NFL Films: Tebow already better than three Hall of Famers

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Eight Heisman Trophy winners are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. NFL Films thinks Tim Tebow is already a better pro than three of them.

In a program that suggests that NFL Films cares more about cashing in on Tebowmania than accurately documenting the history of football, Tuesday’s premiere of Top 10 Heisman Winners in the NFL ranks Tebow at No. 7. From USA Today, here’s the full list:

1. Barry Sanders
2. Roger Staubach
3. O.J. Simpson
4. Paul Hornung
5. Charles Woodson
6. Tony Dorsett
7. Tim Tebow
8. Earl Campbell
9. Marcus Allen
10. Cam Newton

Frankly, this is embarrassing. Campbell and Allen are in the Hall of Fame, but Tebow — a quarterback with 14 career starts and a completion rate of 47.3 percent — is already better than both of them? Doak Walker won the Heisman Trophy in 1948 and had a Hall of Fame career with the Lions in the 1950s, and NFL Films can’t find a place for him on the list because it wants to squeeze in two of today’s most marketable players, Tebow and Newton?

It’s silly to have Newton on the list after one NFL season, but if Newton and Tebow both have to be on the list then Newton should be higher than Tebow: Does anyone really believe that if the Panthers tried to trade Newton, they’d only be able to get a fourth-round draft pick, which is all the Broncos could get when they put Tebow on the market?

These NFL Network Top 10 programs usually provide an entertaining and enlightening look at football history, and this list would be perfectly good if Tebow and Newton were tossed out and replaced by Walker and another deserving candidate like Alan Ameche, Tim Brown or Eddie George. But the inclusion of Tebow and Newton at the expense of players who had truly great NFL careers makes this list insulting.

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  1. Whoever came up with this novel concept should return to their former job at a car wash.

  2. NFL Films, for all the good it’s done, has lost major credibility with something this stupid. I kept looking at the calendar, expecting it to read April 1st on this report.

  3. “the inclusion of Tebow and Newton at the expense of players who had truly great NFL careers makes this list insulting.”

    Sad but true.

    Newton may be on the list one day, he had a spectacular season, but it was just one season. And putting Tebow on the list is just a joke.

    All of these lists are subject to the recency phenomenon, particularly since there isn’t always film available of the old-timers. But this sort of nonsense destroys the credibility of all of the NFL Network lists.

  4. You’re not implying that NFL Films are a bunch of whoors chasing after the money are you?

  5. AMEN Brother and I happen to like both Tebow and Cam. The problem is people that are in their 20’s will be seeing this list and they have no clue who most of the other guys are. It Sucks we have gotten here, but it sucks we are talking of removing the kickoff, and moving games to other countries too.

    That is where the NFL is going though, and as they lose true fans of the game, they will surely pick up the young crowed.

  6. Any network that employs Warren Sapp can’t be expected to have any ethics.

    It’s a sick sad joke and I’m sure Tebow would say the same if asked. Find out who NFL Network suit that produced this canker sore of a program and publish his email address ok?

  7. What a joke! How could any serious person even for a moment think a third rate player like Tebow even remotely belongs in this company? For that matter, Newton doesn’t belong either, but not for the same reason. He at least has a shot at being a great quarterback, although one rookie season hardly establishes it. Let’s wait and see on him.

  8. This is why people hate Teobw – the media obsession with this guy is ridiculous and the urban legend they have created is both untrue and unbelievable.

  9. Why does no one appreciate Tim Brown??? First the second best receiver EVER continues to get shunned by the hall of fame and now were going to rate Cam Newton and Tim Tebow as better pros? Lol this is a joke

  10. Not even the most delusional Tebow fan could possibly agree with that. Just riduculous.

    If anything he should be on the Ten Worst Heisman Trophy Winners to Play in The NFL.

  11. And didn’t Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson win Heismans?

    I don’t remember anyone giving up their entire draft for Tebow.

  12. And the numbers say that Danny Wuerffel had a better career in college AND a better career in the NFL than Timmy. Why isn’t Wuerffel on this list?

  13. I made a list of the ten best and ten worst of the NFL Network.. and their ten best ten worst was number one on my list…

  14. The “in the NFL” is what makes the list laughable. Take that off and I don’t think there is much room for argument. Tebow was one of the greatest college football players ever.

