Wes Welker calls Gregg Williams audio “unheard of, disturbing”

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Patriots receiver Wes Welker is among those who believe that former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams went far outside the bounds of what is normal and acceptable in an NFL locker room when he encouraged his players to injure players on the 49ers before their playoff meeting in January.

Welker said today on ESPN Radio that he has never heard a coach say anything remotely similar to what Williams said to his players.

“It’s kind of tough to hear because that’s your job and that’s what you do,” Welker said. “To hear somebody wanting to actually physically injure someone is pretty unheard of, for me. I’ve never heard of it, quite frankly. I’ve heard of things like interceptions — guys throwing in a couple hundred bucks or whatever — but I’ve never heard of actually intentionally going after somebody’s ACL or head or anything else to try to injure them. It’s a little disturbing that that took place.”

Asked if he was aware of bonuses for big hits, Welker said, “I never really saw anything like that, no.”

The response from NFL players to the Williams audio has been fascinating because it has been so varied: Some former players insist that anyone up in arms about what Williams said is “clueless about the game,” and yet many players who are demonstrably not clueless about the game insist that they’ve never heard anything like what Williams said.

41 responses to “Wes Welker calls Gregg Williams audio “unheard of, disturbing”

  1. Wes Welker is a wussy.

    Known fact that all teams and players will try to put out the best opposing players to increase the odds of winning. MANY players have stated this.

    Football is a violent sport. Anyone who is appalled at Williams is just a Saint hater

  2. Funny, my buddy (term used very loosely) from Boston said that about your drop in the Super Bowl.

  3. Why would Welker have heard anything like that? He plays on offense. Different meeting rooms, different coaches, different mentalities, different everything. DUH.

  4. seems like most defensive players have seen it as no bid deal, and a few offensive players have said they’ve never heard of such a thing….makes sense

  5. There’s no tougher competitor than Wes, and he wants to win every game – but he knows that when it comes to purposefully putting someone’s life and livelihood at risk, a big line has been crossed.

    Ultimately as competitive as they are, players should be watching out for players – especially when a coach tells players to target each other.

    That’s what likely drove the whistleblower to take action.

  6. …. and then Welker dropped the microphone, even though he appeared to have both hands on it

  7. Oh my will this nightmare ever end?!?!?!?!? There has to be something more important to write about then what Wes Welker thinks. I mean come on now enough is enough. Hey what Deon’s problems with his x?

  8. It’s not really important what “former players” think about Williams and what’s accepted as part of the game. Intent to injure has no place in football (or in hockey).

  9. Still pisses me off that it was against the 9ers, they will pay for this! That tape will be playing loudly in the visitors locker room when the 9ers come down to the dome and push those Saints around in November.

    I was fine with everything until I heard the phrase “outside ACL”. That’s how you know that the bounty program was very real. It doesn’t matter that they sucked at executing the program (sorry Saints fans, but lack of “cart-offs” is not a valid argument), they very much had one and tried to employ it against my 9ers…some retribution is in order and it will come, again!

  10. @kathyisintheroom

    There is NO reason to hate the Saints.. Besides the past three years… in which they cheated… the Saints have been one of the worst franchises to exist in the NFL. Get over yourself.

    The Browns have a more storied franchise than the Saints.

  11. Wesley – now go run along and be a good little foot soldier and keep dropping potential Super Bowl winning passes – no need to weigh in with a Greg Williams opinion.

  12. Of course it’s disturbing to an offensive player. Ask Antonio Pierce, Darren Woodson or Mike Gholic and a ton of other defensive players and the majority of them say that what Williams said isn’t new stuff.

    These unathletic (could never play football) types in the media don’t understand that football has always been played like that. And it’s never been a problem until now. And reward systems on defense are all over the league. They will now just go more underground. But they’ll still be there.

  13. Mrs. Brady responded to Welker’s comments by knocking back a couple shots of bottled water and muttering something about catching the effing ball.

  14. bloggersarenotjournalists says:
    Apr 24, 2012 12:54 PM
    The Saints are a scumbag organization and have never won the Superbowl in my mind.

    Brees has broken NO RECORDS

    The last 3 years have been a sham


    Much like Spygate BS, this comment is just hatred. What does that old, tired defense putting hurt on people purposefully have to do with Drew Brees owning up the passing records?

    And this is coming from a dude who would probably service Tom Brady if it meant 10 more years of him playing for the Pats. Drew Brees is a great QB.

