More evidence that Stephen Ross wants Ryan Tannehill

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Citing a league source, Florio reported on Sunday night that owner Stephen Ross is “pushing hardest” in the Dolphins’ building for the team to draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall pick. Florio’s story was quickly disputed by the Miami Herald.

A day later,’s Peter King confirmed in his Monday Morning Quarterback column that Ross indeed wants Tannehill.

Fanning the flame on Wednesday was Adam Schefter of ESPN, who appeared on Mike & Mike in the Morning and re-re-confirmed that Ross wants the Dolphins to draft Tannehill.

“I have heard — as has been reported — that the owner does want the quarterback,” Schefter said. “… It will be interesting to see how this plays out, if Stephen Ross does in fact get what he wants and exerts his will and says ‘we want this guy.'”

The Dolphins aren’t saying it publicly, and no one will actually know what’s going to happen until Thursday night’s first round of the draft.

But based on reports from some of the heaviest hitters in the NFL-reporting business, we’d feel comfortable saying that Tannehill is, in fact, the Dolphins owner’s preferred draft pick.

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  1. title should read “More evidence that there is nothing to write about, so we will just keep kicking this dead horse”

  2. As a phins fan, I hate to see us reaching for this guy, just b/c we need a QB, but we havent had much luck drafting QBs in the 2nd round lol

  3. Isn’t there someone else in this draft you can be talking about with less than a day to the draft? Move on from Ross and his love affair for Tannehill. I wonder what the reports will be when Miami don’t draft him.

  4. Yeah and the owner of the Dolphins is a joke. Who cares if he wants him. We will all see what happens tomorrow night. Go Dolphins!

  5. Ross and Ireland denying the rumor only suggests they will pick Tannehill. This means no immediate impact for the team in 2012 and we won’t know until next year if he was worth the pick. Why waste it on THill? What about pass rushers? JT is gone and so is Langford. This defense needs impact players now not for tomorrow.

  6. Make no mistake, djteknision, there will be an article about this regardless.. If Miami drafts him there will be an article how Ross forced his hand against the will of Ireland and how Ross needs to let football people make football decisions. Or it will talk about how the front office is in disarray because ireland didnt want tannehill even tho he selected him and now him and ross are butting heads. OR Miami passes on him and there will be an article about how Ireland went against Ross’ wishes and is now in the doghouse with Ross and Ross may be looking to part ways with Ireland. Either way, SOMETHING negative will be written about the dolphins late thursday night or friday morning regarding tannehill.

  7. Let’s see,
    The Dolphins haven’t had a QB since Dan Marino.
    16 QBs have passed thru the gates at Davie since then.
    They have connected with the likes of Orton, Palmer, Manning, Flynn, Smith and RG3 since October of last year.
    They have QBs on the roster who one is considered by most as good backup material and one that hasn’t played for over a year and one that is camp fodder.
    None of the QBs on the roster have experience in the WCO that Philbin will run and off the top their individual skillsets don’t translate well to the WCO.

    RG3 and Luck are all but drafted already. The next guy on the list is Tannehill…Now, who do you think the Fins are interested in again ???

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention two other items…

    The owner mandated in January that he’d ‘get a QB for this team’ and the GM is literally fighting to keep his job (if the fans have anything to say about it) basically because, in the fans eyes here, he doesn’t like drafting QBs in the first round…

    I’m not advocating that Tannehill is the answer for this franchise, but if they don’t take the chance, they’ll never know, will they ?

  9. Hey Ross, I know your not very smart when it comes to football & don’t have the brightest people in the business working for you, but as a former season ticket holder I will be honest with you, Ryan Tannehill will not get people to buy tickets!!!!

  10. If Ross wants Tannehill its probably because someone sold him on it from his own personnel dept.
    Ross has never claimed to be an expert evaluating football players so whats the big deal?

  11. Hmm it was not too long ago that Schefter,PFT, and every reporter in the world was writing story after story stating that Miami was the clear front runner for Peyton Manning. How accurate was their reporting then?

