Joe Philbin: We haven’t discussed where Tannehill should go

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The smokescreen is an accepted part of communications from coaches and general managers in the days and weeks leading up to the draft.

We know they’re fudging the truth, they know we know they’re fudging the truth and everyone goes along because it’s all part of the game. To work, though, the smokescreen has to be somewhat believable or the whole thing just becomes ridiculous. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is experiencing the rodeo for the first time from the big chair and some comments he made about Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill on Tuesday make you hope that he gets a little better at it in the future.

“We’ve talked obviously a lot,” Philbin said, via Mike Beradino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We’ve had draft meetings. We’ve discussed him as an individual. We’ve watched his film. Obviously Mike [Sherman] has been around Ryan for a long, long time, but it wasn’t like we sat around and said, ‘OK, what about him at eight?'”

Really? Not once in all of these discussions about Tannehill was there a moment when someone asked the room if it made sense to actually draft him?

It’s starting to feel like the Dolphins are protesting a bit too much whenever Tannehill’s name comes up in discussion. Whether or not the decree is coming from the owner’s box about drafting Tannehill, there’s some reason why the Dolphins are working so hard to send a message that Tannehill isn’t the apple of their eye.

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  1. The Dolphins are working so hard to send a message that Tannehill isn’t the apple of their eye.
    Maybe because he’s isn’t the apple of their eye.

  2. As a Patriots fan it will make me happy to see the Dolphins draft Tannehill. Almost as happy as I was when the Dolphins signed Daunte Culpepper (that was a great day). The difference is I knew Culpepper sucked, i’m not sure Tannehill will be a bust, just think it’s a good possibility. Which is only based on what i’ve heard and his high number of int’s.

  3. You could probably interpret that quote about four or five different ways. But I think you already knew that.

  4. well based on this story, and the past 17, Miami might or might not take him @ 8. There’s a possibility they trade up or down, and there’s a possibility they don’t.
    I understand this time of the year you guys are pressed for stories, but enough with the non-stories. 8 in 1 week, when at the end of the day, not 1 person at PFt has a clue just makes you guys look desperate. GO FINS!

  5. If the Dolphins don’t draft Tannehill, then the Phillbin era will end like those of his recent predecessors. All NFL coaches without a franchise QB are on a death watch.

  6. He should not go at #8!!!! At 8 draft someone that will help you this year, like Reiff, Coples, Upshaw, Floyd or Barron.

  7. Or…maybe the coach is not part of where guys should be picked..maybe just maybe that is the GM’s job! Does Irleland ask first year coach Joe Philbin where he thinks he should pick a player?? I’m guessing no!

  8. This guy has potential to make it in the NFL at safety or whatever he used to play..but as a QB? No, I don’t see it. He reminds me of Timmy Couch.

  9. utter BS

    Philbin I hope you can coach better than you can blow smoke

    to think that your Board is not set and you havent pegged this guy for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round is incredulous

    it’s actually very insulting to all us PFT’ers and you should be duly chastised as evidenced by the tone of all these comments

    you have earned a new nick name “Coach Joe Philibuster” not a bad replacement for “Coach Sunglasses”

  10. Another useless article about Tannehill, and another Fins Organization Bashing by PFT, this makes 10 in less than one week. I haven’t read anything lately about other teams, maybe PFT should just become Fin Nation where all the whiny fin fans go to vent?!

  11. “Working so hard to send a message?”

    Did Philbin seek out the microphones or did the microphones find him???

    After his first practice leading the team yesterday, I’m sure he wasn’t hunting people down begging to get some propaganda out there. I’m sure the stupid questions which require stupid answers were flowing freely……

    It sure would be funny if Tannehill is there and they pass on him and never had any intention of taking him.

  12. I guess he didn’t learn the art of giving no information from Ted Thompson. I don’t think TT even says he is interested in a player even after he has drafted them.

  13. Thats one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard an NFL coach say. Newsflash- The Dolphins are so screwed. At least Buffalo won’t be on the bottom of the heap in the AFC East anymore.

  14. Had to move this post…(sorry)
    I’m simply embarassed by all these draft gurus who run around and try to prop up a kid just because they see a team that has a need. Tannehill, are they serious. This is a kid who has only played 2 years at QB in college, he was the 21st ranked dual qb recruit coming out of HS where he didn’t even make 1st team all conf. in Texas 4-A(not even 5-A). His TD/INT ratio has been near 2 to 1 in his college career(3 to 1 is the ratio most really good ones carry), and that’s in a conference that’s not known for tight defensive coverage(Big 12). Please don’t compare him to Tim Tebow, who was All Amer. in HS, Mr. Football in FL, and US Amry All Amer. and we won’t even get into college. Look at the tape, it’s about RESULTS. They want to take 2 years and speculate future result, will we all know about “speculation” that’s why I’m paying $4 at the pump now. Those who “overdraft” for need, usually find themselves in a big hole down the line.

  15. haha that doesnt make sense. Like saying: “Draft? What draft? Nah havent talked about it.”