  15. The media is completely a joke. Only pretend “journalists” of this day don’t see it and think they are fooling anyone. Let’s just add NFL network (Sapp should have taken care of this a few weeks ago) to the ever growing list of media with zero credibility or integrity

  16. I’m a big time Tebow fan and I think this is absurd. I’m not happy with NFL Films pandering for ratings rather than documenting NFL history.

  17. That USA today article HAS to have this wrong. I can see ranking Tebow ahead of those guys based on what they all did in college (rankings of Hesimann winners that made it to the NFL), but ranking his pro career ahead of Campbell and Allen is outrageous, egregious, preposterous.

  18. Tim Tebow has done nothing to deserve even a “mention” when talking about the NFL Hall of Fame.

    Obviously, NFL films has an angle for making such a ridiculous comment….likely $$$$.

  19. Paul Vernon Hornung (born December 23, 1935) is a retired Hall of Fame professional football player who played for the Green Bay Packers from 1957-66. He, O.J Simpson and Earl Campbell are the only people to have won the Heisman Trophy, been selected as first overall National Football League draft picks, and been inducted into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame.[1]

  20. ” Insulting ” is putting it VERY mildly ! This list is PATHETIC !!! Whomever came up with it should go back to their old job of tightening
    lug nuts on Fords ! Or maybe they couldn’t do that right either !!!

  21. Glad you brought this to light. Disgusting by today’s NFL under Goodell who is so much the media button-masher at all costs. The old regimes conducted themselves with far more sincerity.

  22. this is a disgrace. disgusting. not sure he would even be in the top 20 much less the top 10.
    really doubt ed and steve sabol signed off on this

  23. This pisses me off more than any other NFL related story since the strike shortened season. Not just about the punt defender but Cam as well (whom I like very much despite being QB of a rival team). Man o Man this is ZERO respect for past/current players yes, but a complete slap in the face to fans.

  24. Is this ranking college careers or pro? If it is the former, Tebow is appropriately placed. If it is pro, he shouldn’t be on the list.

  25. You see people, THIS is why many out there hate Tebow. The way the media hypes the guy up like this p***es lot of people off. We’re sick of hearing about a guy who’s a a below average QB at best.

  26. I can several off of the top of my head who should be on that list and are missing:

    Plunkett, Bo Jackson, Testaverde, Tim Brown, and Eddie George. In all fairness, I’d put Carson Palmer way ahead of Tebow as well. Tebow is an NFL backup quarterback.

  27. I think Denver would have gotten much more for Tebow if it weren’t so clear that Elway was trying to dump him and would take anything.

  28. This is why Tebow is annoying — his popularity is entirely derived from how marketable he is. The fact that he is a blocker in punt return formations doesn’t matter because if any network says the name “Tim Tebow” on the air, its like they instantly make $5 million. Polling, marketing research, and professional stylists have far more to do with Tebow’s career than touchdowns, wins, and (certainly) completions.

  29. Never mind the ridiculousness of placing players with 1-2 years of NFL experience on a list of “greats”… how do you put Tebow above Cam Newton???

  30. I see Tiki has resurfaced as cardiovascularendurance, LOL.

    But seriously, the point is well taken. The list is outrageous, egregious, preposterous.

  31. If this list implies NFL success as well as NCAA success then they were irresponsible in their selections of Tebow and Cam. I don’t want to be drawn into a discussion that bashes these two young men. This list isn’t about them. Whomever compiled said list should be subjected to all the ridicule we can muster. As a man in my lower 30s who has only seen Earl Campbell in classic footage and game re-airs which lack context I can only say that he seemed to be a great RB and the plays he made were spectacular. He did these things over the course of a CAREER that lasted longer than Tebow’s 2 seasons. C’mon NFL Network, stop pandering!

  32. So now the NFL has sunk to the level of MTV. MTV was infamous for the “best of” lists that always included the latest and hottest performers.

    Shame, NFL Films. Shame on you!

  33. This is pathetic as the NFL just ignores it’s own history.

    Heisman winners on this list not even ranked:

    1. Alan Ameche
    2. Doak Walker
    3. John David Crow
    4. Mike Garrett
    5. Leon Hart
    6. Howard “Hopalong” Cassady
    7. Steve Owens
    8. George Rogers
    9. Billy Simms
    10. Ricky Williams

    All of the above had productive careers, far more productive than Tebow, many like Ameche, Walker, Hart, Cassady and Rogers were key contributors on championship teams. Others like Crow, Simms, Owens, and Williams were among the league leaders for a substantial period of time.