  12. With a 30K season ticket base and dropping, expect more to drop tickets as Tannehill is not the answer. Drafting Tannehill will set the team back even further. This team is 2-3 drafts away from seriously challenging in the AFC East.

  13. Who ever thought a team that has been irrelevant for a decade could move the needle so much. This has to be the 50th article written in the last two weeks regarding the Dolphins and their owner. Sure Ross is a goofy looking guy with some fairly “stoopid” ideas on how to run a NFL team, but one thing he is not…


    I’m a Dolphins fan and I am sick about hearing about Ross. Its 32 hours before the 2012 NFL Draft. There has to be SOMETHING more interesting to write about! If you blogged about this crap a few years ago, NBC would have never pulled you out of the blogging wasteland.

    Is this a trick? You know, MTV played a trick on the American population in the 80s when some big-wig said, “Hey, I bet I can make Aerosmith popular again. And the others said, “No way.” And he said, “Way. Watch this” …and he made some videos and the rest is history. I think PFT is trying to do that with the Dolphins. Florio says to Dick Ebersol, “I am so popular right now. I’ll bet you a dollar that I can make the Dolphins interesting again.” Ebersol says, “I’ll take that bet.” Florio hates the ‘Fins, but his ego just won’t get out of its own way. He stands with his on his hips and says boldly…”I WILL MAKE THE MIAMI DOLPHIN POPULAR!”

    Florio writes, and instructs his huge staff of writers (2) to stop everything and write non-stop Miami Dolhins stories…even if the story sucks and is completely boring. The Tannehill story is the perfect backdrop for the main story. Ross wants to have a baby with Tannehill…no, too strong. Ross Pushes for Tannehill…yes, it just might work.

    Again, I said I am a Dolphins fan. I love to see Dolphins stories in print. I am hoping they become relevant again. Florio hates the Fins and after all is said and done and his plan actually works, Ebersol pays Florio his much deserved dollar. I am happy becasue the Dolphins matter again…and Florio goes to bed that night thinking, I did it. I did it. Then it hits him, I DID IT! I made the Miami Dolphins popular again, just like MTV did with Aerosmith in the 70s! And he cries, NNNNNnnoooooooooooooooooo!

  14. I will never, ever forget the day before Drew Brees signed with Saints, when Schefter was reporting he was, “absolutely 100% certain the Lions were making a major play for Brees.” The Lions never even met with or talked to Brees. end of subject.

  15. @ dolphan23, we have 4 picks in the top 75. There is a lot of pass rush talent available out there and not very many QBs. The 2nd and 3rd tier defensive players and wrs have much more value than the 2nd and 3rd tier QBs in this draft. Just saying there will be plenty of options for pass rushers outside the first round.

  16. Did South Park’s Cartman ever kill Scott Tenorman ? maybe PFT could update on that . . had enough of Tennehill already

  17. dryzzt23 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 11:26 AM
    “Phins should avoid Tannehill and should trade for Ryan Mallet

    Mallet would cost a 2nd or 3rd at worst
    I’d take Tannehill but I like Mallet more (just not sure if he would be effective in a WCO). That is the guy Ireland wanted last year but he got cute with moving around and the Pats burned him. I would love to see a trade happen but I doubt the Patriots would consider a trade within the division unless it was pretty steep compensation. He would likely cost the Dolphins this year’s #2 and a conditional pick from 2013 to even get the Pats interested. If BB views Mallet as Brady’s successor then the trade will not happen at all… especially to the Dolphins

  18. Isn’t the big knock on Matt Moore that he doesn’t do well late in games? Isn’t that EXACTLY what the knock on Tannehill is? Maybe they should actually get someone to throw to first.

  19. Is it just me, or anytime you hear an owner’s name in the same sentence as a player transaction, you know that franchise is probably not going anywhere particularly fast?