  16. Oh look! Another Tannehill/Miami story.

    I heard next year there will be more teams participating in the draft other than the Colts, Redskins, and Dolphins. It should be crazy! I mean can 1 site possibly cover 32 teams!

  17. Give it a rest already. Didn’t the commish ask teams to not disclose their picks? You either hate the Dolphins or have 20 articles already written about the fins taking or missing out on Tannehill. It seems you really want this kid to be a top 10 pick this year. Tannehill Sr. is that you?

  18. Well at least the Dolphins are making progress; we are moving on from second round quaterback busts to first round quarterback busts.

  19. Philbin playing dumb on this point makes it transparent that they are, indeed, hoping to draft him at eight.

  20. It appears to me he was saying that he was not discussed at #8. And if that is the case it should be he is not a top 10 pick. If Miami pass on him he will drop like a rock……

    So even though you and some foolish fans and other media types peg him as a top 10 pick Miami just might not.

  21. Actually Ross wanted to draft Dan Marino until Ireland told him a player can only be drafted once, he is already retired and he is now a spokesperson for AARP.

  22. The smokescreen stuff is quite comical. There is no doubt that the Dolphins have had conversations about selecting Tannehill. It is only natural that the conversations evolved into where he should be picked, should they move up, should they move back from 8, should they select someone else at 8 and move back into the late 1st round to get him, etc. The main questions that need to be answered by the coaching staff are if they wanted the kid and could he be productive in the system. The rest is gamesmanship. If they want him, take him at 8 or lose the opportunity. Ireland wanted Mallet last year but thought he could move around the draft and still get him. He got burned by the Patriots. Let’s hope he does not make the same kind of mistake here. If Tannehill is the guy, they should get him when they can. The risk is no greater at 8 than losing him altogether due to trying to be a guru and get other picks as well.

  23. Yeah right! They have not talked or discussed their potential draft picks until a day before the draft?!?

    I have a bridge to sell them, it’s a little old but still works! Do you think they would be interested in buying it?

  24. They are in the high beams because they have had 2 quality Qb’s in their franchise history. Griese and of course Marino!! They should trade out of 8 drop a few spots and Tannehill will still be there. They need picks but most of all a lot of help at different positions. WR,DE(opposite Wake if he shows up)S now that Bell is gone. Screw this QB pick up this year, and this franchise won’t sniff the playoffs for years to come!!

  25. Adamantly deny interest in Ryan Tannehil, to reduce the value of Jaguars pick in any attempted trades in an attempt to facilitate your own trade down. Fail to trade your own pick, draft an offensive lineman. Watch Tannehil go in the third round bc no one thinks he’s good anyways. #IrelandPokerMoves

  26. The Dophins are going to get cute like they did with Flynn. They will trade down trying to get him cheap. Then someone else will snap him up and they will go thru the season with nothing at the QB position.

  27. Can we please stop acting like you are trying to crack the secrets of the pyramids with this one! Who freaking cares???? Either way they will be over scrutinized over their decision which we wont know if it was the right or wrong choice for 3 years anyway! Everyday there is some stupid story about the dolphins and their love for Tannehill or how bad the owner is and how he is screwing up today. The draft is tomorrow can we just wait and see how it plays out? I mean how much anti Dolphin crap can come out of an “unbiased” web site? You have bashed this team and their management to an annoying point! Give it a rest, I mean you are getting emails from the owner for Christ sake! To try and defend himself from your relentless bashing. You are worse than a gossip tabloid trying to drum up some drama to get people taking about crap that’s not even true half the time.

  28. Joe should be watching tape of Andy Reid, the best liar in the business.

    Then what will the Fins do with Tannehill next year when they draft Barkley?

  29. I have never seen so much hate on the dolphins. The website should be changed into I will stay a die hard fan and watch my team go thru slumps like all the other teams have in the past!

  30. So now we are to believe that Philbin and Ireland are morons and haven’t even discussed where Tannehill should go? OK Mr. Ross, if that is the case, fire the both of them right now because they are not doing their job and they have gone on record as saying so.

  31. I love all the people on here acting like they know how good any of these players are. You dont its a crarp shot everyone thinks they are draft gurus. And the concept of this player can help now is only relevant if you think you can compete and clearly miami wont get your qb and develope him

  32. Morons think with bias. This article has the following premise: Since the Dolphins front office is incompetent, the coach must be incompetent too, and a liar to boot. But Philbin laid out the responsibilities of coaching staff and scouting staff. The coaches communicate which players best fit the system and the scouting staff (including the GM) decide on draft value. When Philbin said “We”, he was answering a question about he and Ireland and drafting Tannehill at #8. It is conceivable that he never spoke to Ireland about where to draft Tannehill, just whether or not Tannehill is the type of player that fits the system and whether or not he can be developed into a franchise quarterback. I will say this, listening to Philbin, he seems extremely competent and with an intellect greater than most of profootballtalk posters, including Florio.

