Rick Spielman says trade talk is starting to “heat up”


Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman has made no secret of his willingness to trade the third overall pick if the right offer comes through the door this month and that isn’t changing with the draft a little more than 48 hours away from starting.

Spielman said at a press conference Tuesday that it would take an offer “almost too good to be true” to get the Vikings to surrender the pick before draft night. According to Spielman, teams around the league are dipping their toes in the water to see if they can make such an offer.

“That front has really heated up over the last 24 hours,” Spielman said, via Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “And I’m sure it will continue to heat up as we head for Thursday night.”

It stands to reason that Spielman would like to see things heat up more between now and the third pick on Thursday night. While the Vikings have said they are considering three players with the third pick — USC tackle Matt Kalil, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon — they could also have their eyes on other players a bit further down the board that they’d be happy to pick while also gaining more picks in this or future years.

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  1. Spielman might as well play the game, and someone might bite with a great offer. I like the way Spielman’s playing this, not being shy about open to dealing the pick.

    The worst that could happen is they stay at 3 and take Kalil or Clairborne or trade down and gain picks and build the roster up.

  2. Are the Vikings retarded? LT is their biggest need, and Matt Kalil, widely considered the best LT prospect since Joe Thomas, falls straight into their lap, and they wanna trade out of the pick and pass him up! I hope they enjoy Ponder running for his life behind that weak O-line next season.

  3. “The Minnesota Vikings have traded their first round pick to the Green Bay Packers for the Packers’ fourth round pick, and two seventh round picks.”

  4. Dream on……………. you’ll prolly get a 2 and a 3 to move down 5 -7 spots or you can stay where you are and select the only BUM in the top 10

    BTW Don’t you usually sign players ” BEFORE ” they get in trouble and suspended by the league?

    Good signing on Simpson though….. Now Chris Cook will have a playmate in the hoooooozgow !!

  5. Sounds good to me, trade down just far enough to get extra picks and be able to draft Stephon Gilmore…. Question is, how far down can you go and still get him?

  6. My sources tell me that the saints will sign and trade Brees to the vikings for Ponder and the third pick with the vikings also getting the saints first pick in the second round.

  7. Just correcting you here, but Spielman said that it would have to take an unbelievable offer for them to deal BEFORE draft night, ALA the Redskins trade. Pretty big difference if you ask me. Im glad the talks are energizing though.

  8. RB Richardson is there for the taking. The Browns at #4 or the Bucs at #5 may want him. The Vikings could make either of those trades and still get Matt Kalil. So, why would you NOT answer the phone if a team comes calling?

  9. They should trade it to Dallas … like they say, the best way to build a Superbowl team is through the Vikings draft.

  10. Simpson? Haha. riiiiiight. Besides the fact that he is missing the first 3 games, he is one mistake away from a season long ban. Oh, and he isnt really that good. Serviceable? Sure, but to say that solves their need at WR is a total joke. I hope you were being sarcastic….or did Simson send you some of his supply?

  11. People are still using Jimmy Johnson’s old draft value chart, which places enormous value on high picks. If you have one, like Minn does, of COURSE you consider trading it if someone is dumb enough to give you the king’s ransom that old chart demands!

  12. Shouldn’t the Vikings consult with the city of Los Angeles on who they should take?

  13. and someone needs to trade up for richardson. This kid is AP 2.0…well, close enough anyway.

  14. It’s pretty simple. Matt Kalil’s name should already be written on the card to give to the Commissioner. Then you wait 9 and a half minutes for an offer to come in. If it doesn’t, Matt Kalil is your anchor on the line for the next 12 years.

    If the Browns really want Richardson, they will make an offer. They have a whole lot more than anybody else to offer the Vikings. Would the Browns 2nd rounder and swapping the 3rd and 4th overall be a fair offer?

  15. Just don’t expect 3 first round draft picks and a second for that one.

    There’s only one Redskins.

  16. Might trade with Tampa at #5. They probably want Trent Richardson and have to leapfrog Cleveland at #4 to get him. By only moving back 2 spots there is still a great shot at drafting Kalil. Would have to be prepared to take either Claiborne or Blackmon though because once they move back two spots no guarantee that Kalil will still be there.

    Make no sense to trade out of top 6 since there aren’t that many impact players this year.

  17. Finally a team made the Vikings a “too good to be true” offer. Three first round picks this year, and another three next year. Otherwise they wouldn’t have traded.

  18. “I’ll give ya the rights to Greg Williams and Mickey Loomis’ ear buds for the pick” – Tom Benson

  19. Richardson could be the reason a team like the Rams or Bucs trade with the Vikings. Pretty steep drop-off for running backs after Richardson, billed as the best since AP. Any team from #4 to #10 could possibly trade up. Everyone is keeping cool about Tannehill, who’s sure to go in the top 10. Vikings would be happy to pick up a 1st or 2nd round pick to drop a couple spots, multiple picks beyond that. I think they would be happy to pick up Michael Floyd with a couple extra 1st or 2nd round picks.

