Bills want to trade up or down for a left tackle


Plenty of personnel executives are full of something other than chocolate in the days preceding the draft.  Bills G.M. Buddy Nix provides a rare exception.

He has consistently said that the Bills want a left tackle.  Per a league source with knowledge of the dynamics in Buffalo, Nix is speaking the truth.

The source explains that, as Silva pointed out earlier tonight, the Bills would like to move up to get USC left tackle Matt Kalil.  In the event they can’t, the Bills want to trade down — since they don’t regard any of the other left tackle prospects as worthy of a top-10 pick.

That’s why the Bills are being linked to safety Mark Barron.  Buffalo hopes that someone will want to move up to get Barron at No. 10, so that the Bills can slide down and get a left tackle later.  And so someone other than Nix is putting out the word that Barron may be the pick.

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  1. The past 24 hours as a Bills fan: we want Barron, or maybe Gilmore or Kuechly. We want Tannehill. We are going to trade up for Kalil. We are going to trade down for a different tackle.

    I love it.

  2. There is a certain logic for Barron going at #10 to somebody. As mentioned elsewhere, that is the last pick that has the 5th-year option that is like the transition price (unlike pick 11). Safety, however, is a position, where that transition price will likely still be more reasonable 5 years from now, making it a more palatable position at that draft spot than, say, a quarterback.


  3. Why would they do that when they’ve let their two previous left tackles go? Will they just let this one leave in 4 years when he becomes good?

    I don’t have a problem with Bell leaving because his own sense of worth was overinflated and he’s always injured, but it just seems odd to trade extra picks for a position that they had set twice previously and just disregarded. Go in a different direction.

  4. Stay where you are and take Reilly Reif. I wouldn’t be shocked if he turns out better than Kalill.

  5. I think that is the right move. LT is a huge need where S isn’t, as good as Barron might be.

  6. This makes no sense.

    If the Bills are so interested in drafting Barron at 10, why would they give up the pick for someone else to draft him?

    In this case, a team would trade into the 8th or 9th spot to draft Barron ahead of the Bills.

  7. I just read a report that the Bills are looking to draft an athletic male, between 18 and 22 that went to an American university to play football…can’t reveal my source though

  8. People who keep saying that the Bills are developing LT’s for the Eagles is moronic. Peters did not walk away as a free agent. In 2008, he held out of OTA’s, training camp, and the entire pre-season because he wanted the Bills to tear up his contract and pay him like Walter Jones. By the time he showed up for the season, he was out of shape and was pathetic on the field. He forced their hand into a trade, so spare me on how the Bills give talent away. They did get a first round pick for him. Regardless that the pick was a bust, they got fair value for him.

    As far as Bell goes, it wasn’t a surprise to Bills fans that he was one of the last of the top 100 free agents to get signed this off-season. He visited several teams before Philly and was not offered a contract because he wanted starter money for a guy that was never healthy as a starter. Look at his contract with Philly. Only the first year of his 5-year contract carries any guaranteed money. He’s got an $8+ mil roster bonus set for his inclusion on next year’s team, so get it straight, Bell will not be an Eagle next year.

    Now that you’ve finally got some facts, drop the stupid LT farm team talk. And for those Bills fans that keep imploring Nix to not pick another LT like he did before, get this straight: he was NOT the GM in Buffalo when any of those moves were made. He was named GM before the 2010 season. Geesh!

  9. Nix has repeatedly said he doesn’t care much for giving up picks and doesn’t like moving around the board. He has said he wouldn’t mind getting a couple of extra picks so if anything, he may move down but I’ll be surprised if they don’t just stay at 10 and make their pick there.

  10. Assuming the draft trade chart still is being somewhat used, it would cost the Bills their picks in rounds 1, 2 and 7 to move up to #4 (assuming MIN passes on Kalil). Is Kalil that much better than Reiff or Martin?

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