Report: Bills want to trade up for Matt Kalil

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The Vikings might have a market for the third overall pick, after all.

Charley Casserly of CBS Sports and NFL Network is reporting that the left tackle-needy Buffalo Bills “would like to trade up” to draft USC’s Matt Kalil, and are willing to surrender a second-round pick to close the deal.

While it’s sensible that the Bills would target a left tackle, the approach in Casserly’s report hints that Buffalo believes itself to be one player away from serious playoff, even Super Bowl contention. Most observers would probably disagree with that notion. But if G.M. Buddy Nix has identified Kalil as a truly elite, franchise-caliber left tackle capable of making quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick better, there shouldn’t be anyone trying to stop him.

While the old draft trade chart is admittedly outdated, it’s at least worth a look here. Per the old chart, Buffalo’s Nos. 10 and 41 overall picks equate to 1,790 “points.” The third overall pick is worth 2,200 points, and No. 4’s value is 1,800 points. So the Bills could get just shy of the fourth pick based on the old points system.

79 responses to “Report: Bills want to trade up for Matt Kalil

  1. Who really cares? I mean, what’s the point of preserving “the surprise” of draft day, when media outlets keep running stories of “sources” and “whispers” that this team or that team is gonna move up, trade down, or just jump off a cliff prior to announcing it.

    My view is that the media is just as culpable as the various “team source” leaks for spreading this dumb azz hysteria.

  2. Hmm how about we just wait 24 hours and see what REALLY happens….Lets keep some drama in the draft. Its all smoke and mirrors at this point anyway.

  3. No way. Stay at 10, keep 41 and take two starters. They could still get their T in the 2nd rd.

  4. Ok let me get this correct in the past 48 hours the bills want


    Want to Trade Down

    Now want to trade up for Kalil.

    Keep up all the guesses you might hit.

  5. A new report disputes this one saying the Vikings aren’t going to trade!

    Never mind the source was faulty.

    Oh, but wait!

  6. The Buffalo Bills want to move up to take Matt Kahlil, and they are willing to give up a bean burrito and some old cat toys to do it.


    IF Kalil isn’t taken by the Vikes, this is a no-brainer. Trade down, take a 2nd round pick, and snag Kuechley at 10th overall. If by some chance he’s already taken, just grab Barron or Gilmore. Either way it fills a huge need and gets us a much needed extra pick to fill another huge need.

  8. Buddy Nix doesn’t seem the type, when it comes to the draft, to do this type of thing. He values his picks. And didn’t Casserly report in the last day or so that the Bills wanted Tannehill. Either Charlie’s info is skewed, or the Bills are playing him like a drum.

  9. Pretty soon the Bills will be reported to have interest in drafting every player…..Thank goodness this will be put to bed Thursday….

  10. Eh, I could see a team like Tampa Bay pulling the trigger if Richardson and Claiborne go off right before.

    It’s really not a terrible deal if you’re the team trading down. There’s kind of hodgepodge of equally preferable players from 3-10, so it’s not a great drop off, and you may as well get another second round pick out of the deal if you can.

    Trading up to 3 is a little out of reach, but otherwise it makes sense.

    The Rams might really be able to reload their team if they move down again, granted they also probably don’t have a left tackle at that point.

  11. sounds like Minnesota is making plans to flip picks with Tampa Bay so TB can get Richardson….then Buffalo would make this trade with either Cleveland at #4 or with Minnesota at #5.

  12. If they want to get to #3, they will have to give up more than their 2nd rounder, and even then, I hope the Vikings don’t take it. Losing out on 1 of the 5 elites would be just plain stupid. But it is Spielman, so i’m sure he would do it for just an added 2nd rounder.

  13. i smell smoke, the Bills have found their past starting LT’s in the later rounds or UDRFA’s and made them look good. I do not think they will mess with that formula now, book your plane ticket to Buffalo Floyd.

  14. I think the Vikings could go down to #10, but it will cost the Bills more than their 2nd round and 4th round picks. I’d say next year’s first, and this year’s 2nd and 3rd round picks, minimum.

