Report: Bills “extremely interested” in Mark Barron


Alabama safety Mark Barron’s stock has seemingly risen late in the draft process, and it’s peaking at the right time. The majority of recent mock drafts now have Barron going in the top 15, many to the Cowboys at No. 14. Few have Barron going in the top ten.

A Tuesday report from Joe Buscaglia of WGR 550, however, indicates that Barron may indeed crack the first ten selections. Per Buscaglia, the Bills are “extremely interested” in Barron, and he could “even be thought of as a favorite” to be Buffalo’s pick at No. 10 overall. The Bills reportedly view Barron as a “playmaker” and “day-one starter” who could solidify their secondary.

Buscaglia’s story also states that South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore, another seemingly late riser, is a strong alternative at the 10th pick.

On ESPN Tuesday night, draft analyst Todd McShay suggested Barron as a sneaky option for the Bills because he can match up in pass coverage with division-rival tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Former Colts president Bill Polian shot McShay down, referring to Barron as a “box safety” who plugs the run but struggles in coverage.

If Buscaglia’s report is correct, the Bills may side with McShay.

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  1. possible smoke screen to get someone to trade ahead of them and therefore push another prospect to 10? or maybe they really do want him. i think their safeties are fine he better be the next ed reed if he is the pick

  2. I’m sorry but when you have the resume of building the Super Bowl Buffalo Bills teams, a NFC Championship participant in it’s second year of existence, and turning the Colts into an annual contender…

    If Polian tells me Barron is a “box safety” then that’s what he is.

    McShay, who?

  3. The Bills’ beat writer on has mentioned this possibility before, as well. While I know the Bills like to go for the best player available it strikes me as odd that they would take a player who plays the same position as Jairus Byrd and George Wilson, both of whom were borderline Pro Bowlers last season.

  4. WHY? WHY? WHY? I totally understand drafting in the mid to later rounds to add depth to the secondary but the #10 pick? I’m torn between left tackle and receiver but I also wouldnt mind if they pick the LB from Boston college, I think he’s going to be the stud of the draft.

  5. There is so much smoke in the air it feels like I’m stuck in a room with Cheech and Chong. I just want the draft to start so we can see how bad all of these “experts” projections are off.

  6. McShay vs. Polian?

    McShay only knows what others say or write. My dog is a better scout than him.

    Polian has done what with an NFL franchise?

  7. He’ll be gone before the CowBabies get a chance to get a decent DB. As usual they’ll take some unknown and stay mediocre.

  8. i see this as trade bait nix does like barron but he doesnt have him in his top 10 player pool this is a trade bait statement for other teams who want him barron isnt that missing piece to complete the defense

  9. an obvious smoke screen from One Bills Drive….they are just trying to goat the Cowboys or Chargers to trade up for him.

  10. For Buffalo, Barron would be ideal. Behind the meat they’ll have on the rebuilt line, he could be a 150 tackle guy. Same with Kuehly.

    I could also see the going DeCastro or Reiff, but with solid 2nd round guys there one of the defensive guys to cap off their extraordinary off-season on that side of the ball. (And I say that as a Dolphin fan.)

  11. Well I guess there are a lot of worse teams to be drafted by than the Bills.

    Oh wait, not so many…

  12. I was watching highlights of him today, & like Barron. But he is a little tight in the hips lol, but can certainly play the run & blitz the QB. He can also hit which I like at that position, & he can be a playmaker even if he gets burned in the odd coverage…

  13. Why all the sudden are we listening to Bill Polian? The same guy that assembled the 2-14 Colts minus Manning. His last 5 first rounders have all been below average. The only reason he’s on television is because he was fired for assembling a bad team. His opinion does not have much merit anymore.

  14. Polian is right 100%. That’s the only weakness Barron has he very shaky on coverage. He’d be a top 5 pick of he was a complete safety.

  15. Buddy Nix and AJ Smith go way back, and so Buddy knows how bad AJ wants barron and is just trying to get AJ to fork over a bunch of picks for barron, which he going to do on thursday.

    AJ always gets his guy, even if he has to severally overpay and buddy is going to make him pay!

  16. McShay vs. Polian?

    McShay only knows what others say or write. My dog is a better scout than him.

    Polian has done what with an NFL franchise?

    Polian put Carr’s career and Leinart’s career over VY and has called Stafford a C. i don’t trust what either of them say.

  17. “Well I guess there are a lot of worse teams to be drafted by than the Bills.

    Oh wait, not so many…”

    is that guy serious? who wouldn’t want to play on the bills d at this point. a nasty d line makes everyone behind them look better

  18. I’d say this doesn’t make sense since they have two solid safeties already, but this is the regime that drafted C.J. Spiller when they already had Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson on the roster.

    I think there are a ton of potential players Buffalo could draft, but this safety isn’t terribly high on the list.

    Have to image they go after a linebacker, wide receiver, or offensive lineman.

  19. The Week of Lies. I believe nothing that I hear. What does this tell me? “Bills wouldn’t pick Mark Barron in the first round unless every other player were taken. They know that the Jets, Bengals, Boys and Patriots are all interested, among others. This might be their way of saying “We don’t know who to take!”

