Tim Couch, Courtney Brown join concussion lawsuits

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Yet another lawsuit has been filed on behalf of multiple former players seeking compensation for concussions.  News of the new action comes on the eve of a case-management conference in Philadelphia, during which Judge Anita Brody is expected to set various timetables and guidelines for the litigation of many of the pending claims.

The newest claim includes two former No. 1 overall picks of the Cleveland Browns:  Tim Couch (pictured) and Courtney Brown.

Other plaintiffs include recognizable names like Fred Taylor, Kevin Bentley, Ladell Betts, Gilbert Brown, Ken Dilger, Olandis Gary, Nick Greisen, Willie Middlebrooks, Will Poole, Ike Reese, Joel Smeenge, John Welbourn, Roy L. Williams (the man after whom the horse-collar rule was named), Marcel Shipp, Adewale Ogunleye, and Charlie Frye.

The 126-page complaint focuses on the NFL’s formation in 1994 of a committee that purported to research the long-term effects of head injuries and concussions, and “to ameliorate the occurrence/severity of head injuries/concussions during game and practice play in an effort to educate and protect NFL players.”  The complain alleges that the NFL negligently created and administered the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee, and that the MTBI Committee was simply a device for claiming that there were no risks associated with concussions.

The complaint, filed in federal court in Philadelphia by the Podhurst Orseck firm in Miami, also asserts a class action that seeks “medical monitoring” of players who suffered concussions but who possibly may not currently be experiencing health consequences.

74 responses to “Tim Couch, Courtney Brown join concussion lawsuits

  1. The payday continues. No wonder Goodell came down so hard on headshtos. The NFL only pays attention when lawsuits are involved.

  2. Just looking at this picture should make Brown’s fans want to bang their heads against the wall hard enough to get a concussion and join the lawsuit too

  3. Similar to the previous comment. Its now clear what was pushing the hit penalties the last few years. The NFl embraced and formed the Galdiator culture of the NFL, and is now doing a complete CYA to protect their assest. How about using the best helmet available, instead of only the ones with which the NFL has contracts with.

  4. Florio, anyone answer this: Is there any point in changing the rules now to reduce concussions now that the risks are fully known?

    My theory is that they may be liable for being grossly negligent or for concealing information for those past incidents. However, there is no need to change the rules now because players are aware of the risks.

  5. Absolutely ridiculous

    Wasn’t Fred Taylor in camp last season?!?

    This is even more ridiculous that the ‘Whiplash’ injuries that people in car crashes mysteriously get and are awarded compensation for because there’s no way to disprove them.

  6. Tim Couch sucked. Courtney Brown sucked. And they both got paid millions before the rookie pay scale went into effect. The NFL should sue them.

  7. Every time a person like Tim Couch joins this lawsuit the jurors are going to start to put two and two together and realize this is more about getting money than it is about actual concussions.

    I bet all those concussions is what made Tim Couch suck.

  8. Mostly no talent underachievers who never had the smarts to make it after football and are just milking the league for every last dollar they can.

  9. I’m pretty sure the players all knew that concusions were a possibility and I’m pretty sure that most of them hid them or downplayed them during their careers.

    This needs to be thrown out of court. Just a bunch of ex players trying to get another pay day.

  10. Tim Couch spent most of his time on the field in the fetal position, and Courtney Brown was never on the field long enough to get a concussion. Neither earned their big million dollar paychecks but now they want to sue to get even more money from the league. Ironic, right?

  11. Ahhh Tim Couch and Courtney Brown were clearly concussed for their entire pro careers. This explains alot…. If they had only listened and taken Akili Smith and Lavar Arrington, well, who knows how many Lombardi trophies would be in Cleveland by now..

  12. What a long list of irrelevant players, haven’t heard those names in a long time.

  13. As much as I hate goodell for watering down the game, these players enable/force him to do it. In professional sports as in life, take ownership in every decision you make. I’m not saying the NFL was right to hide or downplay or do whatever they did with regard to concussions/head injuries, but these guys playing the victim card – Take some personal responsibility, understand that you chose to play the game, no one forced you into it, and you were rewarded handsomely for your choice.

