Buddy Nix reiterates the need for a left tackle

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Last week, Bills General manager Buddy Nix admitted that his team is in need of tackles.

We agreed when we outlined the Bills’ draft needs and Nix is still banging that drum a little more than 24 hours before the start of the draft. In an interview with 590 The Fan Radio in Toronto on Wednesday, Nix said that left tackle is a bigger need than wide receiver, perceived to be the other spot where the Bills might look to improve on offense during the early part of the draft.

“I think the left tackle is vital,” said Nix. “I don’t care how good your receivers are if you’re on your back you can’t throw it to him. You’ve got to protect your quarterback first I think.”

The issue for the Bills is going to be landing that left tackle in this draft. Matt Kalil is the best one on the board, but even if the Vikings pass on him at three it is hard to imagine that he slips all the way to the 10th pick. The other possibilities at the position — Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin, Cordy Glenn, Mike Adams — all come with question marks that could make it difficult for the Bills to pull the trigger on them at such an early point in the draft.

Nix has said good things about Chris Hairston, the presumptive left tackle, but his consistent drumbeat about tackles makes you think that the Bills are interested in having another option at the position. They might have to wait a while to find one, though.

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  1. No, Buddy. The Bills allowed the fewest sacks in the league last year and we averaged over 5 yards per carry. The line is fine. Get us another WR or a cornerback who doesn’t get beaten every play.

  2. It is all part of the subterfuge. He sez he needs and want a left tackle but he really doesn’t.

    Or does he?

  3. The Bills don’t do subterfuge or smokescreens. Anyone who follows them knows that Buddy Nix is the straightest shooter in the NFL. Sometimes to a fault since he telegraphs picks on occasion.

    They’re also a total BPA team, so I’d expect Gilmore, Kuechly, or Barron in the first, and then add an OT like Massie or Sanders in the 2nd.

  4. The last 24 hours we had the WGR report that the Bills want Gilmore or Barron, we had Charlie Casserly saying the bills like Tannehill.

    This is all about enticing teams to trade up, so the Bills get the player they really want.

  5. As a lifelong Bills fan, seeing the moves this team has made since Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey arrived in town have me more excited for this season and coming seasons than I have been since the Bill Polian days.

    I can’t see Tannehill being there at 10, nor do I see a reason to take him if he is, unless behind closed doors this team really doesn’t believe in Fitz. I like Barron, but the sting of Donte Whitner still burdens my soul.

    I think the Bills go either Floyd (if they want that bolt of electricity on offense) or best tackle available. If a stud LB falls to 10 I would be happy with that, too.

    2012 – In Buddy We Trust!

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