    And they are not even listed, yet Tebow in #7.

    Pathetic, and damning in how the league does not give a rip about its own history.

  34. This is absolutely astonishing.

    NFL films has worked decades establishing a great reputation and has basically thrown it away with one foolish attempt at getting pub for one of it’s productions.

    Someone from NFL films needs to go on the record justifying/explaining this.

  35. This couldn’t be more disrespectful to those who are in the Hall of Fame. The only way Tebow goes to the Hall is as a fan, like the rest of us. He is a great person, but that has nothing to do with football. He is a good football player (not QB), he will never be great, and that is what the Hall of Fame is reserved for. The media is going to ruin any chance Tebow has of making a name in the NFL by ridiculous articles such as this. Do the kid a favor and let him “earn” what he gets instead of annointing him with everything you want him to be. That is how every other player in the league has to do it…

  36. I actually turned this on at #9 at which point I thought this should be a great list. Maybe seeing Cam at 10 would have softened the blow but when Tebow popped up I couldn’t believe it. Even my girlfriend looked up from the book she was reading and said “but isn’t he not very good?”

    I doubt pros actually care about these top tens but I might be seriously upset if I were Eddie George or Tim Brown…

  37. Ed Sabol founded NFL Films to celebrate the game’s greats. This does the exact opposite. Steve Sabol should be ashamed of himself for undermining the brand his father built.

  38. This is the most embarrassing and disrespectful article I have ever read…..Florio, you should be ashamed of yourself for printing this trash

  39. AMEN!!!! The NFL doesn’t have to sink to this level, or do they think we are truly dumb-ASSES because we will watch any drivel they put on? They are probably right about us, BUT no about this list

  40. I think you’re missing the point. Maybe they’re ranking the top 10 Heisman Winners (who made it to the NFL) based on their college performance, not their NFL careers?

  41. packerhater says: Apr 24, 2012 10:05 AM

    Stop with the Tim Tebow already.I am sick of hearing about the guy .Wait till he wins a Super Bowl or at least a play off game.

    Er… I’m not Tebow fan, but I do seem to recall that he’s got a playoff win…

  42. Wow! You mean we have a Hall of Fame’r playing on The New York Jets this year!

    Super, who is it? Revis???

  43. I looked at the list and couldn’t believe my eyes… Earl Campbell was listed BELOW Tebow? NFL Films, I have always enjoyed your products but THIS is a joke. You all should be ashamed. Please please, pull up some film of Earl and refresh your memory. Tebow barely belongs in the NFL, much less a list containing so many true all-time greats.
    Ed Sabol is certainly rolling over in his grave. He had too much integrity to allow a sham like this to see the light of day.

  44. Read the criteria. Heismann winners, which means college accomplishment. If thats the criteria than yes, he ranks high. He won multiple championships. If you are basing it on NFL accomplishment than yes he stinks and belongs at the bottom. Calm down ladies.

  45. Im not a Tebow fan by any means. But stuff like this makes me feel bad for the kid. He has no business on that list, and he would probably say that if asked. But the media is jamming him down our throats so much that people dislike HIM for it.

    The list is awful. If it is truly about NFL accomplishments then NFL Network deserves all the hate here.

  46. Just show me one … ONE highlight from Tebow that is better than competing highlight from Campbell or Allen. Again …. just one.

    How utterly embarrassing for NFL Flims.

  47. It was ridiculous that Ricky Williams name wasn’t even mentioned during the whole program.

    Ricky had all the talent in the world, and thousand yard seasons over a vast period of time, on sub-par teams. Watching Earl Campbell highlights I kept thinking “I can’t wait to watch Ricky… though I’m surprised they’d rank him higher than HOFer Campbell.”

    Tebow??? How can they blacklist Ricky for his troubles when they smoked so much they thought Tebow deserved to be on the list.

    That’s one rerun I will NEVER watch.

  48. I am starting to feel sorry for Tebow, he isn’t asking to be made a spectacle of inmany cases. He’s busy being a mediocre QB and the media pushes him to the forefront of EVERYTHING.

  49. Don’t blame NFL Films.

    This is the new era of the NFL where entertainment value is more important than on field performance, and it was ushered in by the owners insatiable lust for money.

