Pilar Sanders, wife of Deion, arrested for assault

Pilar Sanders, the estranged wife of Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, was arrested for assault on Monday after Deion said she attacked him in front of their sons.

The website for the Colin County, Texas, jail says that Pilar Sanders was arrested for assault-family violence, a Class C misdemeanor.

Sanders wrote on Twitter Monday that his wife had attacked him: “Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She’s going to jail n I’m pressing charges!” Sanders wrote.

In two more tweets that Sanders has since deleted, he wrote that he had previously told the local police he was concerned his wife would “harm me and my boys,” and he linked to a photograph of himself and his sons filling out police reports.

Sanders filed for divorce in December. In March, Pilar Sanders filed a lawsuit against Deion, saying he had made libelous and slanderous statements about her.

Deion Sanders is scheduled to be part of NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL draft, starting on Thursday.

78 responses to “Pilar Sanders, wife of Deion, arrested for assault

  1. They’re both pathetic. And this comes from a Deion worshiper growing up. He’s an egomaniac and I can totally see her doing this. They’re both foul.

  2. My initial response: “Grow up, Deion!”

    Seriously, if you think its a big deal (and it is) that your ex-wife and an accomplice assaulted you in front of your children – then its a big enouh deal to not wage come phony-ass PR war over twitter.

    Press charges and deal with it like a man, not a over-excited teenager.

  3. Not for nothing Prime, but a man tells a woman he wants to file for divorce to her face. She shouldn’t have to find out you want to end the marriage through social media.

  4. I bet she can take him. She probably hit Deion harder then he was ever hit in the NFL.

  5. Wait wait! My Wife and her friend assaulted me and are being arrested. Quick! Grab my phone I,ve got to get this on Twitter.
    WTF is wrong with this guy?

  6. 1) You don’t slam the mother of children on Twitter. Whether you hate her or not, whether she’s a psycho or not, she will always be “mom” to your kids. You hired a lawyer to get her out of your life. That’s the one person who needs to know.

    2) You’re so “afraid” that your wife is going to attack you and the children that you talk to the local police about it and then you turn around and LET her in your bedroom while the kids are there? You’re either a liar or an idiot or both.

  7. “Women….they’re all crazy….Some hide it well and some just let it show!!”
    —Jamey Johnson, country music artist/philosopher

  8. I’m sure the network that employs him loves him tweeting about his domestic problems. This type of behavior seems more like a facebook post from a middle school student.

  9. Dont feel bad Pilar, millions of viwers want to do the same thing everytime Deion comes on TV and opens his mouth.

  10. Another NFL Network loser. One wonders if Goodell even watches his own network.

    Between him, Sapp, Theisman, etc they have become the employer of last resort after ESPN dumps them.

    I guess we can only be thankful Sean Salisbury didn’t end there too.

  11. Deion, I’m a fan of yours. But do you really think it’s a good idea to air family scandals in public? You have a prominent job in the football world at NFL Network. How about a little discretion.

  12. “Yo Deion, stay off da twitter, will only get u in trouble.”……your friend Warren Sapp

  13. Why do all of these NFL networks employ egotistical, barely illiterate bruthas nobody liked during their playing days? (deion, michael irvin, shannon sharpe, cris carter, keyshawn johnson, rodney carter, etc). How about some articulate, classy former stars like Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Jason Taylor, etc? I expect Lawrence Taylor to be hired any day now.

  14. Deion is trying to get out in front of this thing before TMZ posts their take on what happened. Had Pilar decided to call police, guess who would be in jail? He looks bad today, but at least no one is accusing HIM of domestic assault

  15. Hey Primetime you gotta watch out for those hot crazy women. Remember what happen to your boy in ATL when he was messing around with Left Eye. Best bet is to keep that mess in house and on the down low. Keep your kids out of it and stay away from crazy @ss women.

  16. Sanders should just wear a pink bandana from now on to show how much of a vertical smile he really has

  17. Dude gets beat up by his wife and then tells the world about it?

    I don’t know, maybe you’d want to keep that quiet, Deoin.