    Thinking specifically of the two names most often mentioned in conjunction with teams moves, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder. The Cowboys have been a middle-of-the-road team ever since the team Jimmy Johnson put together got old, and the Redskins have been mired in mediocrappiness ever since Snyder took over the reigns. Maybe these are the guys you want to be mentioned with in terms of wealth and power, but in terms of making football-related moves, not so much.

  20. Does not matter who Miami drafts, the media will negatively report it. We will see how many players don’t want to play in Miami in 2013 when they currently only have about 60 million towards the cap committed.

  21. “Ross and Ireland denying the rumor only suggests they will pick Tannehill.”

    Rrrrright, so by that logic, not commenting on it means there’s nothing to it as opposed to “silence speaking volumes.”

    I’ll laugh out loud when Miami passes on Tannehill.

  22. No, it is not tough to be a Dolphin fan, at least not for me. As I have stated many, many times my life does not revolve around what the Dolphins do or don’t do. I strive to be and am much more than a Dolphin fan. On another note the powers that be that make these decisions for the Dolphins are almost in a no win situation, because no matter what they decide there will be individuals that bash everything they do. That is why they are in the positions they are in and the Minions are not. They did not get in the positions they are in by being morons, as most people think. They have been successful to get where they are. It is like the stock market or any other business decision. Some work out and some don’t. If it does, great, move on to the next one. If it doesn’t great, move on to the next one. There is no such thing as failure. It is simply the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. Go Fins!

  23. mlenenski says:
    Apr 25, 2012 11:28 AM
    A better O-line, better receivers, and a productive running game will make Matt Moore a Pro-Bowler.



    Moore threw lasers made great decisions and repeatedly hit Marshall on the hands in the end zone in spite of getting hit, knocked down, or sacked on nearly 50% of his dropbacks because of his 30th ranked O line…..

    in spite of the media hype… Ross has a rep for a very long time that he’s a very capable leader who delegates and then holds his people responsible…

    Armando has been the leader of the pack on pushing the Ross incompetence story and like usual he’s dead wrong.

    if Ireland would do his job of getting personnel and keeping the team from leaking to the press .. nobody would be bad mouthing Ross as he’s doing the same stuff that the Maras and Krafts are doing…. delegating and providing cash…

    people should stop whining about the guy who is trying to fix the problem and providing the tools to do so… and be true fans….

  24. Florio doesn’t have it out for the Dolphins organization, he is informing the readers with the information at hand about a team that has a wide spread fan base. The Dolphins are relevant at this moment because you have major issues on their business side in regards to sponsorships and tickets, while many are saying they are the ones who will draft Tannehill- which some say is a major mistake which will set the franchis back even further.

    The only people you can really say Florio has it out for is ESPN, which is his competition for readership. And he has to support DP at every turn. DP helped blow him up to a much larger audience.

  25. If Tannehill was smart he would pull a Manning and refuse to come to Miami. After all, who would want to risk their career with a front office like this?

  26. This merely shows that the same “league source” (read: an agent or someone else not connected to the Dolphins or Tannehill) called Shefter, too. Big whoop.

  27. I’m sorry but what exactly has tannehill done to be selected 8th in the draft. I thought early first round guys were to have an immediate impact. The fins will quickly find themselves in a jacksonvillian type hole at qb. Tannehill is not worth that risk when you have m. Moore who is much better. If the fins weren’t so thirsty to try to replace Marino they would be ok. You don’t easily replace a hof and one of the all time greats. Maybe if you signed drew Brees when you had the chance and didn’t front on him you wouldnt be in the pitiful position of thinking about drafting tannehill 8th overall.

  28. I’d like to believe that this is all great poker by the Dolphins’ braintrust. Fake a tell, deny the fake tell, sit back as team X moves up to take Tannehill, then draft player Y who they wanted all along (who might otherwise not have been there at #8).

  29. dryzzt23 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 12:48 PM
    Mallett is the QB the ‘Phins should target.

    Mallett would be a horrible QB for Miami. He can spin the ball with the best of them but he is NOT a west coast QB. West Coast offenses need QB’s that are highly accurate,have a quick release, and great footwork. Those three items are Malletts biggest weakness.