  20. The eagles should trade… Samuel, 2012 1st round pick, 2012 3rd round pick and 2013 2nd round pick for Vikings 2012 1st rounder (dunno if the points are correct on that trade or not) and the eagles should draft Matt kalil!

  21. Are vikings fans really that dumb? The Browns are not….I repeat NOT gonna move up to 3. Heckert already said there’s two players he wants at 4. So no, the Browns will stay put.

  22. Look at what ATL traded last year to move up for Julio Jones, they gave up 5 picks if I’m not mistaken, and they didn’t even trade up to #3. Now with new CBA and cheaper rookie contracts, the #3 pick is arguably more valuable then ever.

    Spielman likely wouldn’t trade away #3 just for an extra pick, in my mind it would take a minimum of the 5 picks that ATL traded last year (especially if they would be moving pretty far down the list). If he can get 5 picks for moving down a few spots, then that is a great deal.

    Ideal scenario would be to get 3-5 picks and only move down a few slots, but still stay in the top 10. If outside the top 10, then 5+ picks.

  23. Another case of pack fans trolling relevant Vikes info in the land of boredom and beer. Wipackman1265 must be referring to those good ol’ boy stand up Packers Eric Waldon, Johnny Jolly, Brandon Underwood, and Mosey Cade. I know Mosey Cade only married his cousin, but you defending him sort of says a lot about yourself. Who did you marry?

  24. Rick Spielman… Hmm…. Didn’t he run the Dolphins right into the ground after Jimmy Johnson assembled some legit talent?

    Isn’t he also the guy that gave the Vikings this guy:

    Bernard Berrian has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Vikings. The deal is for six-years and worth $42 million. The contract gives him a $16 million signing bonus. He’ll get $23 million in the first three years.

    And people actually BELIEVE this jibberish coming out of this ass clown’s mouth?

  25. The Vikings are obviously going to draft a tackle, but Kalil isn’t the only player at that position in the draft. Since the Vikings seem inclined to moving to a primarily two tight end offense, ala Patriots style, it seems that using an elite 1st rounder on the tackle position might not be wise. Using a two tight end formation will minimize the necessity of having an elite LT.

  26. This is a GM trying to create a buzz about a pick not worth trading for, after the 2 QBs are off the board the rest of the draft is a gamble. If teams were smart they would ignor this and let the vikes take a bust at #3

  27. For those of you saying this is a smoke screen…i don’t see it that way. Richardson is by far the best RB in the draft and with teams like Tampa Bay, St. Louis, and Cleveland that need and want Richardson the advantage goes to Minnesota here. I guarantee talks about a trade have heated up. It’s just a matter of who will give the most to the Vikings for that 3rd pick. I don’t see the Vikings picking at 3 at all right now!!

  28. This is making sense … I can see teams wanting to jump Cleveland for Richardson. If Tampa offered a second rounder this year or even next year why not take it and then grab either Claiborne or Kalil at 5.

    There are 5 elite players in the draft though so I think it would take more for St. Louis to climb up there for Richardson.

  29. If the clock is ticking on there selection and they plan on taking kallil and the Bucs call and offer a 3rd rounder to move up, why wouldnt Vikings say yes? Cleveland would not take kallil at 4 and vikes could get him at #5. All this talk about them getting 3-5 picks, extra 1st or 2nd rounders to move a few spots is a joke. If the Bucs want Richardson, they could get that pick on the heap at the last minute.

  30. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Apr 24, 2012 4:38 PM
    AJ Feeley and Lamar Gordon for the 3rd pick. Take it or leave it D-Bag.

    Well played, sir. hahaha. Only Dolphin fans understand that one. People downvoted you for the sake of not knowing what you were talking about. However, I appreciated it quite a bit.

    ** For those of you who don’t get it, Squealman traded 2nd and 3rd round draft picks for those 2 scrubs.

  31. pskotte says:Apr 24, 2012 4:08 PM

    You can now leave Blackmon off the list due to signing Simpson.
    I disagree. Having Simpson is fine but he is not a true #1. Having Blackmon would mean he would be a #1 WR, Simpson #2, Harvin in the slot. That would be best case scenario with receivers. Also, Kalil is not the only LT in the draft. Is he the best one? Absolutely, but not the only one.

    You can look at it many ways. Whats the point of having a receiver if the QB wont have time to throw the ball? Then, whats the point of having an LT if there is no one to throw to leaving defenses to stack the box against Peterson?

  32. Cleveland’s gotta take Richardson, they won’t trade the Vikes cuz they know he’ll still be there at 4. Tampa on the other hand might be interested in a trade if Richardson is their target as well. This would be a good trade as the Browns aren’t in the market for a LT. But then I’d be worried about another team trading up to #4 and snatching Kalil from under our noses. I say just draft Kalil and shore up the left side of the line for the next decade.