  15. Yeah, Wes. We all know that your coach is as classy as they come! Never mind he is the biggest a**hole in the NFL. Gregg Williams is the ultimate scumbag in the NFL, but Belichick is a prick, too.

  16. I bet offensive players like WW who have indeed HAD a horrible injury to their ACL are a bit shocked to hear that a defensive coach would exhort his players to TAKE IT OUT. Not really that tough to imagine considering that payers realize that they could get hurt on any play and must put it out of their minds to play effectively but one of those acceptances is NOT that someone might be encouraging their players to do that sort of thing on purpose.

  17. moagecu says:Apr 24, 2012 12:56 PM


    There is NO reason to hate the Saints.. Besides the past three years… in which they cheated… the Saints have been one of the worst franchises to exist in the NFL. Get over yourself.

    The Browns have a more storied franchise than the Saints

    It’s more like a kid’s pop-up book…….

  18. Why is it that nobody wants to win just because they are the better team or player. I wish players wanted to win because they are the best not because they played a team without their best players.

  19. Let’s face it. Until the NFL mans up and makes health and safety their paramount focus, they will continue to let noncompliant felonious teams like New Orleans cheat at will.

    The only proper solution is to permanently cancel and end the Saints franchise.

    Bet that will get the attention of those who seek to continue this blatantly illegal and immoral conduct.

  20. Morons… please note that this is coming from a guy that blew out his knee a couple years ago, and fought all the way back to lead the NFL in catches.

    Also, he was ASKED the question. What do you expect him to say? I’m sure there have been many defensive meetings of teams playing the Pats where someone has said, “Take out that little bastard Welker and they won’t be able to convert any 3rd and 5’s! Take him OUT!!”

    He’s just not in those meetings.

  21. Kathy is in the room. And in related news, the average IQ in the room was suddenly halved.

  22. pastabelly says:
    Apr 24, 2012 12:54 PM
    It’s not really important what “former players” think about Williams and what’s accepted as part of the game. Intent to injure has no place in football (or in hockey).
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    I agree- who cares what other players think??? And YES I think we ALL know by now (we have been covering this for 6 weeks now) it was wrong and no placce for this in football. That has all been well established already – why all the repetive BS over and over again???? Its just to much of the same thing – it’s not news anymore its starting to become a turn off to visit this site.

  23. I am by no means a Saints fan,

    But some of you guys act like girls. The Saints Super Bowl victory was as legit as they come. If you think the Saints were the only team with a reward system on their defense, then your living in a pussified world.

  24. All of these replies are written by anon people. They are afraid to show their name and address since they know nothing about anything.

    Hugh Campbell
    Charlotte, NC

  25. Where to begin?
    A. Anyone who thinks that bounties aren’t commonplace around the NFL are severely naive
    B. the patriots were lead for years by one of the dirtiest players in NFL history with Rodney Harrison
    C. The Patriots were the the team caught in spy gate and to be honest, their opinion of what is honest and right in the game should be taken with a large grain of salt.
    D. Spy gate, like bounty gate is a league wide issue and only the teams caught lose credibility and maybe some draft picks and money in the form of a fine, but never the titles they won while usurping the rules…so unless your title can be taken away…why not cheat?
    E. my beloved dolphins…if you arent cheating, you aren’t trying…oh…and put another 20,000 seats in joe Robbie and make that stadium the suffocatingly awesome home stadium that the orange bowl was

  26. Can we get every NFLO player to comment. Because I’m sure most will say it sounded great and they loved it. Especially skill players like Welker.

    Seriously, at what point do you all not find this of any interest any longer. Because even the mindless mob which populates PFT every day, seems completely tired of this story.

    Saints got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Gregg Williams crossed the line. Saints did not do enough to stop it when they should have. Saints get penalized. Saints appeal, Saints lose appeal. WE MOVE ON. Seriously…what story is left to tell?

    Other than the story of how the Saints overcome all of these obstacles and still put on an excellent season while trying to make it to the Super Bowl in their home town. That is the ONLY story left regarding this overplayed overhyped media circus sham trial.

    Focus on something…anything…productive about the teams these fans care about. You’ve tried long enough to tear down the Saints and have the majority of these readers believing it. That is until we start putting L’s on every other teams schedule. Then reality will start to hit that the Saints aren’t going anywhere!!

    WHO DAT!!!

  27. This is the second story about what Wes Welker thinks about the Greg Williams audio. Were there not enough Saints stories, that you had to re-write one already posted a couple weeks ago?

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