Clinton, Colbert reference Tebow at Time 100 event

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Tim Tebow was chosen as one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine, but when the magazine’s event to celebrate the Time 100 took place on Tuesday night, Tebow did not attend, as working out with the Jets was a higher priority.

It says a lot about Tebow’s influence, however, that when an eclectic pair of Time 100 members, Hilary Clinton and Stephen Colbert, were asked to speak, both referenced Tebow.

Clinton’s comments were what you’d expect from a politician, a bland statement about how glad she is that Tebow is in New York. But Colbert was irreverent, sacrilegious and hilarious in his comments about Tebow.

Tebow is not the best player in the NFL by a long shot, but Time was right to name him the most influential. Not many backup quarterbacks are mentioned by the likes of Hilary Clinton and Stephen Colbert.

26 responses to “Clinton, Colbert reference Tebow at Time 100 event

  1. Hilary said that Tebow is the kind of young man you want your daughter to marry. If only your daughter wasn’t fat, and a bit of a tart. Not to mention getting older.

  2. Televangelist Tebow is only influential to those gullible, easily manipulated people who send all their money to the Televangelist snake oil salespeople.

  3. Any time I’ve referenced Tebow as the biggest star in the NFL here, I get about 40 thumbs down and 10 thumbs up. Own it, people. The NFL is but one slice of the Tebowmania pie.

  4. I don’t think anyone is arguing that Tebow isn’t a household name. The argument is that he’s an overhyped, second string QB at best.

    Btw, Colbert nailed it.

  5. babyhorsemorgan says:
    Apr 25, 2012 12:20 PM
    Hilary said that Tebow is the kind of young man you want your daughter to marry. If only your daughter wasn’t fat, and a bit of a tart. Not to mention getting older.

    A. Not to mention she’s already married.
    B. Have you seen Chelsea Clinton lately? She’s not a looker but she’s far from fat.

  6. I want to know who Tebow is influencing.
    Mediocre athletes who’s best attribute is their ability to thank God.

  7. Tebow is the most influential player because he brings the most fans to the league.

    Any qb could throw for 10,000 yards and 100 TDs but if nobody watches him………

  8. I kinda liked Clinton, She has some ‘big’ ones to be in politics.. especially since her husband publicly shamed her with Monica.

    Colbert… don’t care for him.

    Tebow… it is what it is. Way to short of a time to ‘judge’. People just don’t like people who are a little ‘saintly’. Then again…Mother Teresa didn’t do too bad in India.

    In America, I think we could use some more …random acts of kindness…

    Here in Chardon Ohio.. a high school kid blew away three kids… he’ll be lucky not to get the death penalty except he was 17. Too bad he didn’t have some of them Times 100 people to look up to

  9. Try as we might, still can’t get away from Tebow. Bunch of simpletons. Colbert’s “speech” was hilarious, though. Share it with your friends, definite must read…

  10. I guess this Tebow story took precedence over the one where he explained why he prefers Charmin over Northern Comfort. I was so looking forward to reading that.

  11. Wow. So much hatred for a dude that actually lives for some one he believes in. Not hurting anyone doing it bye the way. Just shows what state you’re in if you hate someone because of your opinion of how they live and what they say that is nothing but positive. But what the hell? If you don’t like him you must be right! Right? Sick generation we are. Sick of hearing all the garbage come out of trash cans. Colbert is full of crap. Talk about televangelist! Any one who takes a smart asses point of view seriously should seriously think about who they’re being influenced. Serious, pathetic, hatred. Cue fart noise on all the garbage comments. Huge fail.

  12. Irreverent and insulting doesn’t equal hilarious. It adds up to petty, foolish, insulting, ignorant and small minded. What a pity basic common decency is now considered fodder for assault. Well, if it keeps up and the world turns more like Colbert and less like Tebow, it will surely stop those societal problems like unwed pregnancy, child sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcolhol abuse, broken families, and the rest of the menage thats plaguing this nation. There’s a show on BIO now called “Kids who kill”. I’m pretty sure that show couldn’t have been made before this Sacraligious and Irreverent “Humor” became the norm. Good job there Colbert…another heaping, steaming pile of excrement to degrade humanity at the expense of a good person, just for a cheap(actually, very expensive) laugh.

  13. geezohman says:

    Tebow… it is what it is. Way to short of a time to ‘judge’. People just don’t like people who are a little ‘saintly’. Then again…Mother Teresa didn’t do too bad in India.
    This is why people get sick of hearing about Tebow. To even put him in the same category as Mother Theresa is sad. Mother Theresa worked on her hands and knees with people who were in such desperate need she actually struggled to believe in God and questioned her faith. Yet she persevered until the day she died.

    Tebow is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because he doesn’t seek out so much attention. Rather people in their faith use him as a poster boy too much.

  14. catquick

    That’s the most small-minded thing I’ve read in a while.

    Last I checked, America’s biggest problems included a financial catechism, a recession that we can’t quite break, 2 wars that we can’t get out of, and imminent financial insolvency.

    Those problems were not caused by comedians.

    They were caused by righteous folks like yourself.

    Even still, since when did a joke that you find offensive lead to child abuse?

    The logical disconnect is enough to make one wince.

  15. mnvikes7897

    Dude, Colbert’s a comedian.

    It’s not his fault that you’re overly sensitive.

    I guarantee you’re one of those people who complain that Sears says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” too.

    You can’t stand political correctness until someone says something politically incorrect about a Christian.

    Timmy is a big boy and I’m sure he can take the joke.

    The only reason why people can’t stand him is because of hypocrites like you.

  16. babyhorsemorgan

    She may be fat (she isn’t) and she may be a bit of a tart (have you met her?), but she’s 1000 times more successful than you are and infinitely smarter, too.

  17. Oh, and Johntonio, you’re right about one thing. Your logic disconnect did make me wince. Start making sense, or try pre-bong posting. Psst…..I’ll give you the clue you’r lacking…….it’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool than open it and remove all doubt. Now run along sonny. Time for Wapner!

  18. BTW johntonio….did you mean “cataclysm” Or “catechism”? “Catechism”is a “faith teaching” “Cataclysm”is a “calamity”. You’re waaaaayy too smart for me there. Leave it to a Jets fan. Psst……….take my advise in the future. Thanks for making that way too easy!

  19. Anybody see how many pages in a Time magazine these days? Tebow on their list means less than nothing.

  20. catquick

    In the first place, my name is a reference to the late John Holmes. I’m not a jets fan.

    In the second place, a catechism is also “close and intense session of questioning on a particular subject, especially forming part of an examination or an interrogation.”

    I’m assuming you know nothing about the financial crisis, but let’s put it this way:

    It was proof that our financial orthodoxy was ineffective!

    Now we’re torn: Do we embrace the Austrian-Business model or do we become more Keynesian?

    See, financial development has created intense global systemic risk. And the most hotly debated topic among economists is the solution to this problem.

    The financial crisis DID cause a catechism. Now, I’m not an economist; I study politics. My interest in the topic concerns the political side of the debate, which would regard and interrogation of the system, if you will.

    But you are right, I should have said “cataclysm” because I forgot that I was not talking to a political scientist who understand the ramifications of the debate.

    Even still, how did Colbert’s joke lead to the world’s problems?

    You didn’t address the argument; instead you deflected the criticism and engaged in a borderline ad hom.

    In short, you still have no logic and your skills with a dictionary are questionable at best.

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