  33. cornerbacks in the vikings defensive system are doomed to fail.

    oh and by the way: they have no safeties! do not take Claiborne thinking you’ve solved your secondary issues!

    take Kalil where there is actual potential on the offense with Harvin, Peterson, and Rudolph

  34. This just in; an anonymous poster says the Browns have no interest in trading up. So, I guess that it won’t happen. Apparently the Vikings GM is talking bull but not the Browns GM! Well Mr. Brownie fan, I hope your team doesn’t want Richardson, because some team WILL trade with the Vikings and take him.

  35. gridassassin says:Apr 24, 2012 4:52 PM

    Isn’t he also the guy that gave the Vikings this guy:

    Bernard Berrian

    And people actually BELIEVE this jibberish coming out of this ass clown’s mouth?
    OH…you mean the clown that also got these unknowns in the past few years?

    Adrian Peterson
    Jared Allen
    Percy Harvin

    You done trying?

  36. .

    A lot of posts have Tampa trading up which I don’t believe will happen.
    Getting a Kalil, Richardson, or Blackmon would help. However, they need help in multiple areas and can ill afford to be losing picks.

    I believe that Tampa will be the most likely top 5 team to trade back.


  37. contra74 says:
    Apr 24, 2012 7:03 PM
    OH…you mean the clown that also got these unknowns in the past few years?

    Adrian Peterson
    Jared Allen
    Percy Harvin

    You done trying?


    You’d think with all that talent you’d win more than 9 games in 2 seasons…………….ass clown!

    You done trying?

  38. Done trying? There’s a reason he’s drafting 4th – his talent evaluation sucks. Adrian Peterson fell into his lap. He paid mightily for Jared Allen. Percy Harvin? Marginally above average IMHO. How did that first rounder work out for him last year btw?

  39. Im hoping the Vikings get an offer to slide to 5 or 6. It basically comes down to if the Bucs want Richardson. If they do it would only make sense that they move up to 3. If that does happen I really hope that either Kalil or Blackmon is the pick.

  40. Here’s my guess….

    Tampa (assuming they value Richardson that far above Blackmon and Claiborne) has told the Vikings they have a standing offer, probably their 3rd round pick, to move up. the Vikings will entertain offers and see if someone is willing to give up far more than they should to get the #3, but ultimately will take the Bucs offer knowing that Cleveland won’t take Kalil. then, as soon as that deal goes through, they start talking to teams that might want to leap the Rams for Blackmon. If a deal is presented that will allow them to still take a good player at a position of need (like Floyd or Barron) and still leave them with the ammunition to move up into the back end of the 1st and nab Martin to fill the hole at LT, they will take it. Otherwise, they take Kalil and call it good, then see who falls to them in the second. Harrison Smith, maybe?

  41. Hey gb4mn0, you still a little bitter about Karen Rogers discount double choke last year? Non bandwagon fans unlike yourself know the Vikes are rebuilding, and we are cool with where were at,
    but what’s your excuse. If all your players weren’t in jail, you may have walked away with at least a conciliation prize last year?

  42. I love the Vikes and I hope Spielman can trade down a couple of spots, but homeboy is overplaying this ‘trade talk heating up’ stuff.

    He reminds me of a 10th grade kid that privately so badly wants to get laid and publicly acts like he is shagging girls left and right. I’m not buying Spielman’s jibberish and neither should the Browns, Bucs, et al.

  43. Hmmmm… what was the last Packer running back that was a threat? Hahahaha. But man they keep trying don’t they? That wizard McKarthy keeps swinging and missing…. Dorks….

  44. Give the Bucs #3 and our 3rd round pick, for their #5 and 2nd round pick. That way we could still get Kalil, and then pick up a WR and S in round two.

  45. gridassassin says: Apr 24, 2012 9:31 PM

    Done trying? There’s a reason he’s drafting 4th – his talent evaluation sucks. Adrian Peterson fell into his lap. He paid mightily for Jared Allen. Percy Harvin? Marginally above average IMHO. How did that first rounder work out for him last year btw?

    I’ll work under the assumption that you are a Packers fan….

    “Adrian Peterson fell into his lap.”
    Aaron Rodgers fell into Titties lap.

    “He paid mightily for Jared Allen.”
    And nearly as much was paid for Matthews.

    “Percy Harvin? Marginally above average IMHO.”
    Really? Well, considering that he is at least twice the player Cobb is, you must be worried about what will happen in a couple years…

    “How did that first rounder work out for him last year btw?”
    How did Titties?

    “There’s a reason he’s drafting 4th – his talent evaluation sucks”
    Didn’t the Packers have the 4th pick a couple years ago?

    Try harder…..

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