PFT Live mock draft, part six

As we get closer to the draft, we get closer to finishing up the PFT Live mock draft.

Although it would indeed be easier to finish up the PFT Live mock draft if I were to wait until the draft itself begin.

Monday resulted in the unveiling of picks No. 21 through 24, with a bit of a surprise from the Bengals at 21, in light of whom they picked with pick No. 17, in part five of the PFT Live mock draft.

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8 responses to “PFT Live mock draft, part six

  1. You know what would be nice? A phone-friendly video format. It’s 2012, Florio. Our employers can’t track our internet usage on our phones. Let’s go.

  2. Clearly he has no clue what he is talking about.. Bengals taking two corners in first round? Forget about Leon Hall?? Who was a top 10 corner in the league before he got hurt. At 17 Bengals take best corner available, and at 21 they take Floyd, or Decastro if he is still there.q

  3. I’m not saying the Bengals are going to take two cornerbacks in the first round, but I have a video mock draft on the internet that says they’re going to take two cornerbacks in the first round.

    The Bengals have too many holes to draft 2 corners in the first round, especially having signed 2 corners in free agency.

    But yeah, if it happens then Florio can say he was the only person in the world that called it. Or can he if he’s not saying they’re taking 2 corners in the first round?

  4. Choosing an OL guy at #24 makes too much sense.

    Therefore, the Stoolers won’t do that. They will
    chose a DL guy (probably Poe) and he will be a
    BIG bust and I’ll laugh a whole lot…

  5. Oh and Leon Hall bruh r u crazy? Top 10 LMFAO no waaaay!! Top 20 and maybe top 15 but even that is a stretch!! But better than any corner playing for the Lions right now so I’ll shut up now……

  6. Leon Hall is without a doubt a top 10 corner in this league… Maybe not now that he has a torn achillis.. But before he was. He didnt have tons of pics every year because of 2 things. 1 the division, AFC North is smash mouth football and the running backs get a lot of the work load. 2, when QBS throw the ball they would throw it away from him, because lets face it the bengals had Leon Hall and a bunch of ok at best CB’S. Look at the numbers when it was Leon Hall and J Joe. together.. If the Bengals had any other decent defensive back, Hall’s numbers would look alot better.

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