Janoris Jenkins off a “number” of draft boards

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that “a number of teams” have removed North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins from their draft boards, and Jenkins is “not expected” to be a first-round pick.

The news comes as far less than a surprise. While Jenkins is a premier talent, off-the-field issues have plagued him several years running, and ultimately teams have deemed him unworthy of the potential headache.

The first three corners expected to be drafted on Thursday are LSU’s Morris Claiborne, South Carolina’s Stephon Gilmore, and Alabama’s Dre Kirkpatrick. Jenkins now seems to be vying with Georgia’s Brandon Boykin, Vanderbilt’s Casey Hayward, Montana’s Trumaine Johnson, Virginia Tech’s Jayron Hosley, and UCF’s Josh Robinson to be No. 4.

57 responses to “Janoris Jenkins off a “number” of draft boards

  1. The real question is who will have more kids by the time it’s all said and done: Janoris Jenkins or Antonio Cromartie?

  2. This guy has too much talent for a team not to take a chance on him. With the new rookie wage scale it is not that big of a gamble. If he screws up cut him. He will be drafted by the fourth round at the latest.

  3. FlikeMorio says:
    Apr 25, 2012 4:15 PM
    The real question is who will have more kids by the time it’s all said and done: Janoris Jenkins or Antonio Cromartie?

    You got it wrong! It will be Trent Richardson! He already started at 15 and follow-up at 17 for good measures!

    Cromartie better concentrate on what really matters!

  4. Scouting report:

    A rare combination of Pacman Jones and Antonio Cromartie. A Jones-like penchant for trouble with the babymaking capabilities of Cromartie.

    Voted most likely to be in jail and/or declare bankruptcy before his NFL career is over.

  5. Probably a 3rd or 4th rd low risk, low investment for a turd like guy. If he had kept his head clean, guy would have been a first rd pick. See Kids it pays to do the right thing.

  6. How many of those teams would put him back on their board if he’s still available in round 5?

  7. He’ll go in round 2. He’s not worth first round risk, where teams have to hit on a player. Missing in rd 2 doesn’t hurt nearly as much.

  8. r8rsfan says:
    Apr 25, 2012 4:15 PM
    “Bengals anyone?”

    Over/under for Jenkins’ career offspring: 11
    Over/under for Jenkins’ Baby Mommas: 6
    Over/under for Jenkins’ arrests: 5
    Over/under for Jenkins’ years in the NFL: 4

  9. If he’s smart he’ll use this as motivation and play with a chip on his shoulder through his first contract. Lions trade down, pick up more picks and take him in the begining of the second.

  10. Somebody needs to develop a stat for ranking the most prolific studs in the league. Sort of like the slugging percentage in baseball. It would help me figure out which is better: 8 kids with 6 moms or 5 kids with 3 moms. Daunting task to say the least.

  11. Why would anybody take him before round 5? It has nothing to do with talent or cost. How quick will he be suspended? You’re going to give him millions and think he will change? Give him chump change and make him prove he should be allowed to be in the league.

  12. “Guess him and Vontaze Burfict are getting their respective, “I’m goin use all them teams that passed me up as motivation” speeches ready”

    True, but unlike Vontaze Burfict, Jenkins is actually good at football.

  13. magnusantonius says:
    Apr 25, 2012 4:31 PM
    “If he’s smart he’ll use this as motivation and play with a chip on his shoulder through his first contract. Lions trade down, pick up more picks and take him in the begining of the second.”

    If he’s smart? I think we’ve already determined the answer to that question.

  14. Travis Henry is scheduled to be released from prison this year and is excited to get back in the most kids competition. He currently stands at 9 kids with 9 different women.

  15. Why do they always show him in a Florida uniform?
    Does north alabama not have them ?

  16. Jimmy Smith, Legaratte Blount, Dez Bryant were all “off a number of boards” also. plenty of teams are praying that he falls. which is why those teams use the espn pawns to leak info like this.

  17. The NFL has invited Jenkins and his kids to the draft. They are chartering a bus. A large bus.

  18. Pats could get him to behave for nearly 3… well.. maybe 2 years. They need a beast to defend Victor Cruz or Greg Jennings or .. wait; they need someone who can stay within a few yards of any receiver in the league- as opposed to the last two years failures. 😀

  19. My prediction is that he’ll go somewhere between the first round and an undrafted free agent.

    There. Now I’m as qualified and accurate as Adam Schefter to give you football insider knowledge.

  20. yeah, randy moss… darrell revis… warren sapp.. cam newton.. only to name a few… talent is talent, his agent, new team, and new money will have leadership, guidance, and responsibilities to help him… please…

    I’ll never forget the old Marino story. Legend has it that people planted information about Marino having a cocaine issue in college, leading to his drop in the draft to the Fins. We all know what the eighties and nineties were about in Miami, somehow he did okay..

    weed is one thing, violent crime and theft is another. these guys are college kids too. puff puff pass on them? nah, I root for the Lions and the Dolphins… so I’m all for one of my favorite teams pulling the trigger.

  21. mazz87 :
    DaQuan Bowers had no criminal charges or positive drug tests,just a knee that had been operated on.No comparison.

  22. I don’t care if he has litter of jackels, if he can cover a no.1 receiver consistently, and doesn’t bite on every play-action, pick him up. It’s not against the law to have a bunch off kids, and it shouldn’t be against the law to smoke a little herb (as long as it’s not in around kids). Bunch of judgmental asshats.

  23. If this guy is available with Dallas’ 2nd round pick and they don’t take him I will go insane. He’s not draft able because he had sex and smoked weed? Doesn’t that mean the draft should be over before it starts?

  24. shaggytoodle says:Apr 25, 2012 4:17 PM

    I heard he is off the board on anywhere between 4-20 teams.

    I heard that he is off the draft board anywhere between 32-48 teams.

  25. nineroutsider says:Apr 25, 2012 4:17 PM

    9ers get him, let’s of upside to this kid; those issues can be worked through – he needs strong leadership, Harbaugh style leadership.

    What? Do you mean Hairbow will threaten to either kiss him full on the lips or punch him in the back?

  26. “Prediction: Jenkins will become the first NFL player with more baby mommas than kids.”
    Prediction: Jenkins will have more kids and baby mommas than INTs in his career. Kidding, I wish him luck….mostly in Dallas with the 45th pick!!!

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