  33. There are plenty of fools right on this site. don’t have to look very far. Worry about your own teams and what they are going to do.
    It’s amazing how clever everyone is, and how much more they know than the experts.
    Hopefully the fines will come out on New Orleans, and then we don’t have to listen to draft rubbish anymore. That will be top of the pile.

  34. I can’t believe there are so many naive people that think Tannehill is going to be a bust. Just watch tape on the kid, he makes all of the throws, and is athletic and smart to go along with it.

    As a Dolphin fan I would be very pleased with Tannehill at 8 and I think he will be a franchise QB. He would go to the perfect situation if drafted to the Dolphins.

    He would get to sit behind a former pro bowl QB and a seasoned vet, he comes to a team which he knows the offense very well, and the Dolphins have the picks to draft him some weapons this year and next year along with 50+ million in cap space.

    I trust Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman and the way they develop players and until they give me a reason not to I will be with them all the way.

  35. RE: finfan813 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 10:19 AM
    I have never seen so much hate on the dolphins. The website should be changed into I will stay a die hard fan and watch my team go thru slumps like all the other teams have in the past!

    That slump seems to have lingered a decade or so. Not a Fins Hater and being a Browns fan, I feel your pain but it does appear that your front office lacks focus and a clear direction.

  36. It’s sad because I LOVE PFT! I always come here first for my NFL news and up to the minute stuff.

    And I realize my team will get bashed some, it happens to all teams. But the non stop Dolphin hating and searching for ways to make them look bad even when it doesn’t warrant a story is getting old.

    You guys are making this difficult for your fans do you realize that?

  37. and they wonder why they’ve become the laughingstock of the league, at least we still have the canes, oh wait………damn it

  38. If you actually took the time to listen to his press conference (where this quote comes from), you might realize the context. He essentially said that the value board is set by Ireland and his staff, not by himself and his coaches. That the front office is charged with comparing players and deciding where they should go. And then he seemed to slip up and said that the coaches tend to fall in love with certain players more than the personnel guys. Have they fallen in love with Tannehill? We’ll find out at #8 won’t we?

  39. The Fins are just smoke screening so they can land Cody Endres out of Slippery Rock with the #8. One can never be to careful about tipping your fin to early causing another team to reel in that trophy you have your eye on.

  40. It really doesn’t matter that much who they draft. Until they fix the Ireland problem and get the ship righted at the top, this organiziation is going to continue to be a mess. Look at the Matt-Millen era Lions for example. Constant mistakes year after year cannot be made up by an occasional good draft pick. Ross is a major part of the problem too and that part is not going to be fixed any time soon unless he gets a strong and competent GM and willingly moves to the background (not likely giving his affinity for showboating).

  41. I think Ireland feels a “win-now” vibe. Season ticket sales are in the toilet, the Dolphins are now maybe the third or fourth most popular team in Miami right now and Ireland has become a pariah for that team. Even Droopy Dog Ross knows another losing season and he has to 86 Ireland, no matter how incriminating those photos are that Ireland has on him.

    Ireland simply does not have time to develop a guy. He needs guys who can play and hopefully win immediately. For those who think they take a pass rusher, a receiver or Barron…….I concur.

  42. The Dolphin front office is not smart enough to bluff, I truely believe they didn’t discuss the fact they would be taking (reaching for) Tannehill at #8.

  43. You know Josh, it’s articles like this that keep trying to cram Tannehill down Miami’s throat. You know & I know that he isn’t worth being picked at #8.

  44. All this Tannehill talk is starting to piss me off. I’ve always been a Phins fan and I know we want a QB. But when did Tannehill at 8 become our best and only option. After a good Pro Day? Gimmie a break. This is all the media talks about. The Dolphins have alot of other holes that pick can fill. Come on fans lets wise up.

  45. The Phins are just obliging the commissioner and not giving away the draft pick until the cameras are on Roger’s face on draft day. However, in the typical Phin incompetence, they can’t even lie very well about Tannehill and are STILL telling snakes like Schefter about their pick. That’s what Schefter does, he skulks, eavesdrops, wiretaps, promises everything is off the record, and then tells everyone on ESPN who the pick is going to be. He has this obsessive need to be “first”.

  46. @Gmen1987

    Did you lose money on a Dolphin game because it seems like every Dolphins post I see you talking about Dolphins and their fans being tools. YOU are trolling a DOLPHINS article just to write about DOLPHINS FANS being tools.

    Now on to more important matters the Dolphins need a quarterback. IMO Tannehill could be a stud or he could be a bust you just never know with quarterbacks. But we have to upgrade Matt Moore and I know he had a decent season but the fact is he was good a couple years ago when he was expected to do nothing and the following year with elevated expectations he fell flat on his face. I like Tannehill and if not him i’d be fine with Cousins. We just have to see how it all shakes out none of us are draft experts and have nothing but our opinions and whatever game film we can watch for anyone to say they KNOW that Tannehill is a bust is fooling themselves because we don’t know. He had 19 starts. He needs to be developed.

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