Nick Saban is tired of pre-draft misinformation


The months leading up to the NFL draft are football’s “silly season,” and everyone knows it. Pre-draft misinformation is rampant. Alabama coach Nick Saban has had enough.

“I think one of the worst things about the draft now is how everybody gets beat up,” Saban said in a Tuesday interview with ESPN Radio in Dallas. “Trent Richardson is the finest guy that I have ever been associated with as a coach, in terms of a person — forget about a football player. I’m just saying, your daughter’s dating him and you love him. I mean, that’s how he is.

“And some team called [me] the other day and said, ‘Can you explain to us? They say Trent used to hang around the wrong people.’ I say, ‘Where in the heck did that come from?’ I mean, I don’t know how anybody drafts anybody. There’s so much misinformation out there. How do you get the right information?”

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  1. as long as there is no playoffs in college football,

    there is never a true legit undisputed champion crowned

  2. Nick-
    Maybe that is why you failed miserably in the NFL and do well in college. You recruit miscreants and make them win for your college. They don’t need to pass the curriculum at Alabama, hell they don’t even have to go to class. You are a horrible person who will get busted for NCAA infractions at some point in your career.


  3. Well, I guess that is as close to an explanation as we will get from Nick on all those sh!tty drafts he had as a Dolphin Head Coach. Eddie Moore Anyone? Anyone want Jason Allen?

    Thanks for the memories Little Nicky.
    Oh, and the insight is JUST A FEW DAMMNN YEARS LATE!


  4. I know for a fact that Trent Richardson has hung out with shady, untrustworthy characters in the past. I saw him in the National Championship game getting all up close and cozy with Nick Saban himself. Talk about a shady character…they don’t get much shadier than Saban.

  5. What a great question, Nick. This does give us some insight into why your tenure in Miami was so horrible. Maybe its just a Miami thing, seeing as how they’re discussing drafting a Texas A&M quarterback…

  6. Nick Saban is one to talk about that after lying to the Phins fans and Press swearing he wasn’t going to Bama……

  7. Ugh, Nick, the NFL is a multi-BILLION dollar business. If teams figure they can grab a small edge by throwing out a little misinformation, they’re going to do it. This will never stop.

  8. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? He is the king of misinformation. Didn’t he misinform everyone when he said he was not taking the Alabama job more than once?

  9. You get the right information by not asking Saban – at least not in a Miami Dolphins’ press conference. Or by believing the opposite of what he says……..

  10. Well, that picture of Saban with Obama pretty much smudges his reputation as a great judge of character.

  11. “Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones”

    When Nick Saban was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins he gave misinformation to the media by stating that he would not be the next head coach at Alabama.
    Then after he became the head coach at Alabama he denied giving misinformation to the media.

  12. I mean, I don’t know how anybody drafts anybody. There’s so much misinformation out there. How do you get the right information?

    I guess that explains your time and players chosen during your stay in miami. I hate nick satan what a lying piece of dung.

  13. mjbulls45 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 9:17 PM
    as long as there is no playoffs in college football,

    there is never a true legit undisputed champion crowned


    Right or wrong, what does this have to do with the article?

  14. That is some really high praise, and I think it means a lot coming from Saban, because he’s not the type of person who says this kind of stuff every day. I think he just heard some bad stuff going around about Richardson, and felt he had to clear his name. He’s probably used to hearing this stuff every year, so I can see why he’s fed up with it. It might be smart from a front office standpoint, but these are still people. I don’t know why he’s getting beat up so much in the comments – those are genuine remarks right there.

  15. Saban indignant about misinformation? You gotta be kidding me. He’s still denying that he has any interest in the Bama job.

  16. As a Gators fan I dislike Saban with a passion, but I don’t really have a problem with what he’s saying here. He’s just defending his former players. It’s unrealistic to think that speaking out about it will change anything, but I understand his frustration.

    Believe me, I’ll jump on any opportunity to bash Saban, but I don’t really think this is one of them.

  17. If he wasn’t coaching the Tide I don’t think I would like him but dude can coach and im always willing to take a few more championships.

  18. Joe Paterno is dead following the worst scandal imagineable, Jim Tressel is out of a job for ignoring free tattoos and Nick Saban is lecturing us about lies and false information??? Down is up, up is down, cats are playing with dogs…what the hell is going on here!

  19. saban is talking about misinformation!!!
    Although he has been hugely successful with alabama… he has lost all right to preach about all the BS people feed to media…

  20. And I would think Michigan State, LSU and the Miami Dolphins are sick of the “misinformation” that this piece of garbage gave to them. This is one of the last guys in college that should say anything about how things are supposed to be done.

  21. Little Nicky is tired of misinformation…he is really 5 foot 7, not 5 foot 6.. And, he is not a redneck…only the entire city of Tuskeyloser is….

  22. Really, I don’t give a damn what Nick Saban thinks. Just remember .. if you can’t coach an NFL team .. then why business do you have; talking about them?

  23. “How do you get the right information?”

    You call people like YOU (coaches, other players) and ask them questions, just like some team did with you.


  24. This meltdown is beyond hilarious, so here’s a head’s up for the clueless. With 3 BCS championships to his name, and more headed his way, Saban can pretty much say whatever the hell he wants and all you disgruntled and miserable fin fans (and other pathetic haters) might as well get used to it.

  25. I’m a Florida fan, so by law, I’m required to hate all things Alabama. But I don’t. After the tornadoes went through Tuscaloosa, I went on a disaster relief trip there with a group called Samaritan’s Purse and helped people clean up after the devastation. So my opinion changed. Even I’m tired of everyone hating on Saban. The guy wins championships. If you’re hating him, it’s probably because YOUR team LOST to him. Get over it already. If you think he or his program do things that your coach or your program don’t do (aside from winning national titles), then you’re either naive or just plain stupid.

    Bottom line, he’s right in this instance. The NFL hires people to dig up dirt on prospective draftees. If they come back with nothing, it’s assumed they haven’t done their job. If a guy kicked his cat when he was 4 years old, they equate that to first degree murder later in life. It’s idiotic.

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