  15. Kind of weird people complaining about this article.

    This is a rumor site…and they are doing a story…on a rumor. Why would someone be upset that they came here and found that.

    If you don’t want to read rumors…maybe you’re picking the wrong site!

    Try ESPN. They’re NEVER wrong! lololol

  16. Charley Casserly couldn’t even spell Buffalo correctly… You believe this guy?

  17. Justin says: Apr 25, 2012 8:08 PM

    Gonna be really funny when the first 10 picks come off the board without a single trade.

    Where have you been living – a cave?

  18. guys, pft is not “reporting” this, they are giving excerpts of Charlie Casserly’s report on NFL. they are not guessing buffalo will do this. this is a football news and rumors site, and this is definately a juicy football rumor, also, fellow vikes fans, this story does not suggest that the bills want to trade up to 3 with the vikes, it goes on the premise that the vikes draft claiborne (see pft’s latest mock) and has buffalo trading up to 4 or 5 to get Kalil in front of St Louis most likely. also, under the old trade value chart, the bills would have to give up at least 3 picks to move up to #3, a first, most likely this years 10th selection overall, #41 this year in rd 2, plus an additional pick

  19. Left Tackles are the second most important posistion on the roster, especailly with all the pass rushing talent in the NFL today. If Buffalo feels Fitzpatrick is their guy they should go for it.

    Riley Reiff should not be a serious option. Short armed tackles won’t cut it on the left side in today’s NFL. Look no further than Reiff’s former teamate Brian Bulaga for proff of that. Kalil is a much better prospect, isn’t even close.

  20. I will kick Spielmans ass personally if he would be that stupid. Doubt i will have to though,,,tough luck Bill dreamers

  21. Vikings dream draft 2 scenarios

    TB swaps 5 for 3 and gives vikings their 2nd rounder.

    TB takes Richardson

    Vikings have their choice of Clairborne,Kalil or Blackmon whoever the rams dont take and two solid 2nd rounders they could possible move up for a pick in the late teens or 20’s

    Or pull a double trade swap 3 for 5 with tb get a 2nd rounder. Then swap 5 for 10 with bills and pick up another 2nd rounder and possibly a 4th.

    We would have the 10th pick and could target the 2nd best LT, Gilmour or M Floyd. and 3 early 2nd rounders.

  22. Rule #1. Never believe any rumors leading up to the draft.

    Rule #2. Never believe any rumors leading up to the draft.

    (that being said, securing a top tier LT for the next decade is worth giving up a 2nd rounder and then some.)

  23. This trade is only likely in the event the Vikings pick Claiborne and the Browns pick Richardson. The Bills may have enough to trade up with Tampa Bay before the Rams pick but I think Kalil would slide anyway as the Rams are more likely to pick Cox. Kalil may fall to them anyway.

  24. expertop says:

    “The Buffalo Bills want to move up to take Matt Kahlil, and they are willing to give up a bean burrito and some old cat toys to do it.”

    Vikings brass is in their Warroom as we speak, mulling this one over.

  25. Hey Chocopoppy…..EVERYONE IN THE WORLD KNOWS that!!! Duh. ” What u just said makes no sense at all….in fact everyone in this room is now dumber for having to listen to it. I award u no points and may god have mercy on your soul”

  26. Translation … no one knows who the Bills will pick … and the GM pulling the most strings on the Fiddle of Deception is Buddy Nix

  27. the bills have been all about defense this offseason…the offense was very good last year, defense sucked..CB or LB in the first round IMO

  28. {quote} squared80 says: Apr 25, 2012 8:07 PM

    Offer a 2nd round pick to nab one of 5 blue-chip players{/quote}

    What is this, signing day?

  29. (quote) squared80 says: Apr 25, 2012 8:07 PM

    Offer a 2nd round pick to nab one of 5 blue-chip players (/quote)

    Quote retry…

  30. funny how there is allot of traffic on this site the night before the draft (NOT). guess we all are football junkies huh? buffalo is not moving from ten. not their style. still, since its so boring lately as a bills fan i would love if they did something crazy. tannehill at ten? very cool for the conversation alone.