  14. Couch and Brown may have grounds for a lawsuit.

    But the fact remains that both these guys didn’t
    live up to their draft positions and concussions
    had nothing to do with them being busts…

  15. Didn’t these guys also take hits in college and highschool?

    Did the game somehow become more damaging in the NFL? Especially for bench warmers like Charlie Frye, Will Poole and Joel Smeenge?

  16. As a Browns fan and having watched these guys play, I’d like to be in on the lawsuit too. Every time I watched them play, I kept banging my head up against the wall.

  17. Ok I want in on this. After taking Tim Couch and Courtney Brown & Charlie Frye, as a Browns fan I have been banging my head against the wall for years. So where’s my check?

  18. I’ve been a Raiders fan the last 10 years. Is there any way I could join this concussion lawsuit?

  19. The union seems to be dragging everybody out of the woodwork.

    I say starting tonight, make all current players sign a waiver.

    Don’t like how the League operates, don’t play in it.

  20. I don’t think these players have much of a case. I would assume that they have all played since they were kids; pop warner, high school, college…how will they prove there concussions where suffered only in the pro’s?

  21. I’ve actually defended Couch quite a bit in the past thinking it was more the team’s overall futility than his play. But if he’s going to sue about concussions, then screw it, it must have been all his fault.

  22. Im sorry but I hope the NFL wins, and this is why…when you play football you put on pads and a helmet, when you put those things on you are saying that the sport is dangerous and serious injury is possible, if football players win this law suite then every soldier that has been shot while in combat should sue, every cop shot in the line of duty should be able to sue, and every fireman that has been burned while putting out fires should sue, but they won’t, and they don’t make a fraction of what these guys make and they put their lives on the line day in and day out with no off-season….

  23. Don’t think any of these guys should get a dime. They knew what would happen going in. They cared more about the money and fame. Hell my 8 and 6 year olds know that they can get hurt from playing sports. If I was the judge I’d throw the case out

  24. Yes, Couch played enough to get concussed. He got his butt kicked behind an expansion offensive line for several years. He could have been good in a better situation. He’s the only one to lead the new Browns to a playoff appearance.

  25. It is almost comical that a guy (Roy Williams) that used a certain tackle that caused many many injuries over the years is suddenly concerned about player health and safety.

  26. Like Couch, some of these guys are young enough to be exposed to all the information necessary to know the risks of the game.

    In the abbreviated decription of this article, it sounds like the NFL is being sued BECAUSE they tried to deal with the issue with the 1994 committee. I’m not a lawyer, but I believe that you can’t point to the fact that someone fixed the crack in the sidewalk that you tripped on as an admission of guilt, otherwise no one would fix problems.

  27. Tim Couch is still suffering from that miraculous comeback win by Chicago 10 or so years back. Mike Brown I think had two interceptions and Couch was on his back in the middle of the field looking up wondering WTF just happened!

  28. I worked in a loud place before and was told it was going to be loud but now i have some hearing problems. I guess i should sue as even though I knew i could lose hearing ….i think they should pay for it being a loud place(even though there is no way they could control the noise).

    That does happen and the person that worked there did so free will and is just a stupid as any NFL player suing for head injuries.

  29. This is getting to be too much. They get paid to play the game, duh!

    Every job has occupational hazzards, you don’t see Soldiers or Marines filing suits against Uncle Sam, so why should these over paid, mostly slacker has beens get the NFL’s money for a GAME?

    They make so much more money our armed forces and they have the nerve to sue about bodily harm or damage? GTFO…

  30. If there’s ANYONE who has a right to sue for concussions, it’s Tim Couch! That poor s.o.b. had NO protection and was crushed week after week. He lost his career because of it. I’m just hoping Browns fans aren’t concussed banging their heads against the wall if someone steals Richardson at 3!

  31. Now you guys are finally getting it. The saints put the league in a terrible legal standing. The commish’s only hope is to punish the saints and hope it impresses a jury. I suspect there will be a multi billion dollar settlement that goes into a trust much like asbestos. If I am the plaintiff attorney, I file in southern Illinois.

  32. I don’t think they should, or want them to, but why aren’t these guys suing the high schools and colleges they played football for also?

  33. I’d like to see the baseline of the symptoms that players say they are experiencing vs the same syptoms in the normally aging population.