  20. Nowhere as great as Ed Reed, maybe good like Eric Berry will be one day… I say he’s closer to LaRon Landry (old LaRon Landry not new LL). But you would think the Bills wouldnt draft another safety top 10 since they fkd up with Donte Whitner

  21. I wouldn’t say Barron is weak in coverage, but I wouldn’t want him man to man on a receiver that often. In other words, he’s a safety and not a cornerback.

  22. Please don’t tell me this guy is smaller than 6’2″? The Bills usually draft small guys!

    Take a strong & big offensive player & a WR!

    Please don’t screw this draft up like they did in previous years when we could have drafted A REAL QB!

  23. I wonder who Joe Buscaglia’s source is? Mark Barron’s agent possibly? He’s no different than any blogger posting a mock draft online. About a week ago he had the Bills taking Cordy Glenn at #10, citing simply the Bills were “very interested in Glenn”. What he meant was the Bills brought Glenn in for a visit…Then he moved on to Dre Kirkpatrick, despite the fact Buddy Nix said on WGR Kirkpatrick benefited greatly from the defensive system at Alabama.

    George Wilson played very well last year as his first year as a starter (100+ tackles 4 INT in 13 games). He’s one of the big leaders on the team. I would be shocked if the Bills draft a safety to replace him. Whoever his source is, it’s not Buddy Nix, he’s not telling anyone what he’s thinking.

  24. Usually I have to dispute the stupidity that some people write on the posts in this forum but I can’t find fault with or the need to add anything to the comments on this post; it nice to see that we can have well informed and coherent comment conversations on here. Also this being a Bills post and I, a Bills fan, it boosts the pride that I have in my fellow Bills fans on here.

  25. bills can afford to take a chance with this pick… i would say go for it… they will be picking again in top ten next year… and year after that…

  26. Bills are really going at it with that defense if true. Makes sense in light of facing the Pats twice a year.

  27. Say what you will about Polian, but injuries aside, he’s picked some good safeties for the Colts (i.e. Bob Sanders – NFL Defensive MVP & 2 time Pro Bowler , Antoine Bethea – 2 time Pro Bowler). Bill is far from a loser in this area, so I would at least consider his criticism.

  28. I say this every year….NEVER EVER believe ANY and ALL draft rumors, whispers, or “reports” from “unnamed sources” leading up to the draft. Aside from the #1 pick every year, why would teams WANT to tell everyone who they want to draft?

    And yet EVERY YEAR, media outlets (and fans) fall into the same trap.

  29. Wouldn’t be a bad selection at all, the Bills will have to deal with Gronkowski and Hernandez for the next 10 years. Someone is going have to cover them, Wilson could be upgraded over.

  30. People saying bills are already pretty loaded at safety and this is just a move to get a trade need to look at contracts. Jarius Byrds contract is in its final year. George Wilson plays both SS and FS so seeing as they might not be able to retain Byrd they may very well be taking a safety that has proven himself in college in a pro style defense in the best conference.

  31. Buffalo is trying to trade down. Dallas(14) and San Diego(18) have a GENUINE desire to draft Barron. The Chargers know they have to leapfrog Dallas and Buffalo makes the perfect trade partner. Nix used to work under A.J. Smith in SD. That previous relationship helps.

  32. McShay didn’t say he could cover TEs. He said that he thought the Bills were rumored to be interested in him to cover TEs (like Hernandez and Gronkowski).

    I agree with Polian in this case, but I don’t think McShay was debating that.

  33. I smell smokescreen, but if I were a Buffalo fan, I’d be cool with Barron. You already fixed your d-line. Draft Barron and you guys will have a pretty kick-azz defense.

  34. Look I wish My fellow Bills fans would stop with the “Need” comment. One thing we should know by now is Nix will draft the highest rated player on his board. If that is Barron and he cannot slide out of 10 then the pick will be Barron it is not that hard to figure out.

  35. Smoke screens don’t just come from front offices … The media is all too willing to start a fire to provide the smoke!

    Barron is a fast riser right now so it takes very little to stoke the flames and blow smoke in every direction

  36. I feel like none of you have actually watched Barron. The guy is a “box” safety because that’s what he was asked to play. The guy is extremely intelligent and will be the signal caller for the secondary. He may have tight hips, but his instinctive play puts him around the ball at all times. This guy will be great and if he slips to Dallas he wont only be a steal, he’ll be DROY.

  37. Help Cleveland get chase!!! How can we push to get Cleveland to draft chase Minniefield son ofbrowns great frank minniefield

    That was relevant in a Buffalo Bills topic…

  38. McShay is an idiot?…no POLIAN is the idiot…arguably, he single handedly destroyed the Colts…coaching hires, bad drafts, 2-14…without Manning to bail him out, he architected the worst drafts of any franchise in the last 4 years…and look at their defense….would you want him running YOUR franchise right now…why do you think no one will hire him now….like Parcells, he’s WELL past his prime and the game has long passed him by….Barron is a pro-bowler…

  39. I’m glad the Cowboys are in a position to draft the best player available. No need to move up for Mark Barron. There are many good defensive players available in this draft. Sorry Bills .. we don’t care or believe you ..roflmao

  40. Being a cowboy fan when I see Barron I can’t help but think Roy Williams 2.0. I hope someone takes him before us because he at 14 is too high especially when the safety from LSU isn’t too far behind him and can be had in round 3.

  41. Good point Paul but I do think he is a lot better than Roy. Not good enough to stress over than 14th pick though

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