    Look at all the Super Bowl hype. The first Super Bowl they had to give tickets away in Miami, but at least the focus was on football. Now even the commercials of the Super Bowl are anticipated and talked about. It’s all about entertainment and dollars, not football.

  50. I almost feel for Tebow. It’s not like he’s calling NFL films, PFT, and ESPN begging for coverage. The media is just all over him, and will be until he burns out. Fans will hate him because of the coverage. He’s really a good guy and a decent player, but the coverage is absolutely ridiculous.

  51. a 4th round pick for Newton, nope. disagree badly. Tebow was traded for that because he’s a project. Newton isnt a project and put up huge numbers last year. i think a team would trade a 1st round for him and at least a 2nd. no way is Newton (if traded) is given up for a 4th.

  52. Pfft… wake me up when Tebow actually accomplishes something of significance on the field. This is flat-out stupid (and to his credit, Tebow would probably say so himself if asked).

  53. A freaking travesty. Ron Dayne was a better Heisman winner/Pro than Tebow. Those of you attempting to defend this pile should also be ashamed.

    I do like the dude at number 1.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  54. I wonder if the author or many (any) of the commentors has ever seen an episode of “Top 10” series that this article is taken from. The show it tongue in cheek. Every one of the episodes involve some outrageous mis-ranking. It’s designed to generate debate.

    I guess they succeeded for this one. In spades.

  55. christiandrew25 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 10:56 AM
    another story where you rag on the other MORE POPULAR sport networks. *sigh* its like an annoying commercial everytime i come here.
    Wait a minute. I never realized that NFL Network was MORE POPULAR than NBC. Must have missed the latest ratings book. 🙂

  56. I agree that’s pretty weird (to say the least) to have Tebow and Newton on that list already.

    However, I disagree that Newton should be ahead of Tebow. While I understand your point about trade value, Newton’s trade value is based upon potential. Newton threw for a bunch of yards in a season that had Rex Grossman netting 300 yards on a consistent basis – so what?

    Tebow led his team to a season that defied all odds (other than the Patriots and the Super Bowl) and gave us a season we will never forget.

    Call me crazy, but I’ll take Tebow over Newton every time because I’ll take production over potential every time.

  57. Newton and Tebow are on the list for “buzz” and ratings…both translate to $. Sad. I’m actually surprised they didn’t include Reggie Bush for even more crazy pub

  58. This is NFLN turning into BSPN. One of the many reasons I left BSPN in the first place was utter trash like this. Ladanian Tomlinson has a better completion percentage than Tim Tebow, and so does JaMarcus Russell (I know they aren’t Heisman winners, but still).

    I am tired of Tebow Mania and any hype surrounding someone who really isn’t that good a player is insulting to all that ever strapped on a uniform in the NFL.

    I strenously object to Tebow being on this list…and Newton too for that matter.

  59. @ godofwine330: I love how Tebow haters always pick the completion percentage as the stat to pick on. I know why…because all of his other stats are quite good! How does Tebow’s RATING stack up against Russell’s? Heck, Tebow has a better career rating than Sanchez.

    btw- is “god of wine” a reference to the 3EB song?

  60. Is it based on the NFL ..then I can agree. But if it is really the best 10 season for Heisman winners..there is no question Tebow needs to be there.

    If it is on NFL, then no. But in college he was the dominate force in College in the game since Barry Sanders.

  61. This is the most ridiculous list I’ve ever seen with the inclusion of both Tebow and Newton. Neither is anywhere near the top 10 based on their career accomplishments to this point.

    And as for this comment from cbryan777 “Call me crazy, but I’ll take Tebow over Newton every time because I’ll take production over potential every time.” I’m going to have to call you crazy. It was only one year, I’ll give you that, but Newton’s production as a QB far surpassed that of Tebow’s (over 4000 yds passing, 21 td’s and 17 int’s for Newton, 1700 yds, 12 td’s and 6 int’s for Tebow). Not even close. I actually like Tebow as a role model and person, but come on, as a QB he’s not in the same class with any of the top 20 QBs in the NFL.