    I’d also like to see a baseline of these syptoms in people who live the lifestyle of a profootball player (as in…party a lot…. As in many players in the ’70s did enough cocaine to kill a heard of elephants……as in steroids). My point is that everytime one of these guys can’t find their keys or has a headache or becomes depressed, it might not be because they took a blow to the head.

    In the end their the whole thing will get settled and the lawyers will be the ones who end up with the big checks.

  34. I’m so tired of new guys joining lawsuits everyday. Some court needs to establish a deadline and anyone who doesn’t join up by then doesn’t get their chance to try and cash in on injuries they may or may not have ever had or got before they ever made ot to the NFL.

  35. These guys are not victims, they’re volunteers. The players knew they were playing a violent game, and they gladly accepted huge paydays for their efforts.

    The cost of lawsuits is a huge drag on our economy, the amount of which is incalculable. Huge contigency fees and riidiculous punitive awards create a lottery atmosphere in the courtroom.

    Plaintiffs attorneys have made a mockery of our civil justice system, and there is absolutely no evidence that our civil justice system improves the quality of anyone’s lives besides the attorneys. Most, if not all, Western countries have limits on the scope of civil lawsuits and most disagreements are handled via a nonbiased administrative process.

    Trial lawyers are installed at every level of our government and huge amounts of money are funneled to the campaigns of sympathetic judges and lawmakers.

    Our entire country is enslaved by our civil justice system, and business and jobs are driven away from our country by the fear and potential costs of litigation.

    With around 300 million citizens, the United States has approximately 50% of the attorneys on the planet and just over 4% of the population.

    A little food for thought. As an attorney, Florio may not allow such an opinion to be voiced on this forum. We shall see.

  36. Yeah, I will join this lawsuit on Thursday night By ramming my head through my TV. if the Browns pass on Trent Richardson, and draft Tannehill at #4. You could just insert him with with other 2 Browns QB busts on the above list. Ironic that with the exception of Taylor, all these guys were busts in the NFl and probably blew through the millions they made and are now looking to get paid!

  37. There are dudes on this list that never took a single NFL snap…. give me an effin break

  38. Apparently, to qualify for this lawsuit you have to:

    1. Have played in the NFL.
    2. Now no longer play in the NFL.

  39. Someone should give McNabb a concussion test. He’s been walking around in lala land talking about the hall of fame. Clear evidence of mental deterioration after football

  40. I imagine Warren Sapp will sneak his name on there before his NFL network checks stop rolling in. You can probaly copy and paste this list on the next “Former NFL players who filed bankruptcy ” list also.

  41. More losers lining up for free money.

    America, land of the lawsuit and the home of the brave!

  42. OK, Courtney Brown…Tim Couch…the “Scrub” to “Ball so hard” ratio is starting to turn….my guess Ryan Leaf will throw his name in that very soon, in addition to Heath Shuler.

  43. Couch, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Courtney Brown…hmm…what is all the same? Maybe they are Browns, so they


    so much they deserve to get concussed.

    That should give pause to any college players who might get drafted by the Browns.

    Get drafted by the Browns and end up on the concussion list.

  44. What about the concussions suffered by Browns fans slapping their foreheads in disgust over this pair of failed first overall picks?

  45. I just gotta say watching Roy L. Williams on “Storage Wars” he looks fine to me but sure he’s trying to collect on the thousands wasted on worthless lockers!

  46. This is retarded. Nobody plays football with the idea they can’t get hurt. Especially QBs for crappy teams, they KNOW they’re gonna get hit, and they know they might get hurt. So unless they are truly retarded I’m sure they know what a concussion is, what it does, and how you get them. This is a prime example of old worthless players who retire, run out of money, and are desperate. Maybe Warren sapp should file a lawsuit so he can pay some legal bills, get out of debt, and feed the offspring of random trash that would even consider having sex with his fatass

  47. If the players win this, I hope they get a huge payday–something along the lines that the USFL got. I’m sure each guy could use three extra bucks.

  48. The NFLPA has contacted EVERY former player and asked them to be a part of this lawsuit. The two former players I know refused and said they clearly knew of the risks. They new of the risks in high school and in college. Any denying that fact makes you look stupid.

  49. The judge would be wise to throw this case out. What’s next? A lawsuits because owners never expressed enough information about ACL years?

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