feet.

    Must be true – they have “sources”

  32. It’s a shame that this report was publicized before there was an investigation and any proof.

    When a team already seems guilty for one infraction it’s easy to pile it on and get support from the public for it.

    This isn’t much more than a rumor at this point.

    It’s a bit shocking to me how adamantly the Saints are denying the allegation, but I guess they are just fighting public opinion at this point.

    This will probably fade away eventually with no proof, but the public will likely continule to believe it happened.

  33. rgledz says:
    Apr 24, 2012 7:56 AM
    @Djstat….what does game verbiage have to do with listening into the locker room conversation??? If he’s tapping into the locker room pre game and halftime I think you just might gain an advantage because of that.


    The lockerroom? You didn’t read any of the articles published, huh?

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