NFL suspends Jerome Simpson three games

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Jerome Simpson doesn’t know where he’ll be playing in the 2012 season, but he does know how many games he’ll have to sit out at the start: three.

Adam Schefter ‏of ESPN reports that Simpson, a free agent receiver, is being suspended three games under the league’s substance abuse policy.

Simpson recently served a 15-day jail sentence after he pleaded guilty on March 1 to a felony charge stemming from his September arrest for getting about two pounds of marijuana shipped to his northern Kentucky home. He has continued to draw interest from teams including the Rams and the Vikings, and it’s also possible that he could return to Cincinnati, where he has played his entire four-year career.

Although he had been something of a disappointment as a 2008 second-round draft pick, Simpson is coming off a 2011 season that was by far his best as a pro. Simpson played in all 16 games, starting 14, and caught 50 passes for 725 yards and four touchdowns.

39 responses to “NFL suspends Jerome Simpson three games

  1. Watch him be like Tank Johnson and serve his suspension time while not signed, only to be signed and start right away for the Cowboys. Makes as much sense as Plaxico serving his suspension time while in prison. That will teach them a lesson.

  2. A dirty urine. Screen for weed is a 4 gamer. Seems like a felony distribution should be a bit more severe.

  3. Mullman 7675 says: “Regardless, still a spectacular play for a TD. He stuck that landing like a russian gymnast. Somebody will pick him up…”

    Only the Russian gymnast doesn’t have someone trying to tackle him/her.

  4. The Bengals never fail to disappoint. The team that’s notable for it’s malcontents; Well, atleast that’s one way for Cincinnati to stay relevant, sorta….

  5. Who was really mad at the time was the rest of the players that was ready to get smoked out, plus he was charged possession which is a lesser charge than intent to distribute, example Sam Hurd

  6. Solid citizen of society. Really. Could this man contribute less? He should take his flip trick to Barnum & Baileys. Stupid players, seriously, do they really care this little? And way to go NFL, you certainly sent a strong message with this punishment. Expect to see international traffic go up now, with the likely culprits being the multi-millionaires who can support being large quantities and suffering little to no damage. Pathetic.

  7. Unless I’m forgetting something…didn’t the Bengals make the playoffs again last year? Two times in the past three years? It’s so funny watching people complain about how much trouble they get in to and yet they continue to win…must be jealousy or stupidity from other fans…just sayin’

  8. Interesting that the NFL can suspend someone who is, technically, not a player since is is not under contract to any team (just like me, lol). Actually they are doing him a favor since teams are understandably reluctant to sign him without knowing how bad the punishment would be in advance.

  9. i10east says:
    atleast that’s one way for Cincinnati to stay relevant, sorta

    Playoff team, dude. Get over it.

  10. seanb20124 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 6:29 AM
    A dirty urine. Screen for weed is a 4 gamer. Seems like a felony distribution should be a bit more severe.
    He didn’t have dirty urine. He was caught having marijuana sent to his KY house. There wasn’t anything saying he was smoking it. Most likely he was dealing it. That’s why he didn’t receive 4 games. I hear ya though. Should be the same type of punishment.

  11. It’s sad, he’s got $100 Million level of physical ability but it seems to be combined with a 10 cent head. He has potential to be a number 1 receiver, but as it is now, he’s a 3 at best.

    The flip was amazing, but it doesn’t really make up for the multiple games where he seemed to disappear entirely.

  12. So 2 Redskins players get 4 games each for smoking…and this guy only gets 3 games for felony distribution?? If he played for a team that Goodell really liked the suspension would only be one game.

  13. Love all the… Anyone of them would love to have this guy on their team. Its not like he raped someone or murdered someone. Personally, I hope he’s back in stripes next year! WhoDey!

  14. So, stomping someone’s arm and doing no damage is worth 2 1/2 games, but felony marijuana charges are worth 3 games?

    Did the NHL take over the punishment system?

  15. 15 days? If that was anyone else who’s not an NFL player, they would get like 2 years of jail. So much for “nobodys above the law” or “treating like cases alike”

  16. Name me one player besides Payton that doesn’t smoke cronic? Its rampant in the NFL might as well just legalize that – what’s it do for them anyways? Doesn’t make them stronger. Eff it. This kid has major talent upside I hope Miami gets him… anything is better than what we have now.

  17. He only got 3 games because this was his first offense. The guys that get 4 games for a dirty test had a prior incident.
    The thing I’m wondering is why the cops haven’t followed through on charging at least one other Bengal player. They were saying Simpson was getting this for himself and other player(s) and they would release names in the near future.

  18. Yet another example of the inconsistency with which Goodell and Co. level fines and suspensions.

    Makes you wonder if there’s even any method at all in their madness.

  19. I think the Bucs have twice as many arrests as the Bengals over the last year and change.

    Oh, and to the lions fan here, don’t worry about Nstompagain Suh. Your entire 2011 draft class is facing the same suspension for smoking a jay.

  20. What an animal! I mean really, imagine the gall of this man wanting to smoke pot in his own home. Throw him in jail for life with the rest of his ilk.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit down and have another tall glass of scotch.


    Guy Who Thinks Pot Should Be Illegal But Also Thinks It’s Just Fine To Get Schlitfaced on Alcohol.

  21. 2.5 lbs of weed in the mail, isn’t that a felony? Only 15 days in jail and 3 year probation and a 3 game suspension………….Who did he rat out? Jerome better change his name and move somewhere quiet. How MN, Simpson JeromeO # 82 starting WR!

  22. stilllovemybungles says: Apr 24, 2012 8:27 AM

    Its not like he raped someone or murdered someone. Personally, I hope he’s back in stripes next year!


    Don’t worry — I’m sure he will be back in stripes sooner or later.

    He’ll probably be a starter in the California Penal League…

  23. the police assume distribution beyond a certain weight mark – I don’t know how the switch from possession to distribution works in Kentucky. But does anyone think that these professional athletes buy drugs regularly? he probably had a few friends go in on this so he could stock up for a month, then got slapped with all two ounces.

  24. the guy should be a felon, possession with intent to distribute, having said that, “Welcome to Minnesota!”

  25. So let me see….

    Accused – but never charged, convicted or pleaded out = six games later reduced to four

    Plead guilty to a felony – of a crime that we cannot think sets a good example for the youth of America – 3 games…

    The great God-L is not very even handed IMHO

  26. “bryguy39 says: Apr 24, 2012 7:02 AM
    Go get him Vikings! would be a solid #2 behind Percy!”

    I see what you did there.

  27. Being accused of a crime is apparently worse than being arrested, charged, and found guilty of a crime.

    Good old Roger. Proving once again that his system is the most arbitrary system in all of sports.

  28. I read an article somewhere that said Simpson had a family member living in the home where the Marijuanna was delivered. It isn’t even clear if he lives at the home or knew about what was going on. With that being said, Jerome is still responsible for what’s being brought into his home and he needs to make better decisions going forward. I believe that’s why the suspension was only 3 games.

  29. “He has continued to draw interest from teams including the Rams and the Vikings”

    Proof positive that intelligence and character mean nothing in the NFL. Sad to see this interest in a criminal buffoon at a time when the NFL is alledgedly attempting to clean up its image and sell more of a “family” product.

  30. I don’t believe that the suspension starts until he is actually on a team.

    And he is actually one of the biggest philanthropists in the NFL. That doesn’t excuse his crime, for which he got a slap on the wrist and the rest of us would get 10 years. He is pretty well know around Cincinnati for being generous with his time and his money. Now how he got the money…

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