  62. Obviously, neither Tebow nor Newton belong on this list.
    Now then, did somebody just say Newton has already had a more impressive NFL career than Tebow?
    Let’s go ahead & take a quick look at that:
    Wins & Losses: Tebow = 8 wins, 5 losses
    Newton = 6 wins, 10 losses
    Playoff record: Tebow = 1 win, 1 loss
    Go ask any retired QB if he’d rather have had stats or wins.
    Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  63. What!? How did RGIII not make the list! Maybe he’s too selfish… This is clearly a list of the “Top Ten Least Selfish Hiesman Winnes in the NFL”. **OJ’s innocence, and then apparent grief, is obviously taken into effect.

  64. I have only seen a couple of those top 10 lists on NFLN and you could tell they are totally biased and total BS.

    I realize not everyone is going to agree with any top 10, but this particular one is disturbing on so many levels.

    The brass at NFL Network should be truly ashamed of this debacle.

  65. anyone who looked at the list and saw that Bo Jackson was not #1 should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to read the list.

  66. I would rank Carson Palmer ahead of both of them. Not that Palmer is a GREAT player, but statistically, he’s had a much better career than Cam Newton and Tim Tebow. While I typically enjoy the Top 10 shows on NFLN, this is just ignorant.

  67. fearadmiral says:
    Apr 24, 2012 10:16 AM
    Read the criteria. Heismann winners, which means college accomplishment. If thats the criteria than yes, he ranks high. He won multiple championships. If you are basing it on NFL accomplishment than yes he stinks and belongs at the bottom. Calm down ladies.

    Um…..Yeah. The list was the Top 10 Heisman winners based upon their performance in the NFL.

    Otherwise, it would just be a list of the top 10 Heisman winners, since virtually ever one spent at least some time in the league.

    BTW- enough with the “multiple titles” in college. Tebow wasn’t even the starter in the first game, Chris Leak was.

  68. Call me crazy but I think the list is for “Heisman winners that made it to the NFL.” End scene. Winners who didn’t make it to the NFL? Crouch, White, etc.

    I think the list is not including what they did in the NFL.

    Tebow did have one of the better seasons ever by a QB in college.

    If it is including what they did on the field in the NFL, then like everyone above said, this is a joke.

  69. There are four players in history who have won both the Heisman Trophy and Super Bowl MVP – only two of them are on the NFL Films Top 10 List: Marcus Allen and Roger Staubach, who deserve to be on the list. But Desmond Howard and Jim Plunkett are missing. In addition as others have written Paul Hornig deserves to be on the list.

  70. This is a disgrace and a complete slap in the face to those who accomplished way more!!!!!

    Ex-Heisman winner Carson Palmer did more than Cam Newton and Tim Tebow and I am saying this after he ruined the Raiders 2011 season!!!!

    But then again “The NFL’s Top 10” had a ranking of the best short players and left out Nick Buonaconti!!! I am not kidding!!!

    Who would have ever thought that the NFL top 10 program was getting as bad as the “who’s #1” program that ESPN used to have???

    For crying out loud, Reggie Bush did more!!!! I do not care if he had to return the Heisman!!! He still has not thus he should be on the top 10 list!!!

    He’s done more than Tim Tebow!!!

  71. jluns275 says: Apr 24, 2012 11:31 AM

    Obviously, neither Tebow nor Newton belong on this list.
    Now then, did somebody just say Newton has already had a more impressive NFL career than Tebow?
    Let’s go ahead & take a quick look at that:
    Wins & Losses: Tebow = 8 wins, 5 losses
    Newton = 6 wins, 10 losses
    Playoff record: Tebow = 1 win, 1 loss
    Go ask any retired QB if he’d rather have had stats or wins.
    Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    Nice to see that the mentally challenged have access to the internet these days.

  72. Ed Sabol should have put Steve up for adoption and left NFL Films to someone with an ounce of brains and a shred of integrity.

  73. Cbryan stated the following:

    “Call me crazy, but I’ll take Tebow over Newton every time because I’ll take production over potential every time.”

    If you take production, then it’s Cam. Just when you think you’ve seen the dumbest comment, along comes cbryan.

  74. This is so much bleeding-heart crap that it makes me sick. The only good part about this is that the article sits right next to another article about the Jets using Tebow as a punt returner.

  75. patpatriotagain says:
    Apr 24, 2012 11:48 AM
    anyone who looked at the list and saw that Bo Jackson was not #1 should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to read the list.


    Please Pat. Everyone knows you read the whole list too.