  31. This is a win win for both teams. The Vikes dont really want to draft Kalil. It seems they want Claiborne. Then you have Gilmore who will be around at #10 & the Vikes could grab him. Then Vikes would have 3 picks in top 40 and the Bills would have their franchise left tackle. Everyone wins! The Bills have had Kalil on their radar longer than people think. Any Bills fan knows how influential Jim Kelly is in this organization, and Kalil’s dad is a good friend of Jim. Matt’s dad was a Buffalo Bills center, and also Kelly’s center in the USFL for the Gamblers. STRONG TIES!!

  32. this is the second write up in the past few days where one poster commented on the Bills losing good left tackles. the other day somebody said philly wants Buffalo to draft a tackle so they can get a 3rd great LT from Buffalo in a few years, and on this one someone asked if the bills just lost a good left tackle recently….

    Folks, we are talking about Demetrius (Demetress) Bell. Peters, ill give you but Bell? I hope Bell does great things but come on, we are not talking about Jake Long here.

    As far as “trades”, I dont envision the Bills doing this although if the price wasnt too much, id make this move for Kalil. But it wont happen, how many “trades” have taken place allegedly already..

    oh and btw, am i the only one who thinks they draft picks should be signed in order so the draft can go faster.. why cant #2 sign prior to the draft… i know why they cant but shouldnt they be able to?

  33. It may be true that there are only five “elite” players in this draft … but noone will know for sure who they are for at least five years.

    I say make the deal with the Bills.

  34. Never going to happen. Yet another example of a so called “draft expert” trying to get his name out there the night before the big show. It’s comical how many conflicting reports this site has published about the Bills draft plans. I understand it’s a “rumor page” but come on, there has to be some kind of filter of what is worthy of publication.

  35. If you go to 10 then you do it for no less then 10, 41, and next years first round pick. You can’t drop out of the elite player pool, and not make a significant gain in your draft picks.

  36. As long as they don’t make a reach on some overhyped scrub I’ll be happy…..I don’t want to read about the next Maybin in 3 years….

  37. Clueless, no team with a top 5 pick would take just a second to drop down to the 10 pick, let alone the 3rd pick overall. Even if they threw in next years #1 it would be questionable.

    I heard the Vikings are going to take Richardson and trade Adrian for 3 firsts,3 seconds, a 3rd, a 6th and 5 players…wait, that’s what the Vikes gave up for Herschel and 2 thirds, a 5th and a 10th round pick…

  38. billhicks666 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 9:15 PM
    expertop says:

    “The Buffalo Bills want to move up to take Matt Kahlil, and they are willing to give up a bean burrito and some old cat toys to do it.”

    Vikings brass is in their Warroom as we speak, mulling this one over.
    Great line. I got a nice laugh.

    gb4mn0 says:
    Apr 25, 2012 9:18 PM
    The vikequeefs blow
    One comment down and you realize there is always that one guy at the party. The one you wish would just die. Yeah that’s you. Harsh but true.

    Everyone hates you, you realize that – this includes real Packa’s fans. You are the overly vocal idiot that makes them look foolish.

  39. Here is new rumor! Bills will draft either a midget at CB or a 110lb offensive lineman or a big fat punter!

    If I have to listen to one more rumor! Lol!

  40. There are three facts that will happen in this draft:
    1) Andrew Luck – Colts
    2) RG III – Redskins
    3) The Patriots will trade their second first rd pick

  41. This why the Vikings shouldn’t trade out of this position, but stay put and draft Kalil. Swapping first round picks and picking up a 2nd round pick isn’t enough in return.

    The drop-off from Kalil to the best player available at #8 is too steep to just get an extra second round pick.

  42. Vikes would want next years 1st too otherwise it would be a horrible deal. Why would u do that if your the Vikes. You wouldn’t. Buffalo has no clue what they are doing right now!

  43. Maybe for their 1st this year, their 2nd this year and their 1st next year. That is the only way I’d do it if I were Rick Spielman.

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