  18. Domestic abuse is never funny….. But with that said… Why didn’t he just speed away on his rascal?

  19. If that’s a booking photo she looks pretty good. If they’re fighting for custody, Deon made the right move in calling the cops (not necessarily the Twitter thing though).

  20. It’s a shame she didn’t beat him into a coma so the rest of us wouldn’t have to listen to his dumb ass on television. This guys been around way too long.

  21. Of course he was going to get the police involved. Based on his playing days, he doesn’t have the ability to tackle her in order to defend himself. Maybe pull her down by her shirt at best.

  22. “Sanders filed for divorce in December.”

    They are both named Sanders so this statement is completely ambiguous.

  23. Teacher to Class: What did you do this weekend.
    Dion Sanders Kids to class: We watched a girl beat up a guy. My mommy kicked my daddy’s butt and he is in the Pr oFootball Hall of Fame.

    Teacher to Class: Yeah your pops did not like to tackle either. But he sure did rip off the Redskins for bank.

  24. His Wiki says that Deion is a spokesman for Monitronics, a security system firm. If I were him…I’d drop that gig…it apparently doesn’t work.

  25. 4t9er says: Apr 24, 2012 9:06 AM

    Very smart. Men… always call the police first.
    I love when a guy has the brains to not hit back and call the police as well.

  26. This guy is an idiot.. who the heck goes on to tweeter to post pictures of him and his kids filing up a police report.
    deion: “hey officer, can you take a picture of us?”
    Officer: “hmm okay??”
    Deion: “Ok kids, pretend like you’re writing!”

  27. Here’s some good advice to both pugilists. Grow up! If you truly love your kids, you will stop all violence and bad-mouthing each other, and encourage the children to have a good, respectful and loving relationship with each parent. You’re hurting your kids by attacking each other, physically and verbally. Your kids don’t want to see and hear that because they love and need both parents. If you want to quarrel with or beat-up on each other, do it behind the scenes or through your lawyers.

  28. blacknyellablacknyella says: Apr 24, 2012 9:09 AM

    Why do all of these NFL networks employ egotistical, barely illiterate bruthas nobody liked during their playing days? (deion, michael irvin, shannon sharpe, cris carter, keyshawn johnson, rodney carter, etc). How about some articulate, classy former stars like Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Jason Taylor, etc? I expect Lawrence Taylor to be hired any day now.


    Your comment lost all credibility when u suggested emmitt smith be hired to SPEAK about anything lol.

  29. She’s in deep trouble. Everyone knows that if
    there was an altercation that she was the one
    who got physical because Deion never did like
    hitting anyone… even while on the football field &
    while making millions of dollars to do so…

  30. Know a “guy” that did the same B.S.to get a better settlement in the divorce. Pushed the right buttons until she snapped and punched the crap out of him (all 110 lbs of her) as he turtled in front of his Boys and their friends. Always was a weasel.

  31. daysend564 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 11:06 AM
    Dez Bryant should go hit that


    Why not? He already smashed Prime’s daughter, which is really the main reason Prime “dropped” him.

  32. lakermetskins says:
    Apr 24, 2012 10:27 AM
    I fell bad for her- she supported him even through Deion’s gerri-curl days.


    Remind me not to get you to write my history papers, especially when it comes to chronology, I’d fail miserably.

  33. Good for Deion for doing that because it’s an uphill battle for a guy regarding something like self defense. Besides he touches her and she can pull the “physical trauma, emotional trauma, etc” stuff.

    I feel for the kids and wish them well.

  34. I always thought Primetime was soft but geez. I used to yell at him for not tackling, now he’s getting beat up by the Mrs.

  35. A retired law enforcement officer and now a Divorce Coach, I oppose having both husband and wife under the same roof while attending to divorce issues. It is one of the shortest routes to jail, allegations of domestic violence, and just about anything else you can think of. This incident is just another example of how much can go wrong when you both stay. We protect clients from scenarios such as this. The father tweeting about it may have significant fallout for him too. Bad decisions all around. One of them should contact me before it gets any worse! Better decisions, fewer mistakes. CustodyCalculations.com

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