  76. But I see the point. The fact that Cam and Tebow are even on the list is a complete joke. Bo Jackson should absolutely be in there. But not #1 by any means.

  77. The title of the show is:

    “The Top 10 Heisman Winners in the NFL”


    “The Top 10 NFL Players That Have Won the Heisman”

    “Tebow already better than three Hall of Famers”… Yes! In college!

    Michael David Smith, understand the titling of the show before you start a flame war against Tim Tebow! Moron!

  78. @mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports
    btw- is “god of wine” a reference to the 3EB song?


    No, though I do love that song. Dionysius is my middle name. Dionysius is the Greek God of Wine. (Tim Tebow is crouched down in the room he let me down I said it. Now I’m going down, and he’s not even around…)

  79. Ricky Williams? Eddie George? Tim Brown? Hershel Walker? Billy Sims? Archie Griffin? Alan Ameche?

    Wtf? These people need a lobotomy.

  80. Ty Detmer has done more in the NFL than Tebow, and you could argue that the season BYU won the national championship he had one of the greatest seasons ever by a college QB. This list must have been scribbled on a napkin during happy hour at the local Red Lobster.

  81. Thank you Jesus and baby Jesus that he’s not a Bronco anymore.
    Also, new to Denver this year…the forward pass.

  82. I guess I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It’s no the top 10 NFL players who have won the Heisman. It’s the top 10 Heisman winners who played in the NFL. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

  83. Ty Detmer has done more in the NFL than Tebow, and you could argue that the season BYU won the national championship he had one of the greatest seasons ever by a college QB.

    Wow, that IS impressive, considering Detmer won the Heisman in 1990, and BYU won the National Championship in 1984, which means Detmer had one of the greatest seasons ever by a college QB when he was in junior high or high school.

  84. what a joke.. wasnt even worth mentioning or posting.. or maybe it is, just to show the sheer stupidity of it and get a good chuckle out of it..

  85. Seriously, who did this list? I am not saying that he was great, but Vinny Testaverde played until he was 4o and had moderate success in the NFL. How could they even suggest that Tebow was or is better than Marcus Allen or Earl Campbell. That is an insult of the highest order. Testaverde should be on the list at the bottom and Tebow should be in those 30 sec spots where they suggest or mention a guy because he won the award. But to suggest that he should be in the top 10 or above the those 2 players is absolutely insane!

  86. For those saying this has more to do with college accomplishments than NFL, why isn’t Archie Griffin on the list. Seems to me since he won 2 Heismans, he would be number one.

  87. The list doesn’t specify if it means the best Heisman winners who played the best in the NFL or if it’s the best Heisman performance of all NFL players who won Heismans.

    Either way, no sense getting your panties in an uproar over it. This is like people whining that Tebow was on the best 100 players of 2011 list. Is Tebow one of the top 100 players in the league? No. Absolutely not. Was he one of the top 100 players during the 2011 season? Without question. The guy probably would have been top 5 in MVP rankings for last season. I know it’s sad, but it’s true.

    Yes, Tebow stinks. But he was dominant during his Heisman season and it was one of the most memorable of any Heisman winner, and the guy was an unbelievable 4th Quarter force last season.

  88. I’m sure this has been adressed but is it best while they were at college or best in the NFL?

    Best in the NFL Tebow doesn’t belong…well in the NFL. Best in college, there is much more of a debate to be made.

  89. They made the playoffs because Marion Barber is dumb, and because they got bailed out after losing to an injury-ravaged Chiefs team led by the guy Tebowmaniacs booed out of town.

    Any other quarterback with Tebow’s numbers would be laughed at.

    Instead, Tim Tebow instead is being made the face of the league.

    Spectacle at its finest.

  90. I’ve seen these “Top 10” shows on the NFL Network before, and to say they’re ill-informed, poorly thought out, and heavily weighted towards recent players at the expense of older NFL-ers is being kind. And it’s routine for these shows to feature comments by talking-heads who are badly informed, grossly biased, or both. The “Top 10 Not in the Hall of Fame” list, for one, was a colossal embarrassment for anyone who knows anything about the subject. And including Cam Newton and Tim Tebow in this one is flat-out stupid — substitute Tim Brown and Doak Walker for both.

    In short, these lists have no credibility or integrity whatsoever. And they’re one very good reason why I recently downgraded my cable service to drop the NFL Network.

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