  30. Hey random guy,
    You are right on the mark. We have neglected or misfired in the QBs we have chosen. We must always be looking at the future. If we don’t, our history will be a roller coaster ride while always playing catch-up ball.

  31. If they take him, it will be reported that the Dolphins made the biggest reach of the draft. If they don’t, it will be said they “whiffed” on getting a “franchise quarterback”. It’s a no win situation as far as the media is concerned. I predict they take Coples or Cox and look at Cousins later.

  32. You seem unclear on what you are asserting: that the owner, Stephen Ross, is forcing the front office to draft a player they do not want.

    Since everyone has had Miami slated to draft Tannehill for months now, Miami actually drafting Tannehill would in no way indicate that Ross is the one who made the personell selection — it would merely indicate that Miami’s drafting process was actually in accord with 99.9% of the idiotic talking heads.

    Of course, not selecting Tannehill would be proof that your assertion is wrong.

    But drafting Tannehill would by no means authenticate your rumor mongering.

  33. stop spouting this crap 5x a day about the dolphins and tannehill
    The dolphins should NOT get tannehill and definitly not in the first round reaching for an unproven qb, they should get someone like quinton coples to help cam wake with rushing the passer !

  34. The thing that draws scouts to Tannehill is the huge upside. The kid was playing WR last year before being pressed into QB duty.

    What the scouts are looking at is how good Tannehill could be with a few years of pro coaching. When you figure how far he came & how fast making transition from WR to QB, lots of coaches like the idea of getting a kid like this who’s upside is still growing.

    A 4 year starter in the same college system, by year 2 you have a pretty good grasp of how big his potential is. Tannehill has only 1 full year of starting at the college level under his belt.

  35. Um, does no one remember the Phins “whiffing” on Brady Quinn? I mean, obviously Teddy Ginn was no gem, but Quinn in just bad. Tannehill to Miami has been the buzz since January. Why would it be so bad for Ross to agree with almost every other expert to assume this would be a great fit?

  36. I think they should take Tannehill. It’s better to swing and miss than to strike out without even taking the bat off your shoulder.

  37. baddegg says:
    Apr 25, 2012 1:51 PM
    I still don’t think Matt Moore is that bad…

    Quarterbacks that “are not that bad” do not win rings. The only time you can get around that is when you have a number 1 defense and superior talent at every other offensive position. Miami has neither. They have a stout defense and a decent running game but I agree with you. I would prefer if they stuck with Moore for another two seasons. That would allow them to stockpile talent that fits the new offensive and defensive schemes. This would allow Miami more time to evalutate Moore in the WC offense and they would eliminate reaching for a QB.

  38. You know guys, deuce5 knows Nick Collins feels betrayed as he’s a personal friend of his. Really? You are quoting how Nick Collins feels? That’s a stretch! If you don’t care for the Packers, that’s fine, but to say “Nick Collins feels betrayed” Come on……

  39. Everyone must be kidding with Tannehill! Perhaps all the experts should watch the Okla State-Texas A and M games again to see who the only great quarterback is. Brandon Weeden outplayed, outpassed Tannehill and RG 3. Give me a break; he has the best arm, more maturity and also only after 2 years as starter. Sure, he may only have 5-6 year (or 8-10, who knows), but why not get the best of the bunch. Anyone remember the Fiesta Bowl?

  40. Tannehill is not ready to be a starting NFL qb. That’s ok because Ireland is not ready to be an NFL gm & Ross is not ready to be a quality owner.

  41. thanks for that…. they need to keep stuffing the chute with whoever is the best QB available without overpaying… pick at least one and trade for one every year until they connect… but when they decde on the guy… actually give him the tools and let him air it out… this year it’s Moore without a doubt… so legitimately give him his shot!

    Ross has got the right idea but Ireland isn’t doing his job effectively….

  42. We’ll see how the younger players do this year and then reevaluate Ireland, just like the Pins will evaluate the youngsters. I think that he